Germany Joins Efforts to Frame Syria on Non-compliance to JUSTIFY US Invasion

The German government of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German opposition have joined the U.K., in what analysts assess as a concerted international effort to frame Syria on the grounds of non-compliance with Syria´s voluntary decision to put its chemical weapons under international control and to provide a full inventory of its chemical weapons and related stockpiles of chemicals as well as facilities.

The effort began in the U.K., shortly after the U.K. Parliament voted against participation in U.S.-led military strikes against Syria without approval from the UN Security Council and in violation of international law and riled out a second vote on the issue.

Not long after the parliaments definitive “no” to British participation and the decision of Syria acceed the convention against chemical weapons, the British newspaper The Daily Star published an article which created a heated debate about the delivery of dual-use chemicals, including sodium fluoride, which can be used in the production of the nerve agent Sarin.

In a report from 16 September, nsnbc international detailed,how the debate in the U.K. is creating the impression among the British public, that “Assad is buying chemicals through front companies” , and the impression that there are uncertainties about which chemicals were exported from the U.K. to Syria, when and in which quantities.The chemicals in question are primarily so-called dual-use chemicals such as sodium fluoride, which, among others is used in the manufacturing of fluorized toothpastes.

Germany has now joined the effort of potentially framing the Syrian government for possible non-compliance and the effort to create the impression among the German public, that “the Assad Regime” may hide secret stockpiles of chemicals, violates its obligation to provide a full inventory, and thus “invites military action”.

On Wednesday, the German government published a document which specifies that Germany has exported 111 tonnes of chemicals which “could be used in the production of sarin gas to Syria between 2002 and 2006″.

Members of the opposition had implied that the German government of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany inadvertently may have contributed to the chemical weapons attack in East Ghouta, near Damascus on 21 August 2013.

The government rejects the accusations. The debate however, which is disseminated via German corporate and state controlled TV and Radio channels as well as mainstream German newspapers, is aimed at creating a specific impression among Germans, namely:

-that the “Assad Regime” may be non-compliant with its obligation to deliver a full inventory;

-that the “Assad Regime” may be secretly continuing a chemical weapons program;

-that the “Assad Regime” uses toothpaste production as “cover for secret weapons programs”;

-that a military solution is the only possible way to secure that the “Assad Regime does not murder Syrian civilians with       Sarin gas again”;

-that the “Assad Regime” has been found guilty of having used Sarin against Syrian civilians, while in fact all available evidence, including the much criticized UN inspector´s report prove beyond reasonable doubt that Sarin and other chemicals have been used by the foreign-backed “opposition” for months, and that the civilian and military intelligence agencies of the USA, UK, Turkey, Libya and Saudi Arabia have played an active role in providing chemical weapons capabilities for the “opposition”.

The dual-use chemicals in question in Germany are sodium fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and ammonium fluoride. Under E.U. laws, dual-use substances which can be used for civilian and military purposes, require special export permits.

The German government claims that the permits for the export of these substances to Syria were granted after careful consideration of all possible risks, including the “misuse or transfer into chemical weapons use”, and that in all cases “their planned civil use was considered to be plausible”.

Germany´s Chancellor, Angela Merkel said to the state-owned German TV Channel ARD: “We are of course looking into all allegations on this but from what we can see so far the export license was for civil use.”



In a move designed to paralyze the German left and with it the German peace movement, the foreign affairs spokesman of the German left party Die Linke, condemned the sale of the chemicals, which are used in the production of toothpaste, saying: “the whole world knew had a huge chemical weapons program. We cannot be sure then whether Germany is not also culpable for the deadly sarin attack in Damascus on Aug. 21″.

Besides creating the impression that “The Assad Regime” may have used the German chemicals in the production of chemical weapons through “front companies”, both the political left and right in the German parliament disseminate the information, that the recent UN report clarifies that the “Syrian Regime” has used chemical weapons.

Russia vehemently rejects such claims and has put forward evidence to prove that the opposition has been using chemicals and chemical weapons for months. The UN report has been widely criticized for being ambiguous and lacking appropriate documentation. 

A recent nsnbc report from 17 September details the criticism and criticizing the report as ambiguous and dangerous, leaving room for political speculation. 

The heated debate in Germany is a result of this room for political interpretation and is setting the Syria crisis on a course that, according to many conflict experts, bears a dangerous resemblance to the US and UK effort of railroading the west into accepting an illegal war on Iraq.

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