Russia´s UN Ambassador Churkin; US Not Exempt from Responsibility after Declaration of Non-Involvement in Arming Syrian Insurgency

The US-announcement not to arm the opposition in Syria does not absolve the USA from its full responsibility for what is taking place in Syria or the practices of the opposition, said Russia´s permanent representative to the UN in an interview with Russia Today.

Churkin´s statement is following up on a series of statements by Russian top diplomats that indicate a new Russian assertiveness. Russia has drawn a line in the sand of Syria. 

Russia´s UN ambassador continued by emphasizing the great influence which the USA exercises over countries like Qatar, which is the main source for support and for providing weapons.

He continued by stating, that if Washington had adopted a strict policy in this regard, it could be able to influence these countries.

Churkin continued the interview by stating, “It is possible that the US began to realize, before other western allies, that the events in Syria had reached a critical juncture as the scenario of bringing down the Syrian leadership and achieve democracy in two years proved to be unrealistic and far from the real situation in the country”.

Churkin´s interview is one more, among many recent signals from Russian top diplomats, which indicate a new Russian assertiveness.

Churkin´s recently warned Russia will block any attempt of the Syrian foreign backed opposition to gain influence at the UN.

The statement of Russia´s ambassador to NATO, Alexander Gruchko, also criticized NATO cannot see every problem as a nail because it perceives itself as a hammer,

And Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also sharply criticized the USA´s regime change policy.

All indicate that Russia is beginning to draw a red line, while remaining open for dialog.

Russian diplomats have good reason for showing assertiveness, taking into account that it is well-known, that Qatar, the USA and Saudi Arabia have actively been preparing and financing the Arab Spring since 2007.

The USA´s responsibility is not limited to a political responsibility.

The USA could be held directly accountable for war crimes.

Already in September 2011 an officer with the US Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, stated to nsnbc that the USA already had deployed special forces on the ground in both Libya and Syria.

The USA may also be held directly accountable for war crimes committed in Syria because there is ample evidence to prove that Turkish NATO officers have distributed weapons deliveries to terrorist groups in Syria.

Finally, deployment of US troops to man NATO Patriot Missile Systems along the 900 km long Turkish Syrian border constitute the implementation of a de facto no-fly zone which is providing cover for insurgents, and which is limiting Syrian armed forces ability to defend Syria´s territory in the face of a foreign backed aggression.


Dr. Christof Lehmann, the Founder and Senior Editor at, is also one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.


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