The New York Times: How U.S. Weapons Ended up Bombing Hospitals in Yemen


A former senior State Department official sent to monitor the Saudi-led war in Yemen told us he saw firsthand how the Saudis failed to avoid civilian casualties — and how the U.S. chose to look the other way.
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This article was originally published by New York Times


epa05095802 Yemenis shout anti-Saudi slogans and carry the remains of what appears to a US-made cluster bomb allegedly dropped during Saudi-led airstrikes, during a protest calling for an end to Saudi-led military operations on Yemen, outside the UN offices in Sana?a, Yemen, 10 January 2016. According to reports, at least four people were killed and ten injured, including three of MSF staff, when a missile hit a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in northern Yemen. EPA/YAHYA ARHAB


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