More Insanity As Trump ‘Confirms’ He’s Pulling US Out Of Nuclear Deal With Russia

The US will pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) with Russia, AP reports President Donald Trump saying. He cited Russia’s alleged treaty violations, while at the same time vowing to “develop the weapons.”

“We are going to terminate the agreement and then we are going to develop the weapons” unless Russia and China agree to a new deal, Trump said on Saturday.

Although Trump claims that Russia has violated the deal, he provided no evidence of that claim during his Saturday announcement.

Trump made the announcement following a campaign stop in Elko, Nevada, just one day after the Guardianreported that National Security Adviser John Bolton was pushing the president to leave the treaty.

Russia has repeatedly said it will keep strictly observing the INF treaty as long as the US does. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in October 2017 that any withdrawal from Washington would see an“immediate and mirror-like” response from Moscow.


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