Requiem for Empire: Covid-Sequel to Great Game in Progress 

Requiem for an empire

No, it’s not Benghazi in Cyrenaica but in Houston, Texas. 

The American revolt is a double overflow: First, an extension of the underground and tenacious struggle tearing factions of the US deep state, struggle joined by the ruling circles of other allied countries.

It is also the expression of a fed up of a dislocated, divided and deeply unequal society, playground of an infinite number of experiments and manipulations to preserve the privilege of the elites.

The handling is at full speed.

The famous men dressed in black or hoods lead the breakage and direct the looting.

They are not demonstrators but organized, structured groups, acting according to a well-established and always disguised agenda.

Their apparent objective is to sow chaos.

These groups are not neutral.

They belong to a faction of US power.

The speed with which the CNN propaganda storefront was rehabilitated in Atlanta speaks volumes about the real instigators of social unrest in the United States.

This is not the case for the goods and shops of the rest of the population.

As in Libya, Syria or Ukraine, masked agents direct or exacerbate violence.

These provocative agents are behind the Antifa, are among what are called Aryan supremacists, are alongside black organizations, collect intelligence for federal agencies and some of its members are sent to organize and finance Islamist organizations in the Middle – East or radical in Ukraine and Georgia and everywhere else in Eurasia.

They are hell dogs.

It is the totalitarian state created by the corrupt and criminal Bush dynasty and the war criminal Obama and Biden.

Almost two decades of unjust wars against disarmed and very poor countries, slow economic growth despite drug trafficking organized by hundreds of CIA front companies in South America, Africa and Asia, a scandalous increase of health insurance, dozens of shootings and mass killings operated by mass media, the exacerbation of relations between minorities and the infinite division of society by the invention of new categories, the division or rather the war against the family, against man, against any healthy social relationship and to crown this masterpiece of chaos

It’s a war. A real war.

What is happening in the United States concerns us all because we suffered the repercussions of this struggle to death between the factions of the empire.

They confined us all under a very fallacious pretext based on a rough manipulation around a biological vector having rolled the best doctors in the world in flour.

The psychological warfare operation COVID-19 is an integral part of the current world war and is part of the wake of the colored revolutions, the Arab Spring and the great manipulations of the 11 September type.

Above all, they constitute a paroxysmal episode in the struggle between two world factions.

CIA Antifa training YPG separatists in Syria

One of the objectives of this war is the removal, resignation or elimination of Donald Trump, priority options after the Epstein episode and the exposure of extreme corruption and the boundless perversion of the ruling elites.

Operation COVID-19 is a complete failure and calls into question the relevance of current medicine, a subject that will have to be addressed with courage in the future, there remained the fertile ground for social fractures in the United States, a country socially destroyed by ultra-liberalism or rather economic predation, violence and racism.

By designating the Antifa as a non-domestic and therefore global terrorist organization, the Trump administration is taking a major risk because the Antifa is not a centralized or national organization, it is a nebula of groups without real leaders funded by powerful patrons hidden.

It is not only the Hungarian billionaire Soros who finances the breakage but they are dozens of self-proclaimed philanthropists, all billionaires and unreservedly adhering to international Zionism.

These are the same Likud financiers who give funds to the Antifa under the label of the far left while funding the parties of the far right.

It’s a strategy as old as the one behind the scenes of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

All this does not in any way justify the extreme multifaceted violence suffered by the African-American populations or the disproportionate violence of certain members of the police suffering from serious psychiatric disorders and criminal impulses.

The recruitment of veterans who have committed very serious war crimes against civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere has exacerbated the phenomenon of police violence in the United States.

The legitimate popular anger against this police violence is currently exploited by the US deep state and its armed arms to win the fight and restore their totalitarian power in controlled language.

Donald Trump may have bowed endlessly to Israel and its supporters, threaten Venezuela and Iran, constantly criticize China by designating it as the enemy to be killed, that would not spare him a civil war in the middle of Washington DC and to the banks of the Potomac.

This scenario is all the more plausible since the cleavage which was created between the electoral base of Trump and his adversaries takes on a more marked ideological dimension than the hostility between the Nazis and the Soviets during the Second World War.

In a world where mass unemployment will be the norm for a very long time, mercenarism is a safe and rising value.

The COVID-19 operation is a big deception that no longer fools anyone.

Handling has reached an extremely high level.

We have all been manipulated by statistics on a new virus from the Coronaviridae family and above all an oriented presentation of death statistics which western societies have completely decided to ignore.

The COVID-19 is just a sequel to the Great Game in progress.

This Great Game that was derailed in Syria or the Levant.

In 2021, everything suggests that this high-flying hybrid world war will continue with other innovations involving cyber attacks targeting national or transnational power grids, the interruption of the Internet or the launch of other biological and chemical attacks.

What is certain at the moment is that the resumption of nuclear testing by the United States is inevitable, ending a moratorium and the last phase of nuclear disarmament.

But it will be too late because China and Russia have grasped the degree of the threat inherent in the fall of the empire decided by nameless elites and are preparing for the worst possible scenario.

As in any war, the populations will be the only ones to suffer from an unprecedented tilting of the axis of the world.


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