Scholars for 9-11 Truth: Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths

I have been a member of Pilots for 9-11 Truth, Scholars for 9-11 Truth and Veterans for 9-11 for Truth since near the inceptions of these separate but related organizations. I am not a member, but there is also 9-11 Scholars for Truth and Justice ; there is 9-11 and Military Officers for 9-11 Truth.

All those in these organizations,based on experience and expertise areas mostly, risk a great deal even having their names associated with these orgnaizations. Many of them, such as Pilots for 9-11 Truth advance no specific scenarios or theories of 9-11; they do not have or advance “Conspiracy Theories”.

They only KNOW that terrorism and disaster of such magnitude demands, what did NOT take place, and was and still is obstructed in all possible ways: a free, fair, honest, comprehensive, no-fear-no-favor, properly staffed and funded investigation of all possible dimensions and aspects of the terrorism and tragedy.

That was not done, and is still being resisted by the Obama Administration, that says as an excuse for not addressing all sorts of possible crimes uninvestigated: “We have to look forward; we need bi-partisanship to solve current problems; we don’t want to look and dwell on the past, but on the present and future. And we don’t want to get into the ‘blame game’ that is divisive and corrosive.” These are almost exact quotes.

But who is it that says “We don’t want to play the ‘blame game’”? Answer: Those who typically are to blame for something, and/or their associates, and are trying to escape accountability and usually also investigation that leads to even more blame and culpability than on the surface: no need to cover-up and refuse to learn the lessons of what is clean, only what is dirty.

Who are the one’s who say “let’s not dwell on the past?” Answer: Often that kind of statement comes from abusers who want the abused, their victims of those of their friends, to “just get over it” without ever addressing the nature, causes, effects, criminality, culpability and lessons of the abuse.

Who are the ones that would sacrifice, obstruct, even violently suppress, truth and lessons to be learned–which means also accountability and culpability, that literally mean lives saved or lost in the present and future?

Who are the ones who want sunshine and no rain? Who are the ones who want “P6″ (Pay, Perqs, Position, Prestige, Promotion and Power) with no accountability or restraints on the bases and uses of the P6?

These types typically hit 16 or 17 of the 20 basic traits of the profile of a typical psychopath or sociopath on the PCL-R or Pschopathy Checklist Reduced of Robert Hare Try a sample PCL-R for yourself. Typically managers, administrators, con men, some teachers, religious cult leaders, politicians, lawyers, score high.

Does this make me a “Conspiracy Theorist”–a meaningless term as a put-down? No, I have not yet once advanced any theory of: which specific forces, if not bin Laden and AQ, and/or in concert with bin Laden and AQ, and/or anticipating/allowing/using bin Laden and AQ, do I believe were really behind 9-11 and why.

But I do KNOW that far less significant air disasters, terrorist attacks, failures in Air Traffic Control systems and contol of airspace immediately get, under law, from NTSB and other agencies, comprehensive investigations. Why? Because lives are at stake in the present and future, never mind the past for the moment, and lessons need to be determined and applied to save lives.

Now I also KNOW that one cannot fix problems and crises with the very same persons, theories, methods and mind-sets that caused the crises; and thus the cliche “blame game” must indeed be “played” as it were. Of course one person’s “blame” is for another person “accountability”; just as one person’s terrorist is another’s “freedom fighter”; or in the case of bin Laden, one person’s or the American government’s former ally and “freedom fighter” now becomes that same government’s enemy and terrorist in another context.

But I do KNOW conspiracies are often facts not just theories about them. I KNOW that America was founded by self-labeled conspirators like Tom Paine who noted: “We must all hang together or we shall surely hang separately”; I KNOW that secret societies like the Masons and yes, Illuminati (referred to by name as having infiltrated the Masons by Washington) were at the foundation of the U.S. and that America itself, as an idea and later reality was even founded on a kind of Conspiracy Theory that all persons if given power will become corrupted by it and thus the imperative for a system of checks-and-balances even if paralysis is the outcome.

The so-called “Founding Fathers” of America were elitists, racists, sexists, privileged, of property, and many of them power-hungry and even sociopaths, and thought that anyone with power would be like them, capable of conspiracy and intrigue and hence the need for a system of checks and balances.

Jefferson called for revolution every twenty years as a kind of enema to get rid of the shit that had accumulated and compromised any “democracy” (that Indians, Blacks, Women and even White Males without property had no place in).

