In Summary: The CIA routinely betrays and abuses German interests. The last straw is the Snowden revelation of NSA intercepts of every email out of the Chancellor’s office and eavesdropping on their phone conversations by bugging optical fiber.

Germany retaliates by shutting down the joint Wharpdrive project for monitoring communications on the super-fast DE-CIX network and then expelling the Berlin CIA station chief.

CIA Munich then bribes a BND file clerk to steal the Mossack Fonseca archives. After vetting the legal papers for Agency spooks, the archive is trucked to CIA-controlled Suddeutsche Zeitung, to put a stick in Merkel’s eye on her home turf. MossFon is redacted to target the leaders of the BRICS group and ALBA alliance.

Various related aspects to this spy-versus-spy warfare are disclosed here by a real investigative journalist who works far outside the CIA cage holding the chattering monkeys of ICIJ.

It won’t be long before the Panama Papers expose becomes forgotten as a news scoop and will be remembered for what it really is: a below-the-belt punch by the NSA and CIA against the BND, Germany’s intelligence agency, which for 30 years played the Mossack Fonseca law firm like a fiddle to America’s tune.

If anything, the CIA’s physical theft of the archive of legal papers for blackmail purposes illustrates the lowlife thug mentality that prevails among U.S. intelligence officials.

The release of these stolen legal papers through the Agency’s remote-controlled International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) once again exposes the oxymoron of diplomatic intelligence.

The unleashing of a flood of slander, libel, lies and blackmail is only going to convince world leaders to distrust the Washington crowd more than ever and to never deposit their ill-gotten lucre in the Bank of America.

Now that the “worst” is out, Washington has no more leverage. Blackmail works so long as you don’t out the evidence, you morons.

Now that the screaming headlines are landfill, the reaction of the public is downbeat: Who’s surprised at corruption, what are you going to do about it? The head of tiny Iceland, where walruses outnumber Vikings, rolls and then the guillotine breaks down.

Corruption is not a topic for Washington during election season, with lobbyists are dispensing envelopes of cash. Graft is so pervasive worldwide that 11 million documents amount to a drop in the ocean.

Most of the named offenders will escape punishment, because the prosecutors and judges are equally corrupt and have serious crimes to pursue, like armed robberies by poor huddled refugees or airport bombings arranged by NATO.

U.S.-German Rift Behind the Papers Leak

What’s behind the Panama Papers? The clue is Jurgen Mossack, the German half of the law firm who admits he worked for the CIA. Anyone who keeps up with the sparse news dribbling out of the intelligence field (a rare and dying breed of retirees) knows that the American spooks and German spies have been at each others’ throats since the Snowden revelations and even before that.

Therefore a German lawyer who is a spy for the Americans could/will also be a double agent for the BND. At this point, given the drunken sloppiness of Our Men in Panama, Jurg knows too much and should keep a Doberman and a Kalashnikov in his bedroom and sleep between Kevlar sheets.

On top of the spy-versus-spy intrigue, American leaders and German politicians are as different as Chevys and BMWs. The State Department arranges a state dinner in Berlin for George W. Bush and then a Barack Obama, while the Chancellery is filing deportation orders. If American voters cannot stand their appointed leaders, why should Europeans?

The Challenge from Latin America

What the bilateral split over diplomatic strategy and intelligence priorities is based on divergent perceptions of a changing world, especially in Latin America. The Berlin and Washington are deeply divided over how to respond to an emerging multi-polar system of regional midsize powers that challenge the North Atlantic alliance.

The political elite in Washington and New York are clearly uncomfortable with the decline of America’s once-supreme status within an evermore fragmented international scene.

Change is now unstoppable with the shattering of the Arab Spring democratization campaign, military defeats of puppet mercenaries in Iraq and Syria, the evolution of Asian industry as technology innovators, a humbled Turkey, reassertive Russia and a docile Europe that shows a willingness to accommodate a rapidly-mutating situation.

