From Bilderberg to Google-Berg: The Technocratic Restructuring of the Global Elite



World events are showing more and more clearly that the most important goals of the world elite are the total restructuring of human consciousness and even changing the essence of humans. In fact, this is both the end and the means of building a «new world order». The last meeting of the Bilderberg Group, which took place on June 6-9, 2013 at the Grove Hotel in a London suburb, was especially telling in this regard…

Information about where the meeting was to take place, what was on its agenda and who was going to participate was available long before the meeting, both in alternative and official media. For example, the newspaper The Telegraph wrote about this in an article called «Bilderberg Group?

No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world». And in the next issue, in the article «Bilderberg Group 2013: guest list and agenda», The Telegraph presented the issues which were to be discussed at the meeting.

Among them are unemployment in the U.S. and Europe, nationalism and populism, politics of the European Union, developments in the Middle East, Africa’s challenges, cyber warfare and the proliferation of asymmetric threats, major trends in medical research, and the promise and impacts of online education.

An insider source for the alternative site gave more detailed information on the agenda, stating that two groups of issues will be discussed at the meeting. The first deals with economic problems: increasing the powers of central banks under the guise of «bank reforms», bailing out banks to support the euro and preserve the eurozone, creating more effective tax collection systems, not allowing Britain to leave the European Union, diffusing austerity induced social protests, minimal economic growth in 2013, and concentrating the populations wealth in the hands of corporations and the superwealthy elite.



The second group of issues is more extensive and touches on problems of military, political and psychological control: attacking nuclear sites in Iran if it does not curtail its programs within three years, prolonging the war in Syria by arming the opposition, the threat of a worldwide pandemic (considering that Bilderberg laboratories are working on spreading viruses), controlling 3D printing, state control of the Internet to achieve «cyber resilience», control over dissemination of information through a «Ministry of Truth» (an old idea of Bill Clinton’s), and creating «smart cities» capable of observing all aspects of the life and behavior of the populace, that is, creating a system of total surveillance.

To accomplish such tasks, the technocratic sphere must be restructured quickly, which is happening before our eyes. As authors Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones have noted, the Bilderberg group, like other shadow organizations, has entered a period of serious transformation; it has forged a union with Google under the control of its executive chairman, Eric Emerson Schmidt (1), who regularly participates in the group’s meetings.

The location of the group’s meeting at the Grove Hotel was chosen for a reason. It is here that, beginning in 2007, the yearly Google conferences known as Google Zeitgeist («Google Spirit of the Time») take place, at which billions of system user queries are analyzed and the system’s activities are summed up. This year the Google conference took place literally a few days before the Bilderberg meeting.



So today the British Grove Hotel is a «home base» for developing Google’s agenda in the field of world technological politics. And it is this company, which the London Independent described as a «cuddlier» version of the Bilderberg Group, which is implementing a real technocratic restructuring. Around 400 delegates gather at its conferences each year to discuss key topics in world politics and culture and to develop plans for actions aimed at preventing a «backlash against globalization» (2).

Among them are key media figures, politicians and up-and-coming stars. This year Goldman Sachs expert Jim O’Neil, Bill Clinton and singer Annie Lennox attended the conference. Here, in particular, it was noted that over the past year the company’s revenues increased by 60%, or 2.89 billion dollars.

Google Zeitgeist is a more effective form of government. While the Bilderbergs have a reputation as conspirators, Google can control things openly, since that is presupposed by its very function as a provider of information services. That is, under the guise of a democratic and even philanthropic company is a totalitarian organizationwhich independent journalists have already named «Google-Berg» («Bilderberg is…being recast as Google-Berg»).

Google has turned out to be a highly convenient way to mask the operation of intelligence agencies. As the same independent investigators found (3), the main organizers of the «Arab Spring», which took the form of civil disturbances, were recruited by Google and attended Zeitgeist conferences at the Grove.

