The US-government Produced (Manufactured? or Fabricated?) "Human Rights Report" on China for 2012: "I Am Almost Speechless"



I have been reviewing the US-government produced ‘Human Rights Report’ on China for 2012, and am astonished at the overwhelming extent of arrogance, duplicity, disingenuousness and propaganda contained therein.

I am almost speechless.

It must require thousands of people gathering (and, I suspect, fabricating) facts, to produce such a document.

The report lists dozens of NGOs purporting to be of domestic origin but that are clearly of foreign, origin, with that fact not stated anywhere.

The literally thousands of small and even trivial examples of “rights violations” are mostly unattributed, as are the sources of the information.

Even innocent circumstances are stated in ways that imply blame or shortcomings when either none exist, or where the US is far worse by the same measures.

As one example, China is chided for an infant mortality rate of approximately 30 per 100,000 live births, when the US rate today is 670, and for blacks in the US is over 1,300.

I cannot believe that intelligent people could invest the thousands of hours necessary to produce such a lengthy report (142 pages) of essentially trivia, interfering in the most arrogant way into the inner workings of another nation’s private affairs.

The time really has come for the US, and for Americans generally, to get off their high moral ground and abandon this hubris of white supremacy.

It is intolerable.


龙信明 , Xin Ming,

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