A Good Black Govels on All Fours at the Jewish Altar: “US President as Israel’s US Governor”

“Before there were good blacks, there were model Negroes. And before there were model Negroes, there were Head Negroes in charge (HNIC).

A Head Negro In Charge has its origins in the American slavery where white plantation boss (Ole Massa) handpicked a Negro to lead and watch the field slaves: these contemptible creatures (a sellout) have many sobriquets… Uncle Tom, hat-in-hand Negro, bootlicking Negro, yessa massa Negro, howdy boss Negro, Aunty Jemima.

A Model Negro has a defining trait of mild-mannered “Tom” and civilized servant of early era: when he is insulted or badgered, he stands and takes it with less anger.

Sidney Poitier on the silver screen and Jackie Robinson on the ballpark were good example for this group of Negroes in the 60s.

A Good Black does not look or sound typically black in the first place… that is, he or she is “non-black” in appearance (read lighter or fair-skinned) and speaks a dialect white people are familiar with. In other words, a Good Black ain’t that black generally.

Unlike “uppity niggers” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Cornel West, and “pet niggers” like Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, who all display a dark-skinned faces, Barak Hussein Obama and Colin Powell belong to the shining example of Good Blacks.

However, all of Good, Model or Head Negroes carry the common denominator: they are charismatic, rhetorical, stylish and visceral, but unaccountable to the very people they claim to speak for, namely Black Americans … in other words, they all are good only for posture or symbolism but no substance to their own race. (Because they know that they would pay no political price for not delivering goods to their people, African Americans.)

In front of the Jewish crowd of 7,000 at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) just 12 hours after he claimed the Democratic Presidential nomination, Barak Hussein Obama II, a Good Black, prostrated on all fours, genuflected, and cried “yessa massa” evoking an old image of a Head Negro In Charge in the slave plantation.

And his Jewish massas gave him the 13 standing ovations over his pledges that

  1. As president I will never compromise when it comes to Israel’s security.
  2. Any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel’s identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized and defensible borders.
  3. Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.
  4. I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Everything in my power. Everything.

First, since it is the reality in the US that every politician, if he or she wants to be elected for the public office, is supposed to wear kneepads in front of the AIPAC and to kowtow profusely for Jewish money and media, Obama is no exception to lick the Jewish spittoon in order to convince some Jews that he is kosher.

Second, he conveniently ignored the fact that one fifth of Israeli citizens are Palestinian to the bone and Arab to the marrow… that is, if Israel remains as a Jewish state, these 1.3 million of non-Jewish Israeli population should either be removed from the Israeli proper or live as a second class citizen indefinitely in their own home.

Regarding the Israeli border, it is Israel, not Palestinian or Arab countries that has refused to define its borders… Jews claim that God has given them the real estate territories reaching far beyond the borders of Egypt, Iraq and Iran.

Third, his nonsense that Jerusalem should remain an undivided capital of Israel goes beyond the pale… Jerusalem has never been the capital of Israel and Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem is illegal under the international law.

No Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim will make peace with the Jewish State of Israel, if the Haram-al-Sharif compound (Temple Mount), one of the holiest places of Islam is ever absorbed within the jurisdiction under the Israeli sovereignty.

Even the Israeli government understands that this mantra, “Undivided Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel for all Eternity”, is not attainable in any peace treaty with Arabs.

Fourth, it’s bizarre to see ga-gaing over the nuclear development in Iran in the first place… world knows well that Israel has stockpiled over 500 nuclear bombs and equipped with many squadrons of airplanes that can deliver the bombs anywhere in the region without the US military support. (Recently, the Israeli Air Forces had an aerial dry run to bomb Iran.)

Iran is simply no match to Israel as far as the WMD is concerned.

And also Israel simply does not need the security guarantees from the US… rather the US need Israeli help to expand their hegemony in the Middle East.

It is true that Obama’s nomination has improved America’s image around the world, showing that everyone, even a Negro, has a chance becoming a President in America.

However, after seeing that a Good Black wearing an Israeli flag-pin on his lapel made the final round robin of pandering to AIPAC, his pandering is more painful to the African Americans than other obsequious politicians, McCain and Clinton, lose their dignity before the Israeli lobby.

The AIPAC is a major force shaping the US foreign policy in the Middle East, and its president hold lots of US Senators, House representatives, poobahs and jurists in his back pocket as if he carries nickel and dime changes.

When President George Sr. tried to block the US loans to Israel, he was called into the woodshed at the AIPAC and eventually led out to a cold hinterland losing his second term.

And most, if not all, of US politicians shudder with a fear of losing their job when the AIPAC determines them either a good or bad friend of Israel.

Aristotle put it squarely: “If there is menial and servile work to be done, there must be menial and servile people to do it.”

Obama, a Good Black, takes a marching order from the AIPAC as if a Head Negro snaps to attention “yessa massa” to the order of his Ole Massa, and rumor is abound that he would pick Wesley Kanne Clark, a hidden Jew and retired General, for his Vice President.

Obama keeps his campaign staffs and advisers of 90 percent whites daisy-chained with the Wall Street (neo-liberal free-market teams) and Jewish background.

Of course, some token Negroes dot the staff rooms sparsely.

In short, anything ever changes and nothing changes in America, no matter a Good Black man keeps chanting “Change!”

If America ever changes, it’s just a symbol not a substance.

Barak Hussein Obama : A Shabbat Goy?

Obama as his middle name, Hussein, indicated that he carries a Muslim bloodline (Obama Sr. is a Kenyan Muslim), no matter whether he claims he is a Christian.

Now, Obama declared that he would fight tooth and nail, among the US presidential candidates, for doing Jew’s bidding as a Shabbat Goy.

Jews are prohibited to do certain thing during the Sabbath… for example, Jews are not allowed to drive a car, ride a bike, or ride a carriage, turn the light switches on, light a candle or fire for heat, so on.

To its extremities, a Jewish physician is not allowed to care for a Goy patient during the Sabbath (excluding a Jewish patient.)

So Jews need a Shabbat Goy, a gentile who performs tasks for Jews in the home or Synagogue on the Sabbath or holy day that are forbidden Jews on such occasions as mentioned above.

Someone calls the US President as Israel’s US Governor as if Jews calls Mahmoud Abbas as their West Bank Satrap.

In this perspective, Obama is more a Head Negro to serve his Massa than a Good Black.


Mr. Dale Han is a Korean-Canadian free lance journalist covering mostly international policies of USA and Middle East, et al.


(* This article was originally written in June 20, 2008.)


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