Belgian Lawmakers: European Govts Supported Terrorists Instead of Supporting Legitimate Syrian Govt


ALEPPO, (ST)- Instead of supporting the legitimate Syrian government the European countries supported Wahhabi terrorists who have sought destroying Syria and establishing a Wahhabi terrorist state, Member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament Filip Dewinter, leader of the Belgian parliamentary delegation visiting Syria, has stressed.

Dewinter made the remarks during the delegation’s visit to Aleppo on Thursday and their meeting with Aleppo Governor Hussein Diyab.

The Belgian lawmaker said he visited Syria two years ago and warned that the danger of the terrorism currently hitting Syria will backfire on its supporters and will hit America and the European countries and this is what actually happened.

Dewinter hoped that the Syrian Army’s victory over terrorism in Aleppo will help open the eyes of the European politicians and change the way they deal with events in Syria. He pointed out that the European people have realized the danger of terrorism particularly after the terrorist attacks which targeted several European countries.

Leader of the Belgian delegation, went on to say that the delegation’s visit to Aleppo aims at getting acquainted with what is really happening in Syria away from the false news reported by some western media and at conveying a real image about Syria events to the Belgian people and the European public opinion in general.

On his part, Aleppo governor talked to the guest delegation about Aleppo’s history and civilization which dates back to thousands of years. He said that the terrorist war has targeted the infrastructure, services utilities, public and private properties and the old city of Aleppo which is considered as a unique human cultural heritage.

The governor added that Aleppo victory has changed the balance of power as well as the regional and international equations and it prepared for a new era based on uprooting terrorism from all the Syrian lands.

He highlighted the government’s efforts to reconstruct what terrorism has destroyed and to meet the needs of the citizens affected by terrorism.

He urged the guest delegation to convey the reality of events in Syria to their governments and people and to clarify to them that what is going on in the country is a terrorist war being waged on the Syrian state and people.

During its visit to Aleppo, the delegation also had the opportunity to meet a number of Islamic and Christian men of religion at “Shahba Halab” Hotel. Head of the delegation Filip Dewinter said that he can well understand the Syrian people’s anger over the wrong policies of the Belgian government as well as the governments of the rest of the European countries.

In addition, the lawmakers delegation visited Aleppo university and met with its Rector Mustafa Afioni. Members of the delegation were briefed on the steadfastness of the university and on the continuity of the education and research process despite years of terrorist war

The Belgian delegation arrived in Damascus today to inspect the situation in the country and voice support for the Syrian people in the face of the ongoing crisis.

Upon arrival at Jdeidet Yabous crossing point on the Syrian-Lebanese borders, leader of the delegation told journalists that the delegation will meet a number of officials and civil society figures to exchange views on the circumstances in Syria.

The delegation members pointed out that they will try to convoy the Syrians’ message to the European people when they are back in their country.


Hamda Mustafa, Syria Times

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