Syria, the Greatest Democratic Project of the Century and the Real Responsibility to Protect

The national dialog in Syria continues making progress. Unnoticed by most international mainstream media, and distracted by sustained acts of terrorism, the national dialog in Syria, facilitated by the government, continues with systematic and comprehensive initiatives toward turning Syria into a pluralistic and modern Democracy, unheard of in those nations, who are preaching democracy, aided by bombs, guns and state-sponsored terrorism, which is being carried out on their behalves, by backward Wahhabi fanatics and the socio-economically underprivileged who have no better means of earning a meager income than to volunteers as mercenaries.

While the USA and many of its allies continue their descend into neo-fascism, exemplified by the sweeping and dangerous powers of the US Department of Homeland Security, which the renown US-American philosopher of science James Henry Fetzer has compared to the “Stasi”, the State Security of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) (1 ;..

While Saudi Arabia has only days ago sentenced two human- and civil rights protesters to 10 years in prison, on charges including “speaking to foreign media”(2;

And while US Secretary of State John Kerry, by signing a USD 60 million check to the “Syrian Opposition” for all intends and purposes implicitly stated, that the USA is prepared to start world war three over Syria (3;….

The government of Syria, together with representatives of ethnic and religious communities, political parties, advocacy and special interest organizations, continue the national dialog, which could, if it won´t be derailed by state sponsored terrorists, result in a Syrian democracy, that would put those who are preaching it by means of violence and propaganda lies to shame.

After more than one year of meetings and initiatives, largely neglected by both western as well as Russian, Chinese and other nations mainstream media, the Syrian national dialog has made so much progress, that the work is branching out into sub-committees on a regional level, as well as on the level that addresses particular problems about how to assure that the process is working both from the top and down and from the bottom and up, and that with regard to all initiatives and all stakeholders.

The beauty of this near-democratic approach is, that while it is the government that has taken the initiative and tasked a ministerial commission, led by P.M. al-Halki, the system is designed to empower local communities to taking part in deciding, and actively taking part in building a new Syria.

It is an approach unheard of in European Democracies, unheard of in the USA who prides itself in its“Freemasons Founding Fathers”, not even to mention the crackpots dictatorships in the Persian Gulf, like Saudi Arabia, who found it appropriate in December 2011, to sentence a young woman to death by public beheading, for charges of “Sorcery”. (4

While the world media focus on Saudi-backed, backward and medieval “holy warriors” who kidnap UN peace keepers, behead prisoners of war or incite children to do it for them, rob, pillage and rape in the name of God while soiling the very essence of spirituality with blood-sins, the Syrian subcommittee, tasked with setting up the required mechanisms for inviting the national opposition and political forces to dialog in Sweida, has met with the elites of Syrian intellectuals, of the Syrian educational sectors, social elites who represent a vibrant diversity, that is unheard of in most other, if not in all other Arab nations.

On the table on regional levels are, visions about the shape and content of the national dialog conference, visions for implementing a program to solve the crisis nationally and peacefully. The Governor of Sweida, the Chairman of the Subcommittee, Dr. Atef al-Naddaf, underlined the importance of the meetings as a forum to discuss visions and viewpoints, so that they can be embodied in the political program. Participants in the meeting reiterated, that they reject and denounce the violence and foreign interference.

Subcommittee meetings are also taking place in Damascus and other regions. In Damascus, the subcommittee is developing the mechanism for inviting the local branches of the national opposition and the political forces to dialog, it met with representatives of the Syrian Nationalist Party (SSNP), the Democratic Socialist Unionist Party and other.

It is important to stress, that these subcommittee meetings are taking place, after the ministerial commission, led by Prime Minister al-Halki, has held successful and constructive meetings with representatives of the Syrian Kurd´s National Initiative, the Peoples´Will Party and others, and that the meetings on regional subcommittee level are evidence for, that Syria is now entering a phase, where the process of creating a new Syria, a Syria by the Syrian people for the Syrian people is mobilizing the creativity and aspirations of the masses. (5

The national dialog in Syria is, objectively observed, the greatest democratic project which any nation has embarked upon over the last 100 years. It is the greatest democratic project of the century in spite and because of the onslaught of fanatic hirelings whose medieval, Islamo-Fascist Wahhabi philosophy of intolerance and violence, makes them the perfect representative of the true face of the modern western fascism of the USA/NATO and allies. While the West is regressing to anarchy and barbarism of global proportions, the Syrian national dialog is in fact a beacon of hope for humanity.

Germany, priding itself for its democratic values after the horrors of National-Socialism, would be well advised to learn from Syria´s national dialog. Germany, which was liberated by the USA in 1945, still has no constitution and must suffice with a “Grundgesetz”.  Germany is still under de facto allied, that is US-American control.

The “Chancellor File”, which determines who exactly is Germany´s “Sovereign” is still so highly classified that even members of the German parliament and Ministers cannot access and read it, and will be classified for at least another 70 years. Food for thought for any German who lets him or herself be propagandized into supporting freedom and democracy a la USA in Syria or anywhere else.

I wonder what women in Saudi-Arabia were thinking on international woman´s day ? What were Saudi-Arabian and Syrian women thinking about their Saudi-Arabian sister who was beheaded for “sorcery” in 2011?

In Saudi-Arabia, falling out with a husband can result in charges of sorcery and a public beheading that tells all other Saudi wives, that they better continue letting their dignity and humanity be raped or else.

I wonder what women in Syria were thinking on women´s day ? Their hopes and dreams and aspirations ? While I am certain that there is a lot that can improve for them, as it can for women and all human beings everywhere, I am also certain, that one of their greatest fears must be a Syria, that is being “liberated” by Saudi, US, EU, Zionist, paid, armed and commanded Wahhabi mercenaries.

No political system is perfect, and even the most perfect political system is, in terms of realpolitic, not better than those who are at the helm of a nation.

When comparing the national dialog and reform which, unless it is derailed by state-sponsored terrorism, by those who are preaching democracy to Syrians with any other nation over the last century, my conclusion is, that Syria has embarked on the greatest and most genuine democratic project any nation has embarked on during the last 10o years.

Who can compare ? A USA which is rapidly declining into fascism ? A Germany, whose people are not allowed to read the document that regulates German sovereignty and which does not have a constitution?

Russia, whose democratic project was led by oligarchs  and an alcoholic President Jeltsin who strip-sold national assets to anyone who would keep him in power; a Russia which is only now recovering under President Putin ? The people of Libya who have been liberated to death ?

Behind the Orwellian deceit, 2 + 2 still equals 4, and those who are serious about “democracy, freedom and justice” better realize their “Real Responsibility to Protect”  is the responsibility to protect the Syrian people from further US/NATO led aggression.


Dr. Christof Lehmann, Founder and the Senior Editor for, is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.



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