Turkey Super-Controlled by Israel, US Pro-Zionist Lobby

Israel and the pro-Zionist lobby in the US have”a super control” over Turkey which has heavily influenced the recent tensions between Ankara and Damascus, an analyst tells Press TV.



“We have a very pro-Israel, a very pro-Zionist and a super control over Turkey… Turkey is becoming more of a puppet, where in the past they’ve been very closely aligned with Syria,” said former American Intelligence Linguist, Scott Richard, on Saturday.

“Look at Turkish relationships with Israel, there is a lot of trade, military trade and petroleum trade between Israel and Turkey. So the interest from the economic perspective between Israel and Turkey is very strong and also you have to look at the national security advisers in the United States,” Richard added.

The American expert went on to point out that Dov S. Zakheim, the US national security adviser to US Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and Richard Verma, the national security adviser to President Barack Obama, are both “extreme Zionists.”

He maintained that the West is becoming “desperate” due to Syria’s remarkable success in confronting Western intervention so they are using their relationships with NATO and Turkey to ‘wage a war and justify it’ but Syria will absolutely not give in to Western-orchestrated plots and attack Turkey.

The comment comes as tensions between Ankara and Damascus escalated after a mortar shell fired from Syria killed five people in the southeastern Turkish town of Akcakale in Sanliurfa Province on Wednesday.

Syria said it had started an investigation into the cause of the mortar attack on the Turkish territory.

However on Thursday, several Syrian soldiers were reportedly killed in a retaliatory attack by Turkish forces on a military post near Syria’s border town of Tel Abyad.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that Turkey does not plan to wage a war against Syria after the Turkish parliament gave the nod for military operations outside the country.

“The problem [between Turkey and Syria] is rooted in the United States, Britain and France…. What you have in Turkey is clearly described here as a nation of people that do not want war. Unfortunately you have a government that’s heavily aligned with the NATO forces and… Israel,” Richard concluded.


Press TV

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