Murder, Inc. Strikes Again! U.S. Kills Another 14 People In Yemen

At least 14 suspected al-Qaeda militants have been killed in Yemen in three drone strikes presumed carried out by the US. Since July 27, the US has murdered 34 people, according to an Associated Press count provided by Yemeni security officials.

Thursday’s first reported drone attack hit a car carrying the suspected militants in the district of Wadi Ubaidah, about 175km (109 miles) east of Sana’a.

Badly burned bodies lay beside their vehicle, according to the official.

Five of the dead were Yemenis, while the sixth was believed to be of another Arab nationality, he said.

The latest drone strikes were reported by the Yemen Post, among other media, which took note of the growing public alarm over the rockets fired from unmanned aircraft.

By ICH and Agencies

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