I KNOW that we get laws against something that is going on and has reached a level of getting the attention of the law for various reasons. Yes, sometimes we get laws against what is not really going on, or not going on by those being controlled by the law, but under contrived pretexts to justify using the law to control in the interest of others; as in allegedly 9-11 as another kind of “Reichstag Fire”. But laws against Conspiracy, Civil and Criminal exist because the torts and crimes exist and impact many routinely in the real world.

Thus this summary waiving of the hand “Oh that’s just another conspiracy theory…” is worse than an empty cliche or summary and willful arrgance and ignorance which is the definition of stupidity–willful arrogance and ignorance and blindness.

But I have some experience in studying and teaching theories and data on the difference between scientific and non-scientifiic theory, and some awareness of the legal definitions of conspiracy. I know something about the difference between opinion, belief, theory, fact, artifact, principles and supposed “laws” and “axioms”.

I KNOW that the highest tribute one can make to victims of an accident or crime is to find out the fundamental causes of it and to work to prevent the same happening to others as well; perhaps even by the same forces or individuals involved. I KNOW that some $1 billion has been proposed for a National Museum and Monument to the 9-11 victims, but only $14 million was finally authorized for the fraud and cover-up known as the 9-11 Commission.

What do I mean about the difference between KNOWING and/vs believing, opining, supposing, speculating, hypoothesizing, assuming or the like? Let me give an example from aviation. As a pilot, when I bring up the power on take off, when I am airborn, when I am on approach, or flaring before ground contact on landing, there are some things I must KNOW and not merely assume, guess, hypothesize (even if I am a test pilot), or the like; and it varies for each type of aircraft flown.

For any given aircraft type, there are critical airspeeds, and other variables I must KNOW (not guess, approximate, assume, hypothesize or the like) from experience and training, plus specifications on and related to the aircraft, for that aircraft (from the risks taken by the test pilots) to continue to fly.

Below a certain speed, at given weight, given temperature, given altitude of the airport, given wind direction and speed, given center of gravity, that aircraft will cease to fly–period–as: gravity overcomes lift; drag overcomes thrust. And it can get very nasty and perhaps even ruin someone’s day on the ground as well as ending my life and those of my passengers as well.

That I KNOW, and must KNOW from experience, the daring of test pilots, scientific method applied; not merely suppose or assert or assume, my life and others depending upon KNOWING not just supposing or assuming. And as a pilot, and also a scholar and veteran, I am charged tacitly if not explicitly, with also having some idea or notion of the difference between KNOWING something and merely ASSUMING or ASSERTING something.

That is why my father, a consummate pilot, had such respect for test pilots as they test and risk the unknown to establish the paramaters that are KNOWN and must be KNOWN and RESPECTED to keep people in the air and on the ground relatively or more safe. The same may be said of Whistle-Blowers, Radicals, Dissidents for the right causes, and indeed any who take risks beyond the safe and comfortable that so many seek even at costs to their own souls.

That is the Faustian Bargain as old as humanity and one that tyrants count on: “Give me your liberty, your conscience, your humanity, your unquestioning obedience and I will keep you and your loved ones safe.” “Do not ask questions, you do not have the expertise or data or secrets (that must be kept secret to keep you safe) that we have.

Anyone who questions us is a “Conspiracy Theorist” and worse; they endanger us all, they give aid and comfort to the enemy, they want to expose secrets we need to keep for national security and your own security and that of your loved ones.”

On 9-11, one of the issues is related to critical airspeeds, flight profiles from the released data; many were said to be impossible maneuvers if aircraft type flown by the alleged persons with their known experience levels. The following video from Pilots for 9-11 Truth Deconstructing the 9-11 Pentagon Attack lays it out well and I have personally duplicated some of the alleged filght and attack profiles from official data in my own flight simulator system in those aircraft involved in 9-11:

But I am someone who KNOWS that conspiracies do go on all the time. That is why we have laws against them and people in jail for breaking those laws all the time.

A conspiracy after all is simply an agreement, formal or informal, and a common plan, by two or more people, to pursue in common, in coordinated ways, covertly, but also sometimes overtly under cover or pretext or under false flags, objectives, and to engage in activities, they know or should know to be illegal.

The ultimate aims and goals of a conspiracy do not need to be completed as those who have taken at least one material and affirmative step in furtherance of that common plan, not necessarily completed their plan, can be found guilty of conspiracy criminal or civil.

