DEEP STATE, ‘A State Within A State’, Is NO SECRET Anymore


A deep state, also known as a state within a state, is a type of governance made up of networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals.

In popular usage, the term carries an overwhelmingly negative context although this does not reflect scholarly understanding.

Much has been written about the deep state, usually in connection with the US, but the deep state is also present and very active in Europe, actually worldwide.

The term “deep state” has been used since the 1970s to describe democratically illegitimate power and decision-making structures in secret services, the military, politics and the judiciary system.

Networks operating worldwide have been exposed, which secretly pursue the interests of a secret power elite and advance their long-term plans towards implementation without notice.

The Deep State In Europe

The secrets and the Machiavellian mindset of the Brussels “intelligentsia” that rules the daily life of half a billion Europeans, often without any moral or political legitimacy.

They are not chosen by the European people but are installed by their present ruling “home-country“ political party.

First of all, it is important to know that the so-called “democratically elected political leaders” do not really rule the various countries and the European Union (EU).

Yes, these individuals are given some limited power, but right behind them is a large cartel of closely cooperating companies and billionaires who jointly determine the actual policy that the “elected leaders“ must then propagate, sell, and of course realize.

Recognize that political campaigns lie since candidates follow up their elections by implementing completely different polices upon entering office.

There you have the reason why so many “unknown faces“ float up and become prime minister or a regular minister.

They are also funded the EU countries by billionaires, corporations like Shell, and appointed at the Bilderberg meetings where policies are formulated for the coming years.

That’s why it’s so secret.

If “democratically elected” political leaders then do something that goes against the importance of the cartel, that politician will be “removed from power”.

He or she is eliminated after warning him or her by giving them no more honorary jobs and eventually dismissed from their political posts.

Their removal occurs in parallel with negative media attention and then they’re dishonorably discharged.

The EU has been infiltrated by the Soros network (now banned in Hungary, its office has recently moved to Berlin, Germany, the mecca of capitalism).

He runs his “Open Border Foundation” throughout Europe.

Because of his “policy”, Europe had a so-called migrant crisis and now he created the racism upraising in the US as well as in the EU.

Black Life Matter is a Soros-funded organization. His organizations also have the most influence on the so-called “left parties in the EU”, and you can even speak in terms of him having bought certain politicians.

His policy is what you have seen unfolding with your own eyes: the migrant crisis, partly the COVID-19-crisis, and now the racism uprising by Black Life Matters. He also funds Human Rights Watch and gives (non-financial) support to Antifa.


The COVID-19 crisis was partly a man-altered virus in some countries like China, Iran, Russia, and Italy, making it worse than others there.

The real part is the virus, the other non-real part, is that the virus is used to implement a new economic system, or in other words, the Industrial Revolution 4.0

This is necessary according to the deep state cartel in order to confuse the people. First you trigger the virus and then riots.

Of course, the other player is Bill Gates. It’s commonly known by now that he held the Event 201, a rehearsal in October 2019, for the real outbreak in December 2019.

There’s also his vaccination obsession, which he propagates throughout the EU to leaders like Merkel, Macron, Rutte, and other “bought“ politicians. But people have woken up around the world and therefore the riots have begun, earlier than planned most likely.

The riots are perhaps a plot due to the partly failed virus hype and are most importantly being weaponized to destabilize Trump, who will most likely will be re-elected later this year.

The Russiagate scandal was also part of the destabilization against him and failed.

Actually the Democrats and Republicans are locked in a hybrid war with one another.

The Democrats are largely part of the deep state, especially Joe Biden, who is doing some “dirty business“ in Ukraine that’s know as Ukrainegate.

To get a good impression of what is really going on, you can watch the documentaries by a French investigation site.


At Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the Pentagon announced that the construction of a 5G experimental network will begin in July.

It will become operational in January 2021.The Red Flag, the most important air maneuver in the United States, took place at this base last March with the participation of German, Spanish, and Italian forces (part of NATO-DEFENDER-Europe-20).

The latter was also composed of F-35 fighters which – the Air Force says – were “integrated with the best of American military aviation” in order to “exploit the full potential of the aircraft and weapons systems onboard”, including certainly the nuclear ones.

At the Red Flag in 2021, 5G mobile networks consisting of towers that can be assembled and disassembled in less than an hour for rapid transfer depending on the operation in progress will probably already be in operation for testing in a real environment.

This is one part of 5G, the other is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the “money robots“ at the stock exchange, where trade is done at the speed of light due to their connection to the 5G network.

The Next Phase: From A Hybrid War With Russia To A “Real War“ ?

This could be the case, everything is possible these days. The hybrid war with Russia has intensified since 2015.

The trigger was the Munich Security Conference in 2008, where President Putin said that he does not agree to the unipolar world order and Russia that will become the new power in a multipolar world order.

This year the NATO-DEFENDER-Europe-20 started on June 5, later than was planned, but already in action since April 2020, as it turns out.

Last week, a series of skirmishes has been detected by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which could escalate easily.

The ongoing accusations, not only toward Russia but also the planned wars in Syria, Ukraine, and the Arab Spring, are “made“ at the Statecraft Institute, part of the EU deep state.

These are some of the “games“ that the deep state planned for the citizens of the world!



By Sonja van den Ende, Independent Dutch journalist

Originally published by OneWorld.Press



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