COVID-19 Plandemic: EXPERIMENT In Manipulating The World

To be clear, the virus is real…but the hype surrounding the “plandemic” was the first successful global experiment in how to control huge masses or even the entire planet if needed.

To be clear, the virus is real.

It is deadly for some categories of the population, but probably 80-90% of those who contracted it have no symptoms at all, though some do display very mild, cold-like symptoms.

Still, for about 10% of the infected, there are complications, particularly for the elders and those with multiple life-threatening health issues.

Statistically, if you compare it to Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, or Bird Flu, it isn’t much worse, nor has it taken more lives.

But the hype surrounding the “plandemic” was the first successful global experiment in how to control huge masses or even the entire planet if needed.

It was well engineered and mastered.

It was scientifically evaluated and used all previously acquired knowledge of human psychology and nature.

It targeted the vulnerable minds in a hypnotic way, disarming the entire population in their resistance attempt against totalitarianism and utter state/government power over any individual and the masses as well.

I am shocked at how the entire planet voluntarily and defenselessly accepted the crushing of all constitutions and laws, their imprisonment in their own homes, the destruction of their small businesses, social distancing, and how they are zombified to use useless face coverings and gloves in blind obedience to the authorities.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in this so-called pandemic can justify the lockdown of the entire planet, destroying whole countries’ economies, destroying all their small businesses, destroying human lives, and destroying the future.

The consequences will be deadly, far-reaching, long-running, and worse than any pandemic in recent human history.

The “plandemic” countermeasures are the greatest scam, hoax, and human rights infringement in recent human history, and the story behind it leaves open the door for governments to prolong this “state of emergency” indefinitely, varying and adopting measures as they find fit.

It wasn’t the virus, but the plandemic agenda, that changed the face of this planet forever, and I am really afraid that it is irrevocable, leading us to a dystopian world that I wouldn’t like to live in.

As I wrote 3 years ago:

“This civilization will decay into an autocratic, fascist, totalitarian system to control the entire Earth’s population, with such a firm grip on our necks that we could put up a sign from Dante’s Inferno “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” (“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”). Either that, or we will burn in the nuclear furnace. The clock is ticking, and our time is running out.”


This article is a republication of Slobodan Solajic’s Facebook post that was edited by OneWorld for clarity and shared with his permission


By Slobodan Solajic

Originally published by OneWorld


The 21st Century

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[By the same author, Solajic Slobodan who published the following comment on his facebook in December 12, 2017]

Our world is rushing to plunge into the ocean of own demise pushed there by the “New world order” shadow forces, consisted of almost invisible and untouchable, monstrous symbiosis of financial elites, corporate governments, military complex, and multinational corporations with almost unlimited power over our lives and destiny.

“Will countries unite against these blood-sucking little creatures? ”

It will not happen.

They clearly learned the lessons from WWI and WWII.

What lessons?

“Do not make Hitler’s mistake. Do not engage military all the countries at once. Do it one by one Wage a World war III but just a few countries at the time. One by one. Pick different methods and approach tailored to each one.”

As long as they consume and subdue one by one country, leaving the biggest for the end, no other countries will give a hand to help.

They will protect own, selfish interests, hoping that they will evade the bad and inevitable fate, or at least, to delay it until they are ready.

But they will never be ready and by the time passing away, even the strongest would become weaker and weaker, since the most of the small and medium countries and nations will capitulate.

If you still have a hope in the humanity, I understand it, the hope dies the last.

But I do not rely nor live in hope. I am a cruel realist, looking the issues through naked facts and truth.

I threw away rainbow sunglasses to see the ugliness and evil in its native shape.

Things are such as they are, not as we wish or hope to be. And we must face it.

At this moment of history, I do not see healthy, strong, conscious and ready to act force to confront hybrid war against humankind, waged through cold and hot wars, false flags, political correctness, fake leftist and liberal ideologies, mainstream media and art, imposed unnatural laws that support pervert agendas, through fake “democratic values” multiculturalism, through emasculation and radical feminism, through state sponsored movements like “Black lives matter”, “Me too” and other bullshit, through proxy wars, terrorism, fear and horror, religions conflicts, through manipulation of facts and systematic brain washing, through weapons of mass migrations, through “open borders, and diminishing states sovereignty, through war against family, through the conflicts between men and women…

Who would stand against it? Yes, there are an army of conscious people being aware of these raiders of the Apocalypse.

What we could do?

To rise awareness of 90% of dumb Earth’s population incapable to comprehend the whole picture?


Through social media, FB, Tweeter?

That’s again nothing but the tools of mind, social and behavioral control in the hands of those who we are supposed to fight against?

How many people on Earth would even understand what we here are talking about, how many would trust us, and how many would eventually be “enlightened? 1%..2%, or a bit more?Or less?

Sometimes I feel like living in the Matrix virtual reality.

Some of us would take red pills, just to awake and see this dysotopian world in it’s true color, but 90% are still living on blue pills fighting for daily survivals but with obscured sight to the whole picture.

Who will stand up against it and how?

Against whom?

Where they are?

How to fight invisible Lernaean Hydra with so many heads, where after you cut one, a number of new heads grow instead of cut-off. If people could self-organize themselves, take their rifles to fight the “Hydra” they might even really fight or die fighting. (if there is someone to organize and lead them).

But this war has a new shape. There are no more front lines. There are no hated uniforms to target, There are no known, well identified enemies to shoot down.

Where to drive the masses to fight, when you even cannot identify where are the heads and tentacles of the monster Hydra?

And they are all around us.

This civilization will decay to the autocratic, fascist, totalitarian system to control the entire Earth’ population, with such a firm grip on our necks that we could put up a sign from Dante’s Inferno “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” (“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”).

Or, will burn in the nuclear furnace.

The clock is ticking, our time is running out.

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