I have seen Conspiracy Against Rights and under Color of Law (18 USC Article I Chapter 13, Parts 241 and 242) where I work routinely in the form of fixing jobs (Trading in Public Employment a Class-C felony), contracts, positions and appointments in public employment through the backdoor and outside of standardized hiring and contract granting protocols for public employment on a serial basis. That is conspiracy right there and it is common in public employment.

Cover-ups are evidence for conspiracy (no need to cover-up what is clean only what is dirty and what one knows or fears to be seen to be dirty if discovered) and for the mens rea or state of mind and intent, that is also required as one of and to also show, the essential and required elements of the crime of conspiracy.

Further, in a conspiracy, each of the participants is culpable for the activities of the others in furtherance of that conspiracy even if not aware directly of what was being done by others in furtherance of the common plan.

Also, for purposes of statute of limitations and culpability of persons in a common plan that spans some period of time, a conspiracy may be ongoing, and therefore the time period governing statute of limitations not yet an issue, even as members have left and new recruits enlisted into the conspiracy who have never met those who left.

This is the case of ongoing conspiracy if there is a link between the past and present and intended future objectives and activites of the common plan.

An example might be an ongoing conspiracy of several persons from the past and present, some of whom never met each other, but who had the common plan and understanding of taking reprisal against a particular person who was say a whistle blower against a few of them or even not against some of those part of the conspiracy.

Another common one in public employment is conspiracy to trade in public employment, nepotism, cronyism, where members are selected for a screening or hiring committee, job descriptions are carefully crafted to fit one person already selected, hiring processes and criteria and scoring are contrived to favor one candidate etc. I have seen this one over and over during my some 40 years of teaching or in other venues of public employment.

Those who engage in conspiracy on behalf of the agenda of others, for favor, job security, friendship or the like, often think they are buying security when actually they are buying insecurity. Why? Because those who engage in conspiracy, like Tom Paine and the American revolutonaries who conspired against The Crown they had previously sworn allegiance to, have the notion that, as Tom Paine put it: “We must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately”.

In other words their is also an implied or explicit threat by each member on the others: “If I go down, with what I know and/or have done as a “team player” [The Nuremberg Defense] you all are going down with me.”

The problem is that most of those who would join a conspiracy and participate are the kind that will also rat their buddies out in a heartbeat to cut a deal to escape or even as revenge for going down for “the team”. Or as Ben Franklin put it: “Those who would trade their liberty for the illusion of security neither deserve and nor will attain either.”

Say their friends joined in to engage in the common plan of harassment against, or murder, or unlawful termination, or harm to the family of that particular whistle blower and enlisted others who never met or knew the originators of the common plan.

Those who sign on to a criminal conspiracy are legally libel for the actions of all members past, present and future even if the final objectives of the conspiracy have not yet been accomplished and even if all the conspirators do now know and have never met each other.

That means some in a present conspiracy that includes cover-up of a past-present ongoing conspiracy, may well wind up culpable for the past offenses of members of a conspiracy they have never met or acted in concert with in the past but are continuing the activities and objectives set in motion in the past.

Now What do I really KNOW (in the scientific sense of “knowing” as opposed to “opining”)? Do I really “KNOW” what happened on 9-11?

Well I KNOW as a former commercial pilot, and still-qualified basic, advanced and instrument ground and simulator instructor, that when even a small homebuilt aircraft goes down, even without loss of life, but especially with loss of life, with no hijacking or the like involved, all the stops are pulled and NTSB does a thorough investigation because, simply, facts found and lessons learned today save lives [and potential lawsuits often more important as a motive than saving lives] tomorrow. It is that simple. A crash could be due to pilot error; but still, under what conditions?

What mistakes were made? What caused the mistakes? Have similar mistakes occurred with other pilots in similar and/or differenct conditions and in similar and/or different aircraft types? Were there structural, design, materials, or mechanical defects? And on and on it goes looking for the fundamental causes the same way that a physician looks for the fundamental “etiology” or causes of a medical condition in order not only to effectively treat it, but to learn how to prevent or treat it in others.

I KNOW that immediately following the most significant coordinated hijackings in American history, and the largest and most lethal terrorist attack on American soil, all the stops were pulled NOT to launch an immediate, full investigation without fear or favor or care of costs or implications on any powers that be.

