DPRK Challenge "U.S. as Arch Criminal Escalating Arms Race" in Asia & around the World

KCNA Commentary Brands U.S. as Arch Criminal Escalating Arms Race



The United States keeps selling war hardware to different parts of the world, becoming more talkative about “arms reduction” than any other countries.

Last year the U.S. exported weapons worth 63 billion U.S. dollars through 65 arms deals.

The U.S. State Department received a total of more than 85 000 requests for arms export, an all-time high.

It is reported that the U.S. arms export to the Asia-Pacific region last year increased 5.4 percent over the previous year.

This suggests that the U.S. arms export is on the steady increase despite international community’s curse and censure.

The U.S. arms export is dangerous as it is disturbing world peace and stability and sparking arms race.

The U.S. is sparking civil wars and territorial disputes in different parts of the world and selling huge quantities of weapons, citing someone’s non-existent “threat”.

The U.S. labeled the DPRK and China as open and potential rivals in East Asia. It is busy selling weapons to their neighboring countries and other countries, floating stories about security uneasiness.

The U.S. sold out a lot of war equipment necessary for sudden invasion of the DPRK including MRAP to south Korea last year.

It is mulling selling to south Korea 60 F-35s and four Global Hawks capable of making precision monitoring of not only the strategic depth of the DPRK but its neighboring countries.

It is also contemplating selling to Japan war equipment worth 421 million U.S. dollars necessary for rounding off the Aegis system.

These moves are rendering the situation on the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity extremely tense and escalating the arms race.

Not a day passes in the Mideast without bloody armed conflicts as it is flooded with U.S.-made arms.

All facts go to prove that the U.S. is the arch criminal disturbing world peace and stability and escalating arms race.

The U.S. has the lion’s share of the world’s annual arms sale. This is aimed at carrying out its strategy for world hegemony.

It is the scenario of the U.S. to tightly bind other countries militarily through arms delivery while escalating the arms race to deter regional development and create environment favorable for realizing its strategy for world domination.

The international community desirous of world peace and stability will never tolerate the dangerous arms sale of the U.S.


Pyongyang, KCNA

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