The Crash, Coming into Focus, Hebdo and Much More


To understand events like the crash that killed 224 Russian citizens in Sinai, there are so many misconceptions that have to be addressed. Whatever confusion, betrayal or suffering needs to be addressed, and all three are there in spades, the “Charlie” cartoons, obnoxious and hateful, will be addressed first.

Veterans Today is a clearing house for intelligence leaks from a number of countries, the US certainly but two dozen others as well. We are thankful that there are so many out there who get us the truth and more thankful that they represent factions of those who still value honor and decency and are seldom “lone wolf” whistleblowers, driven by scarred psyche’s and bizarre personal agendas.

That being said, I continue here down a very slippery slope but not alone, backed by my friends in the US, Russia and around the world. If there is reason for hope, and on many days finding reason for hope is almost impossible, this may well be it. It is for me, certainly.

We are addressing the attack on Russia, which is what we are terming the downing of a civilian airliner. It was a personal attack on President Putin, by my estimation, and we will get to this and those responsible but first we will address “Charlie” Hebdo after their “cartoon attack” tied to the crash.

The January 7, 2015 “attack” on “Charlie” was not what it seemed. Veterans Today, with its extensive Paris based news organization, was able to track down several leads while VT editor Kevin Barrett and penned the “medium best seller, “We are NOT Charlie, Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.”

“Charlie” was as much a test of international levels of ignorance as anything else.

In order to confirm or debunk any incident, it is only necessary to attack the weakest link. With the “Charlie” shootings, we had a high quality video of two terrorists supposedly killing a French police officer with assault rifles.

Doing a frame by frame analysis and ballistic tests, which included blood spatter analysis, we conclusively proved that the video showed terrorists firing blanks and that this one episode was staged by actors.

I did the impact analysis myself and, while doing comparisons, where the French scene had powerful and highly penetrating assault rifle cartridges blowing puffs of dust, when reenacted with real bullets baseball sized pieces of concrete blew out of the pavement.

The video showed nothing of the kind, quite the opposite, a childishly staged piece of street theatre “on the cheap.”

We don’t even want to begin talking about what happens when you shoot someone in the head while they are laying on a sidewalk. John Kennedy’s head was supposedly “exploded” by a single low power 6.5mm rifle cartridge.

The 7.62mm from an AK47 combined with a powerful muzzle blast from inches away totally obliterates a human head, much less as in the “Charlie” staged video which was both blood and injury free.

There were also no appropriate muzzle blasts or recoil and muzzle rise. The blanks had to have been loaded with almost no powder at all, in weapons with barrels heavily crimped to protect the actors and provide backpressure to allow auto-reloading. We tested that too.

My own estimation is that a movie “prop department” was used.

Real world analysis; blood and brains would be stuck to everything within 15 feet with a high likelihood that pieces of skull would, on their own, have wounded or killed the imaginary terrorists.

The staged obscenity that brought Netanyahu to Paris to shove his way to the front of a funeral cortege was just another political game, like so many.

I am not an “activist” with an agenda. I simply use forensic training to critique the childish exercises of intelligence agencies who stage such events for a controlled press.

Thus, when “Charlie” tries to anger and humiliate the Russian people by publishing its current “usual obscenity,” more an insult to the fine French people than anything else, we ask why. Now we look at the downing of the Russian plane.

VT personnel know the Sinai well. VT editor Jeff Smith was there with the UN for some years and has furnished us with his personal photo album of tents, sand and helicopter rides.

The first thing VT did was look at the video supplied by those claiming to be ISIS. Backtracking the position using analytical tools,, we quickly found an abandoned Wadi on the flight path which tracked back to a single road, straight to an Egyptian port with a ferry to Jordan.

We also found the placement of the video team as conclusive evidence that the explosive device as controlled by far more than a simple timer. It was likely triggered through satellite communications. Who can do that?

We also found that the video equipment was relatively sophisticated but the video was downgraded to appear as done by an Apple mobile phone. Who does that as well?

We were told that Saudi and Egyptian intelligence used two teams, one planting the bomb at Sharm al Sheikh while the other, further north, infiltrated Sinai from Jordan and did the video pretending to be “ISIS.”

Some of this story was verified when we examined the best evidence, the Al Jazeera story, a fabrication about an imaginary radio call and planned landing in Cairo. Jeff Smith pointed out that there is a UN airfield with sufficient runway for an A321, known to all pilots, very close by in Sinai.

Al Jazeera claimed to have an Egyptian source for their story, later proven to have been fabricated. There was no source. We concluded that Al Jazeera was part and parcel to the staged terror act, a hypothesis based on our long experience with that organization and its relationship to Qatari and Saudi intelligence services.

Al Jazeera is an intelligence front, continually planting “seeded material” created by intelligence agencies the same way Wikileaks does, as was pointed out in December 2010 in an interview on National Public Radio with Zbiginew Brzezinski.

To create context, I will run the clock back to 9/11. Though most find discussions of this event tiresome, we will put minds to rest. We will take a very short look at one incident on that day, as we did with “Charlie” and make our case.

At that time, the most famous journalist in the world was Dan Rather, evening anchor on CBS News, inheritor to the “throne” as it were, of Walter Kronkite.

On 9/11, Rather reported that a moving van filled with explosives was stopped by New Jersey State Police on the George Washington Bridge. There, two individuals were arrested, found to be “Israeli art students,” who were heavily armed. Quoting Rather, “the van contained enough explosives to bring down the bridge.”

Two other such vans were stopped in Manhattan and other arrests were made as well but were not reported on national television. All those arrested were Israeli, with over 200 Israelis arrested tied to 9/11 according to high level sources.

CNN carried the same report as CBS and Rather, which has been removed from YouTube many times but still exists, republished on VT last week. Rather, today, has no memory of making the broadcast.

We also have surveillance logs showing these same “art students” meeting in Fort Lee, New Jersey, near the bridge, with a Saudi intelligence officer named Mohammed Atta, cited as the mastermind of 9/11. We end our vignette here, assume what you will.

“Art students” were also arrested recovering radio jamming equipment placed on high rise residential buildings in Fort Lee, New Jersey. We only mention this to show the scope of events of this kind and to what degree denial, deception and deceit can influence events.

Now we address what we have been told about the crash. Our initial assumption was that Saudi Arabia with or without their supposedly “new found friends,” the Israelis had done this to humiliate Russia and push President Putin into an act of reprisal that would bring the US and Russia to war.

Using only sources from intelligence agencies, we were then informed that Russia was under the assumption that Saudi intelligence and their paid operatives within Egyptian intelligence were responsible. It’s been stated that:  “Half the Egyptians work for Israel, the other half for Saudi Arabia anyway, Egypt has no security services, only paid foreign spies.”

Where does this leave us? If Putin openly attacks the obvious culprits, the Saudis, as if it was ISIS, everyone will assume Saudi Arabia directed them. Then, of course, there is no evidence that ISIS can penetrate airport security.

Usually such things are done by Israel, as Israeli companies tied to the Mossad work in almost every airport and Israel produces phony passports for assassins the way a potato factory turns out crisps.

If Russia fails to act openly, the Russian people will feel weakened and humiliated. If Russia acts openly, Putin will have allowed himself to be maneuvered.

This is why this was done, always a “plan within a plan” as with “Charlie” or “9/11,” game theory using press assets and the childish narrative that only the most ignorant of the public and the political puppets who pretend to be world leaders openly accept.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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