I KNOW that Calls for an immediate and full investigation that covered all the dimensions of the terrorist acts and the effects of them (aircraft, aircraft and airport security breaches, FAA procedures, military maneuvers going on at the same time, etc) were blocked over and over until some widows of 9-11 victims put real heat on for an investigation.

I KNOW that the opposite occurred and still goes on”; all the stops were, and still are, pulled to obstruct, to prevent, to choke off, to deter any public investigation with any kind of transparency and accountability to the public.

WHY? Why expecially when failure to even initiate a proper investigation let alone failure to properly fund and staff a proper investigation could only lead to the very “Conspiracy Theories” we see decried as irresponsible. What is irresponsible about noting that there is no need to cover-up and fail to investigate what is clean only what is dirty.

I KNOW that when five widows of 9-11 victims from New Jersey refused to back down and modilized public support for some kind of investigation that produced the fraud called the 9-11 Commission, when some kind of investigation was demanded and could not longer be thwarted, it was and remained, seriously underfunded (eventual $14 million versus more than $85 million spent on investigating and impeaching Clinton’s for his blow jobs in the Oval Office).

The 9-11 Commission was under-staffed with seriously conflicted, corrupt, sycophantic and compromised “investigators”. I KNOW that after Kissinger was appointed to head it, the “Jersey Girls” met with him in his office at Kissinger Associates in New York City, and, according to their account, simply asked him if his client list included anyone with the last name bin Laden. Kissinger, according to their account, simply got up, went out of the room, and made a phone call to someone removing himself as head of the 9-11 Commission.

What else do I KNOW as a pilot? As a pilot I KNOW that when I am on an instrument flight plan and have been on many, if I am off even 5 degrees of my assigned heading, if I am off even more than 100 feet off my assigned altitude, if I am more than 10 knots off assigned airspeeds, if I miss a clearance or fail to respond to a change in clearance, if my transponder (showing altitude, ground speed, heading, aircraft id and track over the ground) goes off of the assigned frequency, or is turned off, I will be called on it by Air Traffic Control and have been.

And I KNOW that if I fail to respond, alerts to ground-based fighter interceptors will be sent out and fighters will show up on my wings in short time.

Yet we find 4 aircraft supposedly highjacked, far off their assigned altitudes, flight paths, headings, at airspeeds and ground speeds enough to cause them to start shedding metal at times, and no fighters were scrambled and no real actions taken for more than an hour.

I KNOW as a former pilot and member of 9-11 Pilots for Truth, that the flght paths, airspeeds, maneuvers, reactions by Air Traffic Control and the Military not only made no sense, but in the case of the aircraft flight profiles, they were virtually impossible for inexperienced non-pilots and even for the most experienced of pilots.

And I have done so with simulating the Boeing 767 and 757 aircraft involved in 9-11 following the flight and attack profiles from the published data as pilots from Pilots for 9-11 Truth have also done [and by the way, on the realism of simulators, most pilots today train and are examined on simulators and the first time they fly a new aircraft type there are passengers on board.]

The speeds, descent and attack profiles, the navigation, the maneuvers and airspeeds supposedly attained I could not duplicate on my simulator and I have much more expereience as a pilot than any of the alleged hijackers. For more information on this see 9-11 Pilots for Truth Website.

Please view the following videos by Pilots for 911 Truth.

I am still a licensed ground instructor basic, advanced and instrument and can give both lecture ground instruction and simulator instruction if qualified in simulator type. My own simulator at home, has full working cockpits for each specific type of aircraft simulated realistically with amazing levels of realism and full working cockpits.

Even when I change aircraft, the feeling in the yoke, rudder peddles and thrust levers/throttles changes with the aircraft type and the hardware and software recreate that unique aircraft and its performance. By the way, simulators have always been used for checkrides, but today all training is done in simulators and the first time a new pilot flies the real aircraft there are paying passengers aboard.

Well I, and other pilots have recreated the flights and attack profiles of New York City and the Pentagon (my simulator programs have accurate topography, landmarks buildings and human-made structures, etc) for the time, 2001, in NYC and Washington DC. I have the data from Pilots for 9-11 Truth on the flight and attack profiles (changes in altitude and heading, airspeeds, navigation etc) and have duplicated some of the supposed attack and flight profiles. I have considerably more experience than the most advanced of the alleged hijackers as given by their stated personal histories and flight training along with assessments of instructors who flew with them.

From my perspective, and some very experienced pilots who have actually flown the real aricraft types involved, there is no way the aircraft, let alone alleged hijackers could have flown the flight, navigation and attack profiles that are claimed to have been flown and also coordinated.

