The Truth about the Vicious 70 Years-old “Anti-North Korea Demonization Propaganda” Has Been Fully Revealed

…. There is not a single other nation in the world that is accused of so many atrocities against humanity as North Korea. But these are not actually based on video or photo evidence. They come from only one source, [the] North Korean defector testimonies. These testimonies are heard all around the world and tell the world how terrible it is to live in North Korea. And their shocking stories not only shape public opinion but make way for actual policy to punish North Korea. But questioning anything defectors say seems unreasonable. Because these actual people are from North Korea. Who else will listen if not them? Why would they lie? Because behind the scenes all defector testimonies that demonize North Korea is a world of lies. It’s very well hidden …  [An excerpt from the video narration]


Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang in Seoul




The 21st Century

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