US Ukraine Policy Reaching Dead End

The world attention is focused on the prowess of the resistance fighters who effectively beat off the attacks of chasteners and mercenaries against the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. It gets US Ukraine policy plans stymied. The Odessa massacre and the following crimes committed by Kiev-based regime in Donbass inspired the people of the Ukraine’s eastern regions in their resolve to fight back.

It’s not a group of activists opposing the interim government but rather a movement supported by the majority of population. The United States has lost moral ground to call them separatists. It would not be an exaggeration to say this is an emergency situation that needs re-assessment of approaches.

The hopes Kiev cherishes for rapprochement with the United States are in vain. The US policy is aimed at creating smoldering conflicts in Eurasia in order to destabilize Russia. Ukraine is a link in the chain and the preparations for making it a hotbed have been taking place for dozens of years. Washington has become a sponsor of putschists’ regime to strengthen its presence on the Dnieper shores.

Americans do their best to aggravate the things pushing the Ukrainian state to total collapse.

Around 90 percent of the population supported the political independence of Donbass at the referendums recently held simultaneously in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The results show that in fact Ukraine is a divided country. The people in the Ukraine’s south-east don’t want to live according to the rules established by overseas sponsors. It will never recognize the rule of US puppets in Kiev.

The United States hopes to solve all the problems by holding the presidential election as early as possible though none of the candidates are able to unite Ukraine. The people of the country don’t live by the same laws anymore; they have different vision of the country’s future and don’t want to live together. No election can legalize the provisional regime based in Kiev.

Neither the mercenaries of private military providers, nor another package of sanctions against Russia will help the United States to put down the fire in Ukraine. The pictures of John McCain and Victoria Nuland taken as they stand side by side with Ukrainian fascists opposed by the people of Donbass pour more fuel on the flame of people’s indignation.

John Brennan, the CIA director, says his agency cooperates with Ukrainian counterparts to make Ukraine stable again. Who are these fighters for new Ukraine? There are hordes of CIA stooges and Roman Kupchinsky is one of them. He has headed Radio Liberty – Radio Free Europe for many years. His father- Roman Kupchinsky, senior, has closely cooperated with the Heinrich Himmler’s SD to train personnel in subversive activities on the Soviet territory.

His next of kin served in the division Galichina SS division that was involved in massacres of civilians in the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. In 1949 the Kupchinsky family found refuge in the United States. In early 1980s Roman Kupchinsky worked for the CIA in Afghanistan coordinating the activities of mujahedeen fighting Soviet troops. He had relation to creating Al Qaeda and coordination of terrorist activities around the world.

This kind of people are responsible for keeping up ties with Ukrainian Neo-Nazi fighting the people of Ukraine’s south-east. Back in history Americans helped Hitler come to power so that he could become a striking force targeted against Russia. We all know what it resulted in. Now the United States is repeating one mistake after another in Ukraine.

The main target is Russia and the emerging Ukrainian nationalism is the weapon. Now Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of Pravy Sector, is a presidential candidate. The man has close ties with Valentin Nalivaichenko, the head of Ukraine’s Security Service, who has worked for the CIA, and Andrei Parubiy, the head of the National Security Council, suspected of being involved in Maidan shootings in February.

The fact that Pravy Sector formations became part of the Ukraine’s recently formed National Guard providing access to heavy weapons and aviation made Yarosh a key figure among the regime’s ranks. As a presidential candidate Yarosh promises to fight Russian «imperialism», regional «separatism» and make Ukraine a nuclear state.

The events in Ukraine are an action of intimidation staged by US special services. The whole regions are terrorized. If the process is not stopped it would continue after the May 25 election to match CIA planned scenario. The target to strike is Russia but it affects the leading countries of the European Union. It’s all done in the name of US «exceptionalism» and the belief in America’s greatness. This archaic faith in its outstanding role in the multipolar world leads the United States into the Ukrainian dead end…



Nikolai BOBKIN | Strategic Culture Foundation


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