The US and EU Sanctions against 39 Countries Could Kill More Than Two Billion People


Sanctions have been imposed by the US and EU countries for more than a decade [An editorial comment: However, a country like DPRK (aka, “North Korea”) has been sanctioned by US, Japan and the West for over 70 years], and estimations are that they might kill around two billion people in the world, affecting thirty-nine countries.

Medical supplies and food aid during the COVID-19 pandemic are not sufficient. The imposed sanctions are unlawful and illegitimate according to the UN Charter, and none of the imposed sanctions have been approved by the UN Security Council.

The whole world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, in some countries more and in others less. It doesn‘t matter what caused the pandemic, a lot of theories are going around on the Internet.

The fact is that in the sanctioned countries people die en mass but the EU and US governments don‘t seem to care less. It makes you wonder why?

After WWII the leaders of the EU and the US proclaimed it must never happen again after one-hundred-ten million people died, including the sixty-million civilians around the world and especially in the following places who made up the majority of the dead: Russia, Europe, China, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

But the elites have learned nothing.

Forgotten are the warnings from the elderly who experienced these atrocities. This is especially the case in the EU, where they even started to re-write the history of WWII by blaming Russia instead of fascism which started the war.

The countries under sanctions, known by the broader public, are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, North Korea, Eastern Ukraine and Libya.

But also countries like Nicaragua, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Congo, Zimbabwe, or Papua New Guinea are under sanctions too.

All of them don‘t comply with the British Empire (or deep state) and therefore, the citizens are punished harshly. Because, it‘s always the ordinary (poorer) citizens who are punished and suffering, they are the ones without food or medical aid.

No Western NGO can help, they provide just a small drop of help and citizens of Western countries should not spend their money on so-called relief organizations but instead pressure their governments to lift the sanctions, especially those on the poor war-torn countries.

Syria: An Example Of Inhumanity

Syria, a country that’s been on the global public’s radar since 2011 for supposedly being ruled by a “bad” president (despite being loved by the majority of Syrians), is hit very hard in many ways.

The US, EU and the deep state decided to “give“ them a war so they could rule the country by installing a “puppet“ regime, as they do in all countries with huge resources (Color Revolutions).

Syria has oil and therefore it was a target, this was just one of the reasons, but they failed in Syria, their first failure after Vietnam.

Also, Israel plays a big role through their dream and determination of becoming “a Greater Israel“ according to the Yinon Plan“.

Syria‘s refusal to sell its oil for a low price made the “establishment-deep-state or BE“ very angry, so war came and Syria, like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, got an extensive “visit“ from the US mercenaries called Al-Qaeda, which resulted in other names (DAESH) and groups.

The Balkanisation of the Middle East had begun. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Syria’s Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republicto the United Nations Headquarters in New York and eight other countries, Dr.Bashar Ja‘afri, frequently requested the UN to lift the sanctions on the war-torn country.

Eight countries under sanctions from the United States and European Union (EU) made a statement to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on March 26 requesting the immediate and complete lifting of the sanctions to enable the nations to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a joint letter, the ambassadors from China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Nicaragua, Russia, Syria and Venezuela urged the UN chief to “reject the politicization of such a pandemic.”

The ambassadors called the sanctions illegal and economic pressure.

The US and the EU until now did not respond to the request and therefore let the people die, making them indirectly guilty of the same crimes against humanity which they promised after WWII would never to happen again.

Syria is also trying to bring its citizens back home. Many stranded Syrians are not able to go home because of the US- and EU-imposed sanctions.

It’s an additional burden for the Syrian state to evacuate the stranded Syrians abroad after more than 9 years of the US-led War of Terrorthat is topped with unprecedented economic terrorism in the form of sanctions and blockade by the USA and all the countries it controls around the world.

Fueling the airplanes alone is a challenge with supposedly independent countries refusing to fill up the planes’ fuel tanks out of fear of the US regime.


The world is preparing itself for hunger and uprising, during and after the pandemic. History teaches that this will result in war.

The injustice that happened after WWII is not yet present in the minds of the people. But it‘s coming.

This injustice imposed on two billion people can‘t continue. Europe is facing an economic collapse and should not be dependent anymore on the US. China is rising and trying to fix the problems in Africa.

The US and EU should stop their war games against Russia and instead be partners so the world can help each other during the tough times ahead.

The “old indoctrinated EU leaders“ should be replaced with people and leaders who care for humanity as a whole, wars should be the ideologies of the past, people must change, and the leaders should be worried about the coming times.


By Sonja van den Ende

First published by One World Press


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  1. The US are UK , EU are war criminals that murder innocent people with bombs, bullets and criminal mass murder sanctions against innocent civilians. They are evil trio part of the corrupt stinking and blood thirsty US empire. Since World War Two the U.S. has killed an estimated 30 million people through wars of aggression and sanctions, innocent people killed none of whom were ever a threat to the US American people. Ethically, morally and probably legally every US American is guilty of war crimes. The German people were not let off the hook after WW2. The US American people stand guilty, as charged. U.S. government is a pathological liar. The past two decades have been especially rich with its lies. George W. Bush winning the election in 2000 was a lie. The attacks of 9/11 were lies, the invasion of Afghanistan was based on a lie, Iraq weapons of mass destruction were a lie, Iran’s nuclear weapons program is a lie, the Katrina Hurricane response was a lie, the Russian invasion of Georgia was a lie, the 2009 bailout of the Wall Street was based on lies, the Ukraine coup was lied about, Gaddafi’s Viagra was a lie, the moderate rebels was a lie, the lie that Venezuela is a threat to the US is a lie, the White Helmets are a propaganda lie, Russiagate is a lie, the Douma chemical attack was a lie, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons report was a lie, the torture of Chelsea Manning is lied about, the Julian Assange lie is a lie.

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