In the arena of geopolitical strategy, Latin America has pushed ahead of the rest of the world with the formation of the regional group ALBA (Bolivaran Alliance of the Peoples of America) and via Brazil’s prominence as a member of the BRICS group of emerging economic powers.

American policymakers are unable to cope with the rise of populist democracies combined with intraregional investment among nations committed to Simon Bolivar’s ideals of South American unity in defense of sovereignty, a common history and an indigenized cultural identity.

German leaders, in contrast, seem not only comfortable with change but also eager to witness the rise of a new continental unity.

The Foreign Ministry of Germany has stated boldly:

“Latin America and the Caribbean have undergone various forms of transformation in recent years and decades. They have grown in both economic and political clout, a fact reflected in the new assurance they demonstrate in the international arena. In some Latin American countries, new political movements and balances of power are leading political action in a new direction. Many countries in Latin America are seeking and finding a range of new partners in other parts of the world, particularly in Asia, but also in Africa.”

The widening difference between Germany and the United States is rooted in basic attitudes. In a role reversal confounding the intent behind the Monroe Doctrine, it is now Washington that acts as a repressive colonial power while the heart of “old Europe” is taking a forward-looking stance toward change in Latin America.

The world is turning upside, and those who cannot adapt will be shaken out.

Unwilling to eat humble pie now that their Color Revolutions rot with debt and crime, the Washington establishment is being left behind and becoming increasingly irrelevant.


Sniveling Arrogance of the CIA

To compensate for their own impotence, the State Department and its affiliated intelligence agencies have been venting their frustrations on a once-compliant ally, Germany. American diplomats cannot accept that the times have changed, with a new generation across Europe unfamiliar with the Cold War, the Berlin airlift and even the Wall.

At the center of the European Union, Germany has its own spectrum of issues and objectives quite apart from the grandiose, self-flattering and impractical schemes out of Washington.

The sniveling reaction from the U.S. elite has been to treat the Merkel government as a whipping boy for all that has gone wrong in the American imperium. Paranoiac distrust led the NSA to snoop on German leaders and hack their emails, a vile act exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013.

Unwilling to apologize for their rude intrusions, American intelligence officials and their front men like George Soros engineered the mass migration of bombing-displaced migrants into Europe. Gentlemen used to cross dueling swords; but today’s heroes put refugees on rubber boats with promises of entitlements.

Meanwhile, Latin Americans have felt the sting of the Norte Americano lash. Vilification of the late Commandante Chavez along with dollars for the Opus Dei in Venezuela was followed up by the humiliation of Brazil with the well-oiled Petrobas scandal, coincidentally just after the discovery of offshore energy reserves.

Next came what looks like biological warfare with the Zika virus and GMO mosquitoes loaded with a lethal gene that maims larvae and embryos. Could this “mysterious” pandemic be timed to undermine German-Brazilian security cooperation at the upcoming Rio Olympics?

Before anyone can investigate these issues, Latin America is hit with a third attack, release of the the Panama Papers with corruption accusations plastered on the front page of newspapers worldwide.

President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Cuba appears to have been another slap to the face, in an attempt to upstage ALBA and Brazil with a “progressive” image, albeit lacking a shred of seriousness or substance.

German-American Knot Cut in Panama City

The Panama Papers scandal was a crafty plot, for that’s the only way to describe a long-planned covert operation to discredit a foe, in this case an erstwhile ally.

One of the parties in this drama, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), have been caught before in a lie, in the Offshore Leaks affair, about “being mailed a hard disk from a hacker”.

In a request to interview their leaders in March 2015, I requested to see the postal envelope dated with a postmark and with a return address. Their two top officials not only failed to produce said envelope, they went silent on me, saying they were unavailable, being in Virginia (a grand distance of 20 minutes away from their Washington DC offices, meanwhile I had just flown 10,000 miles to meet them).

