Egyptian Dictator and Israel Declare Mutual Love: Unarmed Egyptian Protester Confronts Tank and is Killed

Chilling pictures are being published on the ongoing violent events in Egypt. The scariest one is reproduced next to this paragraph. It is a snapshot from the Egyptian television taken yesterday; it shows General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi. For the fist time in that media, it shows a message in English. It reads “Egypt Fighting Terrorism” in the colors of the Egyptian flag.


General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi

General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi
August 18, 2013, Egyptian television
“Egypt Fighting Terrorism” says the Dictator
Fascism and Big Business


It illustrates the infiltration-depth of Western-propaganda. After all, on 3 July 2013, the enlightened USA-educated general, true promoter of democracy and selfless protector of the people, had violently removed President Mohamed Morsi and suspended the Egyptian constitution.

He removed a democratically elected president and declared the people attempting to protect democracy “terrorists.” Yet, he forgot to blame al-Qaeda; probably the CIA will fine him for this embarrassing overlook.

August Violence in Egypt


Egyptian Security Forces Fighting Democracy

Egyptian Security Forces Fighting Democracy
Goebbels on the Power of Propaganda


Following the military attack on Democracy last month, things were surprisingly quiet. It wasn’t peaceful, but the people were not protesting their rape by the State as forcefully as one would expect.

Maybe they were expecting the army to return to its senses and release President Mohamed Morsi.

When hope for the restoration of the legitimate regime was lost, people started opposing their violation by the army.

On Wednesday, August 14, the army acknowledged to have killed at least 638 people while it shut down pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo. Pro-Morsi supporters claim that the number of casualties is substantially higher.

On August 15, the police authorized the use of live fire to protect government buildings.

After Friday’s prayers, on August 16, at least 173 people were killed in the surroundings of Cairo’s Ramses Square, during a “day of anger” over Wednesday’s army operation.

On August 17, the army cleared the al-Fath mosque in Cairo, which was a pro-Morsi base and hospital.

On Sunday, 36 Islamist prisoners inexplicably died of tear gas inhalation while they were transported to a prison outside Cairo.

On Monday, there is still not-completely confirmed report that 25 policemen were killed in Sinai as retaliation to Sunday’s killings. The image below belongs to that event.

On the same day, reliable reports that the army-controlled Supreme Court is about to release from prison the Last Pharao, former dictator Mubarak, who was found guilty of the mass murders that preceded his ousting. This is likely to spark massive protests.



Unarmed Egyptian Protester Confronts Tank and is Killed

Unarmed Egyptian Protester Confronts Tank and is Killed
General al-Sisi, can you please tell us who is the terrorist in the picture?


“I love you, we are both real Democrats!” 

The English message in picture opening this article is part of an Egyptian PR offensive aimed at the Western public. Supporting this claim is the fact that Egyptian authorities have started holding news conferences in English and Arabic. Another television channel—private station ON TV—started to provide subtitled English translations of news broadcasts. Both State-station and private one broadcast exclusively pro-army material. Oh, the majestic beauty of unspoiled democracy!


Execution in Sinai

Execution in Sinai, Aug. 18
from a still unconfirmed event at the time of publication


On August 19, Russia’s Arabic-language TV channel Russia Al-Youm broadcast an interview with Egypt’s interim president’s advisor Mustafa Hijazi. He said “it is natural for Israel to monitor events in a neighboring country, as one that wants to make sure there is no spillover [of violence].”

“It’s in the entire region’s interest,” he added in an unprecedented statement; more often than not, these two countries treat each other as pariahs; “cool peace” is this called in Israel.

Lately, Egypt is closely cooperating with the IDF. Both armies are attempting to deal with the Bedouin insurrection in the area, to the extent that on August 8, an Israeli killer-drone was recently used on Egyptian ground (Israeli Drone Bombs Egypt).

The AP news agency had quoted two senior Egyptian defense sources claiming that the Israeli airstrike had been coordinated with the Egyptian authorities.

Dr. Ahmed Aref—Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman—published a statement saying there was ongoing attempts within the army to redefine “enemy” in a bid to turn the army’s power inward. “We hear about the crimes of the Zionist enemy along our borders as well as an infiltration of our borders and the killing of Egyptians,” he said.

Israel displays a similarly touching love to its neighbor. On August 19, the Jerusalem Post quoted an Israeli official’s+ message to the USA and Europe. “The name of the game right now is not democracy, the name of the game is that there needs to be a functioning state. After you put Egypt back on track, then talk about restarting the democratic process there.”

This was an attempt to stop European talks about detaining the EU multi-billion help to Egypt, the EU announced on Sunday that it would hold an urgent meeting to reevaluate ties with Cairo following the military’s bloody clampdown last week on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The USA is unlikely to condemn the Egyptian army. Central USA interests in the area are an open Suez Canal, open airspace for American logistical flights and preservation of the peace with Israel. The USA Army enjoys free use of the canal.

“If you dismiss that actor [Egyptian Army], Egypt goes the way of Syria, Tunisia and Libya,” the official was also quoted.

On Sunday, the New York Times claimed that Israel is planning to intensify its diplomatic campaign for the military dictatorship in Egypt, urging Europe and the United States to support it.

“Egypt Fighting Terrorism” the screen was entitled. Below the unholy scripture, a general was justifying his attack on democracy. Look at the nearest mirror, General Sisi, as your supporters nickname you, and answer one simple question: “Who is the terrorist?”


Great Dictator

Mocking General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, Great Dictator by Grace of the War on Terror Idol





+ Given the circumstances and Hebrew-media codes, one would guess that the unnamed official is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. These days the post is temporarily occupied by Prime Minister Netanyahu.


Mr. Tov Roy is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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