The blackbox supposedly recorded the sound of an explosion and absolutely no abnormality up until the explosion; so it is unclear as to whether earlier reports of rapid altitude variations is at all true or, if true, why or how; since more recent reports of the blackbox recordings indicate absolutely no abnormality up until the sound of an explosion.

This is more suggestive than ever of a combined aircraft tracking and missile laser guidance by NATO SAT in compliment with a Starburst/Starstreak SAM.

According to reports that I have checked and feel intuitive and deductive reason to trust on the specific matter, two CIA operatives working through a shell company contracted by the UN were identified as being associated with the K9268 attack operation and have been successfully extracted to Russia for detention and interrogation.

SHELL GAME seems to be the operative term in relation to the K9268 explosion and Operation Blue Skies War Game aside from Scott Bennett’s similarly titled general expose of CIA funding of ISIL and the Bilderberg, BG, Carlyle, Vanguard Shell Game of 911 that Wayne Madsen has recently been re-investigating.

It seems very probable then that the CIA, through Saudi Arabia and Yemeni routes, supplied the Starburst/Starstreak SAM sequestered from US bases in Kuwait, original purchasing by Kuwait Army fro British manufacturer.

Pre-scripted reports to promote the idea of a bomb planted by ISIL devised to avert public scrutiny of SIS/CIA/Israeli/Saudi orchestration and to justify general police state and aviation restriction insistence and “ground troop invasion of Syri” to even further fund, equip and direct ISIL for Syrian takeover and regime change by NATO (on behalf of the Khazarian “State” of Israel?) and progress of a general Cold War WW3 geopolitical environment for Project Bluebeam (as per the more covert intent of Operation Blue Skies).

Such operations are very strict about “laundering” origins and transfer routes of weapons provisions and extremely selective of actual operatives for major covert assaults and implement division of labour co-ordination of complimentary elements as much as possible so as to hide the overall operation and to maintain deceit against their own military forces for them to believe they are fighting justly rather than criminally.

Inasmuch, I suspect that the combined IDF/US NATO Operation Blue Skies war games provided the SDI SAT tracking and guidance systems used to target the K9268 flight as one amoung many generally tracked and “pretend SAM” guided as official “tests” of tracking and missile laser guidance systems without associated officers knowing that a LIVE SAM would be fired to implement said tracking and missile laser guidance; as is similar with various “war games” and “military drills” that have previously been associated with false flag terrorism incidents.

I also suspect that either IDF/US NATO Special Forces associated with Operation Blue Skies or Vanguard Group’s Blackwater/Xe/Craft/Academi Mercenaries fired the Starburst/Starstreak SAM rather than actual ISIL false flag terrorism subsiduary soldiers/mercenaries.


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