The Consortium is not comprised of investigative journalists but, to the contrary, hack propagandists from media outlets thoroughly penetrated by the CIA, MI-6 and ASIO (see the end of the essay for amusing details).

An electronic heist of 11 million legal documents, many of those dozens of pages in length, is simply not feasible since some of those contracts date back to the 1970s and were probably never digitized.

Cloak and Dagger

Following the expulsion of the Berlin station chief, the CIA plotted, like a bunch of little boys, to get their revenge. That childishly venal wish was the inspiration for the theft of the MossFon archive, aka Panama Papers.

The likeliest scenario is that copies of those documents from Mossack Fonseca, a CIA front company, were routinely filed and stored in a BND-CIA warehouse at Bad Aibling station (BAS, or Station 81, code name Hortensie III), an NSA-run ECHELON satellite-relay facility, near Munich, location of the joint intelligence program of the CIA-NSA and the German intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).

After the shutdown of Station 81 in 2005, the NSA-CIA contingent moved to the on-base Mangfall Barracks for joint review of intelligence findings with BND.

In July 2014, the Chancellery ordered the expulsion of the CIA station chief in Berlin due to the Snowden leaks. The Agency wasn’t yet done with its pilfering of information.

Next, in November 2015, a lowly BND file clerk faced court-martial for transferring “scores of documents and internal information” to the CIA. The disabled clerk, who held a grudge about not being able to live out the adventures of James Bond, was paid less than 10,000 euros by his CIA handlers, who probably pocketed the difference for their beer budget.

Alarm bells ringing, some 120 BND field agents, who may been “infected” by Central Intelligence were transferred from Munich to the new BND headquarters in Berlin for scrutiny and indoctrination, within earshot of the Chancellery.

The question remains: Did the clerk turn over the Mossack Fonseca archive for bait from the CIA, or was it someone higher up the food chain?

The case of the foolhardy clerk cannot be taken as an opportunistic one-off since the CIA’s job is to subvert enemies and allies alike. Privacy violations and theft by the CIA is more common that shoplifting at WalMart and more readily preventable, since casualties aren’t reported to the police.

The lesson for the multipolar world is that no Americans should ever be trusted, allowed out of sight or even admitted onto private property. The penalty for criminal activity is the loss of freedom.

PsyOps Against the German Mind

Before gearing into warp-speed, some other points in the MossFon affair demands exploration. First, the fact that the CIA flaunted its “immunity” inside Bavaria by depositing the MossFon files at its puppet newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung in Munich.

During the American military occupation of Germany (1944-46), Suddeutsche Zeitung was the first newspaper group to be granted a publishing license, in October 1945 five months after VE Day.

German Jews from the US with Military Intelligence and the OSS were installed as censors and compliant “liberal” (secret members of Free Masonry lodges) Germans were installed as top editors and managers to oversee that pro-US propaganda guided news coverage.

To maintain the facade of “freedom of press” the German news media was directed by a pseudo-civilian arm of the US Army, as recalled in Earle Ziemke’s The US Army in the Occupation of Germany 1944-46 (1975, US Army Center of Military History):

“The Psychological Warfare Division, SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force), which liked to call itself PsyWar but went more conservatively and correctly by the initials “PWD,” originated as one of two new general staff divisions, G-5 and G-6, in February 1944. In the April 1944 SHAEF reorganization, G-6 was abolished and its functions were divided between two special staff divisions, Public Relations and Psychological Warfare. Brig. Gen. Robert A. McClure, who had been Assistant Chief of Staff, G-6, during its brief existence and before that Eisenhower’s chief of information and censorship in the Mediterranean, became the director of PWD. As such he was blessed-not entirely happily-with four deputies, each of whom represented a powerful US or British civilian agency, namely, the Office of War Information and Office of Strategic Services (US) and the Political Intelligence Department and Ministry of Information (British). The US operating personnel had been selected on the basis of language knowledge and occupational background and were mostly graduates of the Psychological Warfare School at Camp Ritchie, Maryland.”

