As Venezuela COUP FIZZLES, Pompeo THREATENS US Attack

Self-proclaimed Venezuelan president Juan Guaido’s coup yesterday failed to get off the ground.

The military did not join him and protests were barely seen outside a few of Caracas’s wealthy neighborhoods.

Frustrated and furious, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded by threatening direct US military action to overthrow President Maduro.

An urgent call with Russian foreign minister is scheduled today.

Are neocons about to ignite the earth?

Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:


By Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams


The 21st Century

2 Replies to “As Venezuela COUP FIZZLES, Pompeo THREATENS US Attack”

  1. I will support anyone who drives a knife into the side Pompeo’s neck, and his belly! Contact me, I will pay you handsomely! Aussie

  2. “US Vows To Get More Tactical Nuclear Weapons To “Contain Russia,” Tests Minuteman III ICBM”
    I woud encourage Russia AND China to get their heads together and make a first strike on the USA and do the people of this world a big favor, including their own countries. Secondly, plan a strike against the Israeli Zionist sacks of shit, both countries use International Law and order as toilet paper, they deserve to be given what they have been giving to the world since Hitler failed to wipe these stinking rodents out! Aussie

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