1. Karl Marx’s “The Jewish Problem” explains there is no social or political solution for one race on the planet claiming they are “the chosen people” of God, and they own “the promised space” which is given them by God.

“The Jewish Problem” in the United States rules the hearts and minds of Americans, and that is the first reason why the United States committed such a miscalculated crime at the beginning of the century a decade after the failure of the Eastern Bloc and communism.

The Zionists had mastered the propaganda tactics in Hollywood with the help of the stolen knowledge from German people long before the 9/11 was designed.

False Flags and terror tactics had been mastered by Zionists since the establishment of Israel in the Middle East long before they started to take critical positions in the United States government and in American society.

They are ready to play “Beanie Meanie Bernie Mo” in the near future to herd their flock. Free college education for all Americans will be enjoyed mainly by Zionists as they are the dominant group in the academia.

2. Zionist bankers have a quadrillion dollar interest in keeping the dollar afloat. Bombing the countries which are against using the dollar in oil trade gives them the opportunity to back their derived assets and wealth. It also gives them the opportunity to help Israel colonize the Middle East.

It is always useful to take out the countries which use their resources for their own people instead of turning their countries and peoples into slaves for the Western Empire ruled by Zionist bankers.

3. Cooperation of Rising East and the Middle East would lead to developed and independent countries in the Middle East. It would make Asia very powerful and resource rich.

This would lead to developed Africa as well. This is not desired. Cutting the line between China and oil resources would prevent such a future. It is better to destroy the Middle East, cut the resources of China, and recolonize Africa.

4. It is better to start WWIII with a carefully engineered, and almost perfectly designed false flag event, and take it as far as it goes with covert and overt intelligence and military operation and start the big war only after all of these options are exhausted.

It can always be finished by using nuclear weapons in the Middle East to destroy and colonize Muslim countries of the Middle East, to scare Rising Asia into submission again, and to open the way to “the promised space”.

5. ISIS as a creation of the Western Intelligence Agencies, is a controlled, steered, managed and staged movie to prepare hearts and minds of the masses for such a tragic end of the movie.

It is designed to convince audience for colonization of the Middle East, to scare Asia into submission, and to control the world. Who is the director of this movie? I hope it is not Steven Spielberg.


Mr. Atalay Osmanoglu holds Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology degrees.

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