“The second objective (to influence civilian opinion), over which PWD retained direct control, took several forms: propaganda to friendly peoples still under German occupation, so-called consolidation propaganda in liberated countries, and propaganda to the German people. This last form was going to make PWD an important agency in the occupation because SHAEF planning assumed from the beginning-though it is not clear why-that the mission to conduct propaganda to the Germans during the war naturally also embraced control of information in Germany under the occupation. Military government, charged with executing all other aspects of occupation policy, was thereby excluded from the propaganda mission. As a result, military government tended always to look on the occupation as primarily an exercise in governmental administration, while PWD and its successors regarded it as an operation on the German mind.”

These passages explain why the CIA, and not the Defense Intelligence Agency, ran and still remotely controls Suddeutsche Zeitung. (Germans don’t be too alarmed about media brain-washing, since the CIA also manages the press in “formerly” occupied Japan, including the liberal English-language paper where I served as an editor.)

The lingering vestiges of the Occupation, with all its arrogance, remains a fact of life in Europe and Asia, regions that consequently lack the spunk of feisty Latin America, ole!

The ICIJ claims the Panama Papers were on view to its associated media groups for 8 months before their public release in April.

Simple subtraction shows then that the MossFon archive was in possession of the CIA by August 2015, probably earlier for vetting of the more sensitive cases involving the Agency’s dirty dealings, and then the German-and-Spanish language files were trucked to the Suddeutsche offices at Hultschiner Strasse 8 for the first round of vetting.

The CIA staffers at the Suddeutsche would then separate out any documents directly related to BND operations, to be used at a higher-level of persuasion in confidentiality with the Chancellery.



The rest of the papers were chum to alarm the despots of the Third World.

“The Psychological Warfare Division looks at the Occupation as an operation on the German mind,” as in a lobotomy. As the sheep were being shorn of their drab gray factory uniforms, the hardcore SS officers were being released from captivity, put into tailored suits to work for the CIA.”

The Germany military intelligence group under Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, imprisoned as a war criminal, were inducted and sworn into American service to run sabotage missions and espionage in Soviet-controlled Eastern Europe.

An annual budget of $1.5 million was allocated by the OSS for its operations, worth 10 times as much today, making it one of the richest organizations in bombed-out depressed postwar Europe.

On April Fool’s Day 1956, the Gehlen Agency was officially designated as BND and headquartered in Pullach, on the banks of the Isar River in Munich. As a national intelligence agency, BND was hobbled by its record of brutal cold-blooded assassination combined with its subservience to the American masters.

It still suffers the Igor mentality of a lowly henchman, which is why CIA flaunted its ability to vet the MossFon papers inside Germany under the noses of BND and the Chancellery. Get one thing straight, boys and girls: The master race is not German, we are American.

What Triggered the MossFon Leak

What precipitated the release of MossFon to the Agency lapdogs at ICIJ?

The feud between Washington and Berlin had been simmering since the federal elections that swept Angela Merkel into power as German Chancellor.

Her coming to power was path-breaking in many ways: as the first woman to assumed the nation’s highest post, an east German who grew up on the opposite side of the divided country, and a Lutheran, whose flock now demographically outnumbers the once-dominant Catholics of Bavaria.

These were all reasons for the White House to distrust her, especially when her team proved adept at guiding the EU.

The Snowden leaks came at a sensitive moment for joint American-German electronic eavesdropping program against terrorist-linked businessmen.

The BND tech team pulled out of the Wharpdrive project, which as the name suggest is a “faster-than-lightspeed” decryption software to monitor traffic moving through the Frankfurt-based DE-CIX (Deutsche commercial internet exchange), the world’s most heavily trafficked network for e-communications.

The BND offered the lame excuse to their partners in the NSA of a funding shortfall that prevented completion of Wharpdrive technology.