Even the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, at the speeds and attack profiles shown, could not have been made, or were highly unlikely with any pilots with the limited experience and training of even the advanced among the hijackers. In the case of the Pentagon attack, there are even more problems with that one shown in the PF911T videos.

So not only as a former commercial pilot, from my flight experience, am I deeply troubled about the official accounts and non-accounts of 9-11 but as a veteran of the U.S. Army as well.

Some of my time in the U.S. Army 1963-66 was spent at 7th U.S. Army Headquarters in Stuttgart, Vaihingen, Germany and some of my work involved working in the Alert Room in Intelligence from which the some 250,000 forces of the 7th Army were put on alert (each time could well have been the real thing) with the mission to stop and hold back for 72 hours any Soviet or Warsaw Pact Nations attacking the West.

I was in a position to see a lot of the whole Order of Battle of the 7th U.S. Army vis-a-vis holding off Warsaw Pact attacks and also how military exercises and practice alerts were conducted and coordinated with other military services and allied forces, and with civilian authorities and the like.

We had regular scheduled military exercises that were announced and coordinated with all agencies and civilian authorities so as not to cause panick that some might think the real thing was going on or triggering lack of coordination causing the exercise to fail and some heads to roll. We had special exercises comissioned to test new equipment, tactics, organization and the like. And we had alerts at least once a month.

Only the alerts were unknowns from the perspective of the average grunt soldier; but those in the Alert Room obviously knew if an Alert was for real or not

But in the case of 9-11 there is a whole lot of mystery in the names, scopes, depths, functions and objectives of the military exercises going on at the same time on 9-11 and/or shortly before. These exercises, set up long before 9-11 were, as if prophetic, were set to simulate, long before 9-11, the exact types of attacks that actually occurred and that Condoleeza Rice testified under oath at the 9-11 Comisssion no one could have imagined.

For example, on or just before 9-11 the following military exercises were going on with names like Operations: “Vigilant Guardian, Global Guardian, Timely Alert II, and Tripod” see references at.

In fact, the ouright lie by Condoleeza Rice ” “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon; that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile.” was so clearly a naked lie (she later changed to “I meant that I could not have conceived of hijacking airplanes and turning them into missles against buildings”) was refuted by the names and objectives of the military exercises on 9-11 that were simulating exactly what occurred, what Rice was in the center of as National Security Advisor, and what Rice said no one could have even imagined (“National Security Advisor Holds Press Briefing.” Office of the Press Secretary, May 16, 2002.)



From Matthew Everett’s article:


After 9/11, members of the Bush administration claimed that no one had previously envisioned the kinds of attacks that occurred that day. For example, Condoleezza Rice said: “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon; that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile.” [4]

However, these claims were totally untrue. Besides the exercise involving the simulated crashing of a plane into the WTC, there were at least three separate exercises in the 12 months prior to 9/11 based around a plane hitting the Pentagon.

The first of these occurred in late October 2000. In the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s conference room, military planners held the Pentagon Mass Casualty Exercise, which was based around a passenger aircraft crashing into the Pentagon, with 341 victims. The exercise was first described in a military newspaper in a report that the British Daily Mirror later said, “reads like an account of what actually happened” on 9/11. [5]

The next such exercise occurred in May 2001. As U.S. Medicine later reported, the Department of Defense’s response to the 9/11 attacks “was aided by the fact that department medical personnel had carried out a simulation exercise in May in which a hijacked 757 airliner crashed into the Pentagon.”[6]

The DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic and the Air Force Flight Medicine Clinic, both located within the Pentagon, participated. Doctors James Geiling and John Baxter later said this exercise prepared them well to respond to the Pentagon attack on 9/11.[7]

Presumably referring to the two exercises described above, Lieutenant Colonel John Felicio, the deputy commander for administration of the DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic, said: “The saving grace to our efforts [on 9/11] was the two MASCAL exercises we previously had conducted with the clinic leadership and staff. You know it was kind of eerie. The scenario we had for these MASCALS was very similar to what actually happened. Our scenario for both MASCALS was a plane flying into the Pentagon courtyard.”[8]

The third exercise occurred in August 2001, just one month before 9/11. This was another mass casualty exercise held at the Pentagon, involving an evacuation of the building. According to General Lance Lord, Air Force Space Command commander, “the scenario for that exercise included a plane hitting the building.”[9]


We can see that Pentagon training exercises prior to 9/11 routinely involved the simulated crashing of an aircraft into the building. But might another such exercise have been scheduled for the morning of 9/11? There are various pieces of evidence indicating this may have been the case. Although the existence of such an exercise has never been stated explicitly, this might be because the exercise was declared classified.

