Hard Pass on the Noriega Remix? UNITED STATES Narcotrafficking Charges against Maduro Straight out of Panama Playbook


The US indictment of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his subordinates on narcotrafficking charges echoes the rationale used to invade Panama and kidnap its leader – and Americans aren’t exactly thrilled with the reprise.

The Justice Department’s indictment of Maduro and four other senior Venezuelan officials on narcotrafficking charges – and the State Department’s offer of up to $15 million as a reward for evidence supporting those charges – reminded so many social media users of the 30-year-old plot to remove then-Panamanian president Manuel Noriega from office that the former CIA asset’s name was trending on Twitter on Thursday.

Pablo Arosemena Marriott @parosemena

Maduro’s indictment marks the second time that the U.S. government has brought criminal charges against a foreign head of state. The last time was in 1989, when federal prosecutors indicted Panamanian Manuel Noriega on drug-trafficking charges and U.S. military forces seized him. https://twitter.com/parosemena/status/1243200138052599813 

Pablo Arosemena Marriott @parosemena

Feds charge Venezuelan President Maduro, other top officials with narco-terrorism https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article240892976.html 


Classic CIA move to justify future coup/kidnapping of Latin-American head of state who annoys them.

AKA “the Noriega”. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1243186906617335814 

The New York Times @nytimes

Breaking News: President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela was charged in New York with drug trafficking crimes after an investigation by federal authorities.https://nyti.ms/2WJOxd1

From the charges – conspiring with Colombian guerrillas to “flood the US with cocaine” – to the point man on both initiatives – current special representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams (branded a “war criminal” by critics) – the two cases are nearly twins.
In addition to drug-running, Noriega also helped the US by supporting the Contras in Nicaragua, history that has suddenly become relevant again after the Trump administration quietly sanctioned Nicaragua’s government earlier this month.
socialistische boomer@SocialistBoomer

Accusing Nicolas Maduro of drug trafficking is stupid af. These people are just building the the case for war — they’re thinking: 1) WW2 got us out the depression in 1941 2) Americans supported the overthrow of Noriega in 1989 3) the Bolivarian Revolution must be crushed.

Few who understood the history were thrilled with the idea of pulling a Noriega on Maduro, however. CIA-supported Noriega had actually trafficked cocaine for years before he was charged, and many believed the invasion of Panama had been orchestrated to prevent him from opening his mouth about his relationship with the agency.


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Wasn’t Noriega running drugs *FOR* the CIA and when it become publicly detrimental to support him they abandon him? The US tries to pretend they were manipulated by military ruler of poor as balls third world country *which the US created* https://www.reuters.com/article/us-panama-noriega-obituary-idUSKBN18Q0NW 

Panama’s Noriega: CIA spy turned drug-running dictator

Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was for years a useful tool of the United States, until President George H.W. Bush lost patience with his brutal, drug-running rule and sent nearly 28,000…


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Robert A. Stansbury@BetoMetroDos

Noriega had the goods on CIA drug flights to and from Nicaragua via Panama. Of course, he never got his press conference to tell it…

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However, the Justice Department has not produced any evidence that Maduro is guilty – and the massive State Department rewards for evidence suggest that Washington is in dire need of proof in the Venezuelan case – making the “Noriega option” for Venezuela even less morally defensible than the invasion of Panama.

Joshua Goodman @APjoshgoodman

Deja vu? @AGWilliamBarr and Elliott Abrams, the top @StateDept diplomat for Venezuela, in late 80s pushed for ouster and removal of Panama strongman Manuel Noriega to face US drug charges. Maduro often accuses US of plotting an invasion like one that followed Noriega’s indictment

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Stephen Oldfield 🌹🌺🌻@PhiSteveO

The same forces in the US accusing Maduro, worked with the drug cartels in the 1980’s bringing in cocaine to American inner cities ( Barry and the Boys–one example), while arming contra’s in central America.

These are the same forces wanting to topple Maduro.

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Others were more disgusted with the timing of the indictments. “They can’t stop coup-ing even during an outbreak!” one shocked user tweeted.

Heather Habsburg@HeatherHabsburg

They’re really trying to Noriega him in the middle of a pandemic lmfao https://twitter.com/BNONews/status/1243187614292815872 

BNO News @BNONews

BREAKING: Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro charged with drug trafficking crimes in U.S. federal court – NYT

But some seemed to think invading Panama to snatch up Noriega had been a splendid little war, and pushed for the same in Venezuela.

Villi Wilson❌@Conservative_VW

Hmm …

This sounds familiar …

Maybe Maduro should remember what happened to Manuel Noriega in Panama …

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Sgt Daniel L McCaughan@DanMcCaughan

Let’s GO GET HIM!😎🇺🇸
FLASHBACK OPERATION “JUST CAUSE”! We can put him in the same Atlanta cell as Old Pineapple Face!
U.S. Invasion of Panama 1989-1990. Noriega Arrested & Convicted of international racketeering & drug trafficking.

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Attorney General William Barr actually affirmed the Noriega comparison as he attempted to dispel the idea that the US had crossed some rubicon by criminally charging a foreign head of state. “We do not recognize Maduro as the president of Venezuela,” he reminded reporters after announcing the indictments.

Hinting darkly at Washington’s vision for Venezuela’s future, Barr added: “Obviously we indicted Noriega under similar circumstances, we did not recognize Noriega as the president of Panama.




US State Dept offers $15 MILLION REWARD for help arresting Venezuela’s Maduro after indictments


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