A DePauw University Student-made Documentary Film on DU Students’ Trip to Korea University in Tokyo



Ms. Lauren Schiller, a 3rd year student at DePauw University who took part in the 2018 Int’l Student Exchange Program which was organized by Institute for 21st Century Int’l Relations in Washington, D.C., working together with DePauw University in Indiana and Korea University in Tokyo from January 14 to 20, 2019, made this short moving documentary film on her trip to Japan as part of her “North Korea in Japan: Colonialism and Education” class taught by Prof. Derek Ford who organized the trip and took his 14 students to the trip. Many great thanks should be attributed to his superb but humble leadership which had made the trip as a whole successful. Under his leadership, the trip was overall very much productive and quite meaningful in terms of his entire students’ amazing educational experiences, learning and growth in such as short time period. Again many thanks to Prof. Ford’s leadership and the roles he’d wonderfully played from the very beginning until the end of the trip.


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