“Astonishing”: Thyroid Abnormalities Found in Fukushima Kids Declared ‘OK’ by Gov’t: Officials Ordered Doctors to Stop Examining Patients

Title: White Paper: Fukushima Health Survey Occupies Medical & Legal Conundrum
Source: SimplyInfo
Date: November 8th, 2012


[…] Dr. Suzuki who has been running the Health Survey along with Dr. Yamashita […] claimed it is unlikely thyroid cancer rates would rise and that the results found so far where over 43% of children had abnormalities were “ordinary”. […]

Source: Ian Thomas Ash


These statements by Suzuki defy the evidence.

Over 43% of the children with abnormalities is quite different from the 1.6% or less of children in the Nagasaki study.

Suzuki has also held the opinion that thyroid cancers won’t show up for 4 or more years citing Chernobyl.

This conflicts with Suzuki’s claim that is it unlikely cancer rates would rise.

Further evidence shows thyroid damage was actually occurring right after Chernobyl, it just took years for studies to actually be done. […]

While the Health Survey claims everything is fine in Fukushima, parents are documenting quite a different reality.

Ian Thomas Ash has been producing a serial documentary series on life after the Fukushima disaster. In his most recent filming he has been interviewing parents in Fukushima City and Date City.

What he found is astonishing.

Children with considerable thyroid abnormalities, some were declared “ok” by the Health Survey only to find out otherwise when they obtained a second opinion from a doctor.

That is for those lucky enough to obtain a second opinion, some were denied treatment by doctors after the central government ordered them to stop examining patients for thyroid disorders. […]


Published: November 8th, 2012

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