Vladimir Putin to New World Order Agents and Satanists: Assad Is Not For Sale!

Whether New World Order agents and Satanists like it or not, the Israeli regime is an enemy of the free world. If anyone doubts this again, then Syria should be a case study, where 88.7 percent of the Syrian population supported Assad.


As Jim W. Dean would have put it, you can’t make this stuff up. John Kerry has recently met with Vladimir Putin to talk about the situation in Syria. Kerry, a New World Order agent, has obviously conceded defeat.

But he doesn’t want to give up that easily. He wants to try, and try, and try, perhaps until his last breath. He thinks that he can woo Vladimir Putin to accept the New World Order ideology in Syria. Kerry said:

Russia will have to speak itself as to what it is going to choose to do in order to help Mr Assad make the right decisions, but we agreed today that we will accelerate the effort to try to move the political process forward.”

What are the “right decisions”? Well, Kerry still envisions Syria without Assad! As one U.S. official said:

What we’re looking for, and what we’ve been looking for, for a long time is how are we going to transition away from Assad’s leadership.”

Kerry again said: “I believe that Russia is fully engaged in this effort and all of us are going to try and get President Assad to make the right decision over these next days to engage in a political process that results in a genuine transition.”

Well, why doesn’t Kerry allow the Syrian people to decide the fate of Assad?

Why doesn’t he look at the previous record and see that the vast majority of the Syrian population supported the Assad government?

Again, Assad won the last election by 88.7 percent.[1] Can Kerry think of any U.S. president who actually won an election by that figure?

You see, the New World Order agenda simply does not make any sense whatsoever. In fact, Syria is not a threat to the U.S. or to any Western society.

Obviously Kerry is a representative for the Israeli regime, which sought to remove Assad from time immemorial.[2]

Obviously Putin didn’t pay much attention to Kerry’s new mumbo jumbo. In fact, Putin has recently congratulated his soldiers for doing a great job in Syria.

Putin said that Russia has radically changed the political calculus, and the objectives had been “generally accomplished.”

In other words, Assad stays, and New World Order agents and Satanists fall.

Whatever you may think of Putin, at least he didn’t allow Satanists to destroy Syria—like they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

Two cheers for Putin.

There is a deeper issue here as well.

Whether New World Order agents and Satanists like it or not, the Israeli regime is an enemy of the free world.

If anyone doubts this again, then Syria should be a case study, where the Syrian population supported Assad. In that sense, the Israeli regime must be challenged both politically and morally.

As E. Michael Jones would put it, diabolical entities like the Israeli regime are not our enemies “because of some occult racial inheritance.”

They are our enemies because they have metaphysically and categorically rejected Logos, the essence of the moral and political order.

“This means that Jews to the extent that they accept, honor and revere Logos, are not our enemies. There are Jews who accept Logos fully by accepting baptism, and there are Jews who accept it in some lesser capacity by their docility to the truth. We all know Jews like this, and they should not be excluded from our fellowship, especially since many of them have suffered at the hands of ‘the Jews’ themselves.”[3]

I can think of Brother Nathanael Kapner, Henry Makow, Norman Finkelstein, Shlomo Sand, Philip Weiss, Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Mortimer Adler, Gerard Menuhin, David Berlinski, etc. We hope that more will accept the moral and political order and will challenge Israeli regime itself.

Jonas E. Alexis, VT


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[2] “’Israel wanted Assad gone since start of Syria civil war,’” Jerusalem Post, September 17, 2013; “Israel wants Syria’s Assad ‘gone,’” PBS, September 17, 2013; “Israeli defense official: ‘Syria is gone,’” Business Insider, June 30, 2015.

[3] E. Michael Jones, The Catholic Church and the Jews (South Bend: Fidelity Press, 2015), kindle edition.

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  1. UN or US, both should be removed from planet earth as far as I am concerned. We don’t need “leaders” that cannot tell the truth, continue to deceive, and have committed Treason against their own people’s! Get rid of the whores, that’s all they are!
    If Russia does not turn the West to smoke, the West will turn Russia to smoke!

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