“Chinese General Says DPRK (aka, ‘North Korea’) Has Right to Possess Nuclear Power”



An active duty general from the People’s Liberation Army of China insisted North Korea should retain nuclear weapons for self-protection, according to a broadcast from Voice of America (VOA) on July 15.

Deputy executive of China Strategy Culture Promotion Association Major General Luo Yuan gave a lecture at the All-China Journalists Association about North Korea on July 4.

He said North Korea has a right to nuclear arms because the U.S. does not provide them with a nuclear umbrella.

He emphasized that South Korea and Japan are under the nuclear umbrella of the U.S. and North Korea simply has nuclear weapons to protect itself.

He further explained at least one out of three conditions must be met if the North were to give up their nuclear arsenal.



First, the U.S. must offer North Korea a nuclear umbrella, or remove them from South Korea and Japan so that the region would be on equal footing on the nuclear issue.

Second, starting with the U.S., the international community must supply energy to North Korea.

Last, the international community must recognize North Korea as a fellow member of the community.

The major general also hopes the U.S. will withdraw their remarks about North Korea as a rogue state and a proliferator of terror.

Major General Luo also claimed, “Nearly 10,000 artilleries are aimed at Seoul, and if North Korea went on the offensive, Seoul would be an ocean of fire.”


By Isaac Kim,  http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/world/2013/07/182_139374.html

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