North, South Korea Agree to First Talks in Two Years & US Agrees to South DETER Its Military Drills

Jon Wolfsthal, former director of arms control at the National Security Council under president Barack Obama, warned that Seoul and Washington were diverging in their approach.

“US has all but forced ROK (South Korea) and President Moon to forge his own path,” he said on Twitter. “Easy pickings for KJU to play the charm offensive and divide the alliance. Critical US and ROK get on same side, Trump team has to adjust.”

North Korea’s young leader has shrugged off multiple sets of new United Nations Security Council sanctions — including restrictions on coal sales and petroleum imports — and heightened rhetoric from Washington as his regime drives forward with its weapons programmes, which it says are intended to defend against US aggression.

Authorities in Pyongyang gathered thousands of citizens in Kim Il Sung Square on Thursday in a show of support for the leadership.

South Korean opposition parties struck a cautious note, warning against making concessions to the North to secure its Olympic participation.

Kim Sung-Tae, parliamentary leader of the main opposition Liberty Korea party, said a meeting about the Games without discussing denuclearisation would be “meaningless”.


By Park Chan-Kyong, AFP
This report was originally made by AFP



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