The Stranglers: Zionist Strategies of Conquest

for unto this people shalt thou divide for an inheritance the land—Joshua 1:6


Imagine that you are rich. Imagine that you form part of an international corporation which is not listed in any country and thus needs neither protocols nor laws. You are among the corporation directors. One day, they ask you to purchase a large plot of land. Unluckily, it is divided among a myriad of owners. How do you perform the feat?

It doesn’t matter how many money-printers the corporation owns. Once you begin laboriously purchasing the land parcel by parcel, the price of the land will raise. Even if you had all the money in the world, you probably would decide to ponder on the issue for a while. “Can I lower cost to the shareholders?” you ask a smart weasel working for you. “Yes, of course,” he answers while torturing a lesser beast. “Strangle them to death,” he adds biting off the victim’s head.


Zionist Nofit, Haifa University building in the background

Zionist Nofit, Haifa University building in the background
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Stolen Earth

Stolen Earth    The Case Against Israel


The picture next to this paragraph shows a truck downloading earth in the settlement of Ofra. The earth was taken by Jewish settlers from Palestinian-owned land, which is enclosed by the settlement and is thus inaccessible to its legal owners. There are at least ten similar sites in the West Bank. 

On January 3, 2013, 5,000 dunam of Palestinian lands in the Jordan Valley were confiscated by the Civil Administration, which justified its crime on IDF Order 151, issued on 1967, shortly after the area was conquered by Israel. The order defines all the areas between the Jordan River and the nearby fence placed by Israel as “closed military area.” In certain places, the distance between the fence and the river reaches over a mile.

In this event, the area was formally confiscated and given to Jewish settlers. This is a clear proof that the confiscation had no military reasons; it will be dedicated to agriculture. The Israeli government, its army, its Courts and its settlers cooperate in these criminal schemes.

Anyone who dares to confront them and request justice becomes a target. In Israel to Legalize Settlements’ Outposts, I analyzed the Israeli attempts to legalize the Ulpana outpost, near Beit El. In a demonstration of rare courage, the Palestinians owning the land, the Yassin family from Dura al-Qar’, refused any deal, except for the complete restoration of their belongings.

At 3AM on September 9, 2012, the family was awakened by the noise of shattering glass. A Molotov bottle had been thrown into their house, the method of action fits the Jewish terror organization known as Price Tag. Like in many similar cases, the culprits were not caught. 

Ariel is roughly at the center of Samaria. The settlement is 40km from the Mediterranean coast, and the same distance separates it from the Jordan River. In a parcel to parcel job, the early Likud governments ethnically cleansed the road to Ariel. You can travel from Tel Aviv to Ariel without seeing any Palestinian settlements. Unlike Israeli cities and councils, Ariel’s territory isn’t continuous; it includes three different areas separated by grounds owned by Palestinians.

Overall, the town’s territory is about five kilometers long and 700 meters wide. The town is surrounded by a fence, meaning Palestinians do not have access to their territories within the municipality. This was done on purpose, so that Israel confiscated less territory than it occupied later.

Zionist Nofit 

The strangling strategy is not particular to the West Bank. In recent years, the Galilee lost its Jewish majority. The situation is so desperate that Netanyahu announced the building of a Druze settlement near Yehiam. In parallel, Israel is trying to secure a Jewish majority at least along the main roads leading to Haifa, the largest city in the north and home to a key industrial area and port.

One of the relevant settlements is named Nofit (“Scenic”); a picture of it, showing Haifa in the background, opens this article. The place looks like the Zionist dream. Founded in 1987 by Jewish families from Haifa, it grew up to almost 3,000 by 2013. It offers breathtaking views of Haifa and the Zvulun Valley. It has also a secret that Zionists would like to forget; the secret is named Muhammad Hawald.


Muhammad Hawald
Muhammad Hawald
Fortress Israel: The Inside Story of the Military Elite Who Run the Country 


Muhammad Hawald is a Bedouin, head of a hamula (extended family) of 60. In contrast to the pretty houses of Nofit, which looks like a misplaced American suburb, the Hawald family lives in about ten precarious structures placed 200m from the Zionist settlement entrance.

In sharp contrast to his neighbors, the Bedouin family is denied electricity, water, phone landlines, and sewage services. Generators provide the first; the other services are bought from afar.

The precarious situation of the Bedouin family is not the result of their being nomadic people who just dropped their packages on the first available spot. They have owned the land since the days when the Ottoman Empire ruled there. When Israel declared independence, they were among the brave who held their ground. They cannot be expelled by legal methods.

Thus, Israel uses extortion. Their lands were declared “agricultural,” and thus its development is forbidden. No services can be installed; no permanent constructions can be built. Israel hopes that suffocated by their own sewage, they will leave.

The family was recently visited by Israeli media; the Jewish journalist expressed surprise at the cleanliness of the hamlet despite the conditions. A resident of the Zionist Nofit settlement was also interviewed. She said that the Bedouin family should not get construction permits, because “they begin with 9 buildings, but nobody knows where this will end; at the end the Bedouins will want to use our swimming pool.” I softened the translation; much of what was said by the Jewish settlers was too racist to be published here.


Zvulun Valley

Zvulun Valley – Haifa’s main industrial area in the background


“Is the rope tight enough?” the executioner asked…

The situations described provide good evidence of the Zioniststrangling system; I was tempted to call it a day and end the article with the Hawald family, but a similar case called my attention because it exposed yet another vicious trick.

Not far from there, between Carmiel and Misgav, several Bedouin families (this is the moment to remind the reader that Bedouin citizens serve in the IDF, see Terror Hits Tuba) live in a small village named Q’mana.

It was formally recognized by the State of Israel in 1995. In 2013, its residents are still not allowed to build permanent structures since the town of Carmiel and the Regional Council Misgav are fighting among themselves regarding jurisdiction over the Bedouin neighborhood.

In contrast to the Hawald family, Q’mana has detailed construction plans; yet, they are refused over jurisdiction claims. Misgav claims that their approval is under the jurisdiction of Carmiel; the latter claims the opposite. “Tricking them is so easy,” the weasel said at the corporation seasonal meeting.


Saleh Zwaid

Saleh Zwaid
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany


Mr. Tov Roy is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media. 

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