Successive NSA chiefs Michael Hayden and Keith Alexander reacted in fury, since their plan was not to interdict terrorist funding but to hijack data from the European aerospace industry, including EADS, which designs and builds the Airbus.

Economic espionage by the U.S. against Germany had already started with the clandestine release of the Stuxnet virus, developed by an Israeli IDF team and DARPA, to sabotage the control software for major utilities, including Iran’s nuclear-power plants.

Stuxnet penetrated the paralyzed control system at the Fukushima No.1 power plants, resulting in the 2011 meltdowns.

Who’s in Charge

The easiest retaliation for the Wharpdrive betrayal was for the CIA to release the Mossack Fonseca documents, in the manner of a Wikileaks. By then, however, the “MossFon” files were being shared with hierarchy of American intelligence agencies, and so along with the tech  spooks involved in Wharpdive, these included:

– White House Office of Science and Technology Policy along with

– President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology, led by John Holdren, out of the Harvard Belfer Center and Woods Hole Research Center, a front for the Office of Naval Research.

– the Technology Directorates at the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

– the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC); and

– NSA techies and CIA field officers assigned to ICIJ and partner Suddeutsche Zeitung

– last and least, low men on the totem, those stool pigeons posing as journalists at ICIJ.

The main challenge in vetting the Panama documents was for the CIA-NSA to withhold the names of American spies who were given business cover by legal experts Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca. Names of Germans have also been removed from the files for purposes of blackmailing Berlin into silence over this sordid affair.

The other preliminary task for the CIA was to draw up a list of world leaders for attack, especially the heads of the BRICS group and the ALBA confederation. (Those targets of the Panama affair are discussed further along in this essay.)

German Interludes in Latin America

Following the defeat of the Axis Powers, large German and Japanese immigrant communities in Latin America were considered a potential threat to American interests by the State Department, which was alarmed by the Vatican-organized “rat lines” for SS officers escaping to Argentina.

In fact, the flight of the SS elite was organized under Operation Sunrise by Allen Dulles, the first director of the newly created CIA. For the CIA, the conservative German community in Latin America was a valuable resource in the planning Cold War campaigns against resurgent nationalist and Communist movements across the Third World that would soon culminate in the Cuban Revolution.

In 1961, a former Waffen SS stormtrooper named Erhard Mossack immigrated to Panama City from Furth in central Bavaria, the region where the US military conducted the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

In April that same year, the CIA launched the Bay of Pigs Invasion against Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution.

The invasion force was dispatched from Guatemala, and so Mossack’s self-admitted role as “a CIA agent spying on Cuba” was probably at the radio intercepts station at Fort Gulick (Camp Espinar) on the Atlantic end of the American-controlled Panama Canal Zone. Gulick-Espinar is better known as the former site of the military-run School of the Americas, the indoctrination center for military dictators.

Mossack’s 13-year-old son Jurgen had accompanied his father to Panama, where he later attended law school. Jurgen earned a law degree at the Catholic University of St. Maria of Antigua, the old boys’ club for Panamanian lawyers. Jurgen was the founder of his now-notorious namesake law firm, along with Panamanian novelist and local “fixer” Ramon Fonseca, the man with connections.

Since release of the ICIJ report, the BND has refused to release information on Jurgen Mossack, presumably because of his close connections with German foreign intelligence. One of the few named BND agents in the Panama Papers is German spy Walter Mauss aka “Claus Moller”, a veteran field agent whose photo was published following hostage negotiations with FARC in Colombia. As someone who flaunted his spy credentials, Mauss is a rarity. The names of many more BND agents who registered front companies with MossFo are being withheld by the CIA for leverage in hardball negotiations with the Merkel government.

Also missing are the names of American citizens, many of them undoubtedly spies from the era of good relations between the CIA and BND. One cannot expect the CIA lackeys in ICIJ, who are on the payroll of George Soros, Pierre Omidyar and the Ford Foundation, to ever release a full list of names and documents of American undercover agents.

