The Historically Unprecedented Nonviolent Revolution by Millions Overthrew The US Puppet and Most Corrupt Regime in Seoul

One of the Most Historic, Unprecedented, Unseen and Unheard of People’s Nonviolent Revolution in Human History Still Continues in Korea

The Unbelievably Great Nonviolent Korean Revolution Hasn’t Yet Stopped with the Dec. 9th’s Historic Parliamentary Impeachment Vote on the Legally-(Now)-Deposed Puppet President Park.

The present Korean Oligarchy [i.e., the 71 years-old ‘US-manufactured or -installed Establishment’ in the South whose backgrounds mostly has been the “descendants of Pro-Japanese National Traitors” (just like the former puppet president Park in 1960s-70s, the father of the now deposed ‘Daughter President’) during the Japanese Imperial Rule who’d soon shrewdly changed their ‘Master’ from Tokyo to Washington as soon as the “US Occupation Army” began to rule the southern part of (supposed to be) ‘just liberated’ Korean peninsula in August 15, 1945] still runs Seoul.

The above-mentioned Washington-installed puppet Establishment hasn’t yet given up their 71 years-old Privilege which has been allowed by the “American Empire”. Yes, the Washington Imperial Power which has absolutely controlled the South Korea for almost six decades still rules Seoul from behind.

Six consecutive weeks, The 4th Media has consistently introduced, mainly through its Photo News, what’s been happening with regard to the above-mentioned helplessly crumbling-down US puppet regime in Seoul.

Today we’d like to share with our global viewers what’d finally happened to the above-described Washington’s ‘another caretaker power‘ last night in Seoul, Korea.

The Washington’s latest (hopefully the LAST) handpicked-puppet (who’s been nakedly proven the most dependent, incapable, stupid, pro-US, pro-Japan thereby anti-nation, anti-North(DPRK), and anti-reunification therefore the most ‘fitting’ to Washington and Japan but the most ‘unfit’ to her own nation just like her father) Park was finally thrown out of the ‘illegally-enthroned‘ power by the millions of people who’ve defiantly challenged and now decidedly overthrew the most illegitimate, disastrous and shameful regime in Seoul, Korea.

On December 9, 2016, the terribly-unwanted Park regime was after all impeached by the overwhelming YES votes (243) in the parliamentary building in Seoul. There were 56 NO votes as well. All together 299 members from 4 different parties including 2 independent members (with no party affiliation) of the Korean Parliament took part in the historic impeachment vote.

The “Division History” which has been forcibly imposed by Washington for over 70 years now all of sudden faces the most unexpected, unpredictable but most critically uncontrollable crisis in the entire history of Pentagon’s “full spectrum dominance” over one of the Washington’s most-controlled vassal states, called the “South Korea”.

However what’s being helplessly crumbled down at the moment in Seoul, Korea is not the illegally-enthroned and most corrupt ‘caretake regime’ only. What’s being really thrown out of the southern part of Korean peninsula is the Washington’s imperial rule which has been forcibly imposed by its colonial ‘divide and conquer‘ strategy for over 70 years now.

Unlike the past if Korean people really make sure this time they not only wipe out the Korean oligarchy as a whole but also the Washington imperial power who hides behind at the moment, we’d cautiously predict an absolutely momentous opportunity for all Koreans to finally bring about their divided nation into a “self-determinedly reunited homeland, the Motherland/Fatherland, by a ‘Loose Confederate System‘.

The commonly-known “Confederate System” which means the “Two Different Systems Under One Country” was already agreed upon by the two late top leaders, the late President Kim Dae Joong and the late Chairman Kim Jong Il in June 15, 2000.

The timing of this great momentum for a genuinely peaceful and co-prosperous future of 80 million Koreans at the moment is coincided with the timing of the incoming Trump Administration in Washington. If the 45th US president can faithfully keep what he’s repeatedly, enthusiastically and publicly professed throughout his presidential campaign, the chances for Korea’s peaceful reunification seem high, very high.

Some of the key public professions Trump made during his campaign seem as follows: 1) His administration won’t act as the ‘World Police‘ anymore; 2) US won’t involve anymore others’ businesses unless they directly endanger the US national security(something like the ‘principle of nonintervention(or non-interference) in the domestic matters’ of others); 3) US won’t attempt to impose ‘Regime Change‘ onto others by force anymore, etc.

If  the above-mentioned Trump’s major policy changes (i.e., the attitude changes toward others) can be fully realized in the upcoming Trump administration, not only Korean peninsula but also the whole world most likely will be able to experience, hear and see a brand new future, at least a much better future for the whole humanity than the disastrous 70 years under the hegemonic rule of American Empire.

Let’s see what may be unfolded in US, the [forcibly-divided by US] Korea peninsula, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, etc. in near future.


Prof. Kiyul Chung, Editor in Chief, The 4th Media

[The 4th Media will continue to provide more stories about probably the ‘greatest-ever’ nonviolent and ongoing revolution which we believe has never taken place in human history in the past.]

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[The above-presented photos are the collection of selected photos previously posted by several different media outlets in Seoul, Korea.]


The 4th Media

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