Vladimir Putin : NATO ALREADY SUPPLYING WEAPONS to Ukraine Which Was ALREADY DEFEATED by Novorossia

For a video presentation by President Putin on the Ukrainian situation:



Please find below two subtitled videos and transcripts of two interventions of Vladimir Putin about NATO’s involvment and crushing defeat in Ukraine. They are taken from the Kremlin’s website.

Vladimir Putin : NATO already supplying weapons to Ukraine, Kiev junta defeated by Novorossia (ENG SUB)

Vladimir Putin : NATO legions are already fighting in Ukraine (ENG SUB)

In these two extracts, Putin explicitly denounces the NATO military presence in Ukraine and its involvement alongside Kievboth in men and armaments. Despite this, the People’s Resistance of Novorossia, supported by Russia, defeated decisivelyUkrainian forces. The crisis in Ukraine, shaped entirely by the US and Europe to weaken Russia, ends up in a dramatic victoryfor Moscow and Vladimir Putin.

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