One of those CIA notables was the late Sam “Banana-man” Zamurray, the owner of the United Fruit Company who called in the CIA to stage the 1954 Guatemala coup against the nationalist Jacob Arbenz government. The Zamurray family foundation in New Orleans is a funder of the banana peel known as ICIJ.

That first coup by the CIA, which started the series of brutal modern interventions against Central America, was thus the most despicable of invasions and may the rotted slime forever stain ICIJ and its Panama Papers.

Targeting German Ties with ALBA and BRICS

In diametric opposition to the U.S. neocolonialism, a Latin American resurgence is being led by the ALBA regional group, inspired by anti-colonialist liberator Simon Bolivar. His vision of a democratic populist and sovereign Latin America still inspires. Is it any wonder, then, that the Panama Papers are being targeted against leaders of ALBA?

At the top of the list is Adrian Velasquez, the security chief for the presidential palace during the tenure of the late Hugo Chavez. His wife Claudia Diaz, the head of the national Treasury, is also named in the MossFon documents for a business registration in the Seychelles.

While ICIJ-related journalists scream “corruption”, there is a far more plausible explanation for the Velasquez-Diaz offshore accounts: That is to establish an alternative foreign-based payment system in event of U.S.-led economic sanctions against Venezuela, which remains a real possibility.

Another target of the Panama Paper disclosures is the former governor of Ecuador’s central bank, Pedro Delgado, a cousin of President Rafael Correa, another leader on the CIA enemy list. Some 95 Bolivian names are reportedly in possession of ICIJ, and it waits to be seen whether confidants of President Evo Morales will face an ordeal of vilification and slander.

The BRICS group of emerging economic powers, however, is the principal target of the CIA-MI6 -ASIO stooges at ICIJ, as briefly recapped here.

Brazil: Panamanian attorney Ramon Fonseca has been cited in Operation Carwash, the police investigation of graft related to contracts involving national oil producer Petrobas, for his role in drafting luxury-property sales contracts.

MossFon set up business registrations for Brazilian politicians with seven political parties. These include PMDB, the largest group in the governing coalition led by the Workers’ Party of President Dilma Rouseff.

While none of the Panama legal documents could be pinned on the Workers’ Party, the revelations against Brazilian politicians were released during legislative attempts to impeach Rousseff.

The Panama Papers were released when Brazil is being overwhelmed by the Zika epidemic (see my article on its origins in U.S. biowarfare programs at and prior to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin was selected by the Western corporate media to be the poster-boy for the ICIJ accusations of corruption, even though the offshore accounts in question belong to his childhood friend violinist Sergei Roldugin.

The latter’s accounts are based on profits from the musician’s shares in energy giants Rosneft and Gazprom. What’s interesting here is how the Western media lionize energy crook Mikhail Khordokovsky, the shady agent of the Rothschilds in the Yukos Oil affair, while tarnishing the reputation of a classical musician who invested wisely as a minor shareholder in a budding national industry.

India: Implicated in an offshore account is Vinod Adani, elder brother of industrialist Gautam Adani, a prominent member of the Gujarat state circle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Also implicated is Anurag Kejriwal of the anticorruption Loksatta Party, A whopping 500 India citizens stand accused in Panama Papers, and the explanation is simple: As a former Crown colony of the UK, tens of thousands of Indians have property businesses in Britain.

This obvious fact shows the provincial idiocy of the CIA’s copyboys at ICIJ. The U.S. government is eager to transfer nuclear reactions (in violation of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to Delhi along with weapons sales to break apart the BRICS group, and blackmailing Modi by media trial is a means to that evil goal.

China: Deng Jiagui, married to the sister of Chinese President Xi Jingping, is part of the country’s newly wealthy during past decades of spectacular economic rise. As I’ve explained in an earlier article, foreign business registrations are a necessary vehicle for making investments in China’s free trade zones and are completely legal.