It’s well documented, for example, that the man responsible for kick-starting the “revolution” in Egypt, which led to the installation of a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship, was Google’s head of marketing in the Middle East and Northern Africa, Egyptian Wael Ghonim. Eric Schmidt says he is proud of what Ghonim did, and emphasizes that the use of Facebook, Twitter and Internet tools to spark protests in Egypt is «a good example of transparency» (4)

Google is exerting increasing influence on the American and British governments. This is made easier by the fact that Eric Schmidt is a member of the U.S. President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, heads the non-profit New America Foundation, and was an advisor and sponsor in Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. He was even offered the post of U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

In Great Britain, Google representatives have met no less than 23 times with Conservative Party officials since the general election in 2010. David Cameron spoke at the Zeitgeist conference in 2006, four years before he became Prime Minister. British Chancellor George Osborne, Prince Charles, and many other influential people have also attended the Google conferences.



Google has gotten its hands on Russia as well; Eric Schmidt is a member of the board of directors of Skolkovo, although for some reason some experts consider this a «neutral factor» (5)

Ties between Google and the Bilderberg Group are becoming closer and closer. The media compare the company’s authority and its conferences with the Davos forum. The Google Zeitgeist conferences gather those who are considered to be capable of «shaping the global future».

The company itself is positioning itself to become a force more powerful than governments in controlling and monitoring people’s behavior, as they did in Egypt and Tunisia. And Google’s interference in the internal affairs of European countries has become so active that even the European Commission recently made an inquiry into its abuse of its dominant position on the information services market.

The head of Google himself has never hidden his ambition to totally control society; he has talked about it many times in his speeches, emphasizing thatprivacy is a relic of the past and that he plans to turn Google into the ultimate Big Brother that makes George Orwell’s 1984 look like a children’s fairy tale.

In one of his speeches Eric Schmidt stated: «We don’t need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about. I actually think most people don’t want Google to answer their questions […] They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next… We know everything you’re doing and the government can track you. We will know your position down to the foot and down to the inch over time…Your car will drive itself, it’s a bug that cars were invented before computers…you’re never lonely…you’re never bored…» (6)

Information technology, according to Schmidt, are radically changing education, the way business works, the character of the media, and the status of intellectual property. They are changing man himself, who is practically merging with the computer, turning into a bionic man.

As Schmidt says, «we’re going to go from the sort of command-and-control interfaces where you tell the computer, like a dog, ‘Bark,’ to a situation where the computer becomes much more of a friend. And, a friend in the sense that the computer says, “Well, we kind of know what you care about».

And again, you’ve given it permission to do this. And it says, «Well, maybe you should do this,” or, «Maybe you should do that». And the ultimate model is that the computer does what it does well, which is these complicated, analytical needle-in-a-haystack problems, and has perfect memory. And humans do what we do well, which is judgment, and having fun, and thinking about things. The relationship is symbiotic.» (7)

What Eric Schmidt is advocating is called transhumanism, which is a mindset which assumes that it is possible and desirable to fundamentally change the species homo sapiens using advanced technologies in order to create a «posthuman». This concept was first used in the work Religion without Revelation by biologist and evolutionist Julian Huxley, called the «Maltus of the 20th century».

For him transhumanism became a new ideology and even a new «faith for Mankind». And that is what it is for modern «prophets» who offer ways to reconstruct man, turning him into a manageable and obedient biorobot. A mass of such biorobots is to replace modern humanity.

We see that the elite’s methods of government are undergoing changes which allow them to transition from a covert to an overt level of governance. Under these circumstances the significance of summits, conferences and secret negotiations changes as well. This was demonstrated by the last meeting of the Bilderberg Group, which can be described as «anticonspirological».

The fight is being taken to a new level, the level of an informational and spiritual confrontation which presents humanity with the choice between the anticivilization of unpeople and the civilization of people created in the image and likeness of God.


Olga CHETVERIKOVA | Strategic Culture Foundation



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