Bloodthirsty Bolton’s Book on Trump Is Fueled By Frustration That The President HASN’T LED The US INTO MAJOR WARS

John Bolton’s vindictive tell-all ‘The Room Where It Happened’ contains little of worth on Donald Trump and seems motivated by anger that the US did not attack Venezuela, Iran or North Korea.


Walrus-whiskered John Bolton and his well-remunerated kiss-and-tell memoir of life on the same page as Donald Trump is already a bestseller in the febrile pre-election atmosphere of the US.

A tabloid National Enquirer treat, in hardback.

Only marginally less surprising is his instant beatification by the prancers of the American liberal chatterati.

Like George W. Bush, the late John McCain and Colin Powell, Bolton is the latest blood-soaked war criminal to be handed his pussy hat by the progressives, the resistance to Donald J. Trump.

That you could circumnavigate America with the bodies laid end to end of their victims is of less moment than his new role as persecutor of the only man in the States stupid enough to have employed him, President Trump.

Any minute now Rachel Maddow will break down in tears at Bolton’s self-sacrifice in the liberal cause. For them only some lives matter, and only some of the time.

Of course I have only read the leaks – I won’t be swelling his coffers – but they don’t add up to a hill of (soya) beans so far, despite the media hysteria.

Trump apparently asked British PM Theresa May if “Britain were a nuclear-power.”

She presumably answered – how could one tell? – in the affirmative.

He might have meant a nuclear energy power, which would have been a fair question as we now use as much wind these days, having flooded our coal-mines and retreated from the anti-nuclear lobby when it comes to power-generation.

Trump apparently “begged” Chinese president Xi Jinping to “buy American farm produce.”

Well, that will hurt him in the plains to be sure.

Every leader in the world asks their interlocutors to ‘Buy British’ or ‘Buy American’ or whatever.

That does not equate to ‘electoral interference’.

Or he may have been correctly stating the bleeding obvious: Britain has NEVER had a truly independent nuclear weapons capability, supplied, as our weapons are, by the USA.

The renewed Trident submarine strike-force might as well be badged in the Stars and Stripes.

And he “seemed to agree”in Beijing that “America has too many elections.”

Is there any sentient being who could think otherwise?

Who could possibly consider the US Constitution –  crisis stricken, centuries out of date, in a permanent election mode, where an electoral college rather than the people picks the president, in which Wyoming is a state but Washington, DC isn’t, and where the Senate gives the same representation to Vermont as to California – as the acme of modern governance?

Trump allegedly was more interested in the optics of his historic meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and how it would help his re-election.

Heaven forfend, a politician focussed on his re-election.

Who’d have thunk it?

So what if Trump would have fancied a third term?

He can’t have one and may not even get a second.

There is no doubt that John Bolton knows more about the world than Donald Trump – an urban hick, the original orange-neck.

After all Bolton, has been contriving plans to invade much of the world over several decades.

When you boil it all down, it’s not that Trump thinks it would be “cool” to invade Venezuela, it’s that he didn’t think it cool enough to actually do it, despite the “begging” of John Bolton.

As for “thinking Finland was a part of Russia,” I don’t doubt there are many Finns who wish they were. For now it will have to be content with being Russia’s next-door neighbour.

Trump disappointed John Bolton because he wouldn’t invade Venezuela, Iran, wouldn’t invade North Korea, wouldn’t invade anywhere new.

And he’s frustrated that, unless something happens between now and November, Trump will end his term having started no new wars, withdrawn more troops from foreign adventures and fired fewer rockets than almost all of his un-illustrious predecessors.

Newly pussy-hatted Bolton, on the other hand, still couldn’t win election as dogcatcher in Albuquerque.


George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. He presents TV and radio shows (including on RT). He is a film-maker, writer and a renowned orator. Follow him on

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