Deng closed his two offshore businesses in 2011, more than a year before Xi’s selection to the presidency.

Nothing scandalous there. As for former premier Li Peng’s daughter, Li Xiaolin has been domiciled as a businesswoman in Europe for years and known to be quite an independent contemporary feminist with her own mind.

The fact that she has an HSBC account in Switzerland is meaningless for how many hundreds of thousands of foreign depositors do the same? Do all the reporters at ICIJ keep their money under a mattress? I know full well that journalists are grossly underpaid, but that’s no excuse to be stupid about banking.

South Africa: Panama Papers is yet another attempt to pull down the ruling African National Congress. Demonized by the Western media, President Joseph Zuma is a tempting target for the CIA spooks running the Panama Papers scam.

The only connection to an offshore account is through his wealthy nephew Khulubuse Zuma. It turns out, however, he is merely “associated” with an offshore account of a friend.

Eight Months of Devious Preparation

The 170-t0-300 Jimmy Olsens who combed through the Panama Papers came up with practically nothing in terms of incriminating facts. The handful of arms dealers and drug traffickers on the list are “suspected” of heinous crimes.

There is no smoking gun in the file, just 11 million distortions and exaggerations from the mouths of CIA propagandists.

ICIJ is a subproject of the Center for Public Integrity, but how much integrity is found in its list of donors, the biggest names in money laundering and social abuse?

– Open Society Foundation

– Ford Foundation, one of whose board members is Robert Kaplan with the Federal Reserve Bank of Denver

– Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Foundation, run by Goldman Sachs and Michael Sonnenfeldt, who is a trustee of the Institute for National Security Studies in Israel, former head of Businessmen for National Security and co-chair of the Joe Lieberman for President campaign.

– W.K. Kellogg Foundation, from the GMO agribusiness breakfast cereal giant

– The Rockefeller Brothers and Rockefeller Family Foundations

– and the usual suspects MacArthur, Knight and Omidyar, all CIA conduits.

What sort of media and “journalists” do these corporate execs and hedge fund moguls invite for the Panama Papers fiesta?

– the daily bad joke called Huffington Post

– The Kyiv Post, owned by Pakistani businessman Mohammad Zahoor, who has hired only Americans as editors in chief.

– Radio Free America-Azerbaijan

– Novaya Gazeta, founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, Reagan’s partner who wrecked Russia and left to San Francisco

– NoviMagazin, a Belgrade weekly which serves up a steady diet of PR from NATO

– The Washington Post, mouthpiece of the State Department and CIA

– Rustavi2, a television station founded by Mikheil Saakashvili’s United National Movement Party and now partnered with GeoMedia, “an obscure company registered in the Marshall Islands” (in the South Pacific).

–, a Venezuela website supported by Freedom House: “the websites RunRunes,, El Pitazo, and Efecto Cocuyo, all of them of marked opposition tendency and linked to the Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPyS), an organization which has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in financing from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID, and the US State Department.” (

Conclusion: One good turn deserves another. That’s not a joke, it’s a rule. It will be interesting to see how the Germans, led by a Chancellor with ice water in her veins, will parry the shot against the outgoing Obama team.

In covert operations, as in war, the best defense is a strong offense and the best offense is a deep penetration to take out command-and-control, aka a blitz. The Paper Papers affair is not at its end, the game is just beginning.


Mr. Yoichi Shimatsu, Senior Editorial Advisor for The 4th Media, former editor with the Japan Times group, is a Hong Kong-based investigative journalist who cracked the politicians behind the Tokyo subway gassing, uncovered the role of the CIA and Pentagon in bombing the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, traced the origins of West African ebola and Zika-RIDL to biological warfare labs, and tracked covert nuclear-weapons development on 12 research trips into the Fukushima exclusion zone, among many other accomplishments independently of and outside the narrow scope of the corporate media and CIA-controlled press.

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