In fact, supposedly due to the national emergency declared by President Bush in response to the 9/11 attacks, then Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz issued a memo to senior DoD officials in October 2001, requesting a particularly high level of secrecy. He urged that “Defense Department employees, as well as persons in other organizations that support DoD, exercise great caution in discussing information related to DoD work, regardless of their duties. Do not conduct any work-related conversations in common areas, public places, while commuting, or over unsecured electronic circuits.

Classified information may be discussed only in authorized spaces and with persons having a specific need to know and the proper security clearance. Unclassified information may likewise require protection because it can often be compiled to reveal sensitive conclusions. Much of the information we use to conduct DoD’s operations must be withheld from public release because of its sensitivity. If in doubt, do not release or discuss official information except with other DoD personnel.”[10]

Despite the secrecy, the combination of evidence I summarize below suggests a training exercise on 9/11, based around an aircraft crashing into the Pentagon:

i) Captain Charles Leidig, Jr. had assumed duties as the deputy for command center operations in the J3 Directorate of the Joint Staff just two months before 9/11. In August 2001, he qualified to stand watch as the deputy director for operations in the National Military Command Center (NMCC), which is located within the Pentagon. The day before 9/11, Brigadier General W. Montague Winfield, the deputy director for operations in the NMCC, requested that Leidig stand a portion of his duty on September 11.

Thus, between 8:30 a.m. and roughly 10:30 a.m. that day (i.e. for almost the entire duration of the attacks) a stand-in officer was in charge of convening a Significant Event Conference (subsequently upgraded to an Air Threat Conference) in response to the attacks.[11] No further explanation has been given as to why or how this situation arose. But might the reason (or at least the excuse given) have been that Leidig needed to gain experience as deputy director for operations by assuming this role during a training exercise?

ii) The accounts of some Pentagon medical staff suggest they were preparing for a MASCAL (mass casualty) exercise the morning of September 11. For example, Sergeant Matthew Rosenberg, a medic at the Pentagon’s DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic, recounts: “We had virtually completed our MASCAL plan?

Believe it or not, the day prior to the incident, I was just on the phone with the FBI, and we were talking ‘so who has command should this happen, who has the medical jurisdiction, who does this, who does that,’ and we talked about it and talked about it, and he helped me out a lot. And then the next day, during the incident, I actually found him. He was out there on the incident that day.”[12]

According to Major Lorie A. Brown, chief nurse of the DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic, the morning of 9/11, “We actually had our MASCAL equipment out of the storage areas because we were doing an inventory. So there were many pieces that just fell into place and worked so well on that day. It was just fortuitous. It was just amazing that way that things kind of happened the way they did.”[13]

As I have described above, three previous Pentagon exercises incorporated a simulated plane crashing into the place. And early in the morning of 9/11, Matthew Rosenberg was reportedly “down on Corridor 8″ of the Pentagon, “grateful for an uninterrupted hour in which he could study a new medical emergency disaster plan based on the unlikely scenario of an airplane crashing into the place.”[14] Might he have been studying in preparation for an exercise taking place later that day?

iii) At least two army bases near the Pentagon were conducting training the morning of 9/11 based around terrorist attacks or plane crashes. At Fort Belvoir, about 12 miles south of the Pentagon, they were running a “garrison control exercise,” which aimed “to test the security at the base in case of a terrorist attack.”[15] At the Education Center at Fort Myer, an army base 1.5 miles northwest of the Pentagon, firefighters were attending what has been described as an “aircraft crash refresher class” and a “week-long class on air field fire fighting.”[16]

According to Major Don Arias, NORAD’s public affairs officer, “it’s common practice, when we have exercises, to get as much bang for the buck as we can. So sometimes we’ll have different organizations participating in the same exercise for different reasons.”[17]

Might the antiterrorist exercise at Fort Belvoir have been scheduled as part of a larger exercise at the nearby Pentagon, and might the “aircraft crash refresher class” at Fort Myer have been scheduled as part of an exercise involving an aircraft crashing into the Pentagon? After all, the Fort Myer Fire Department is responsible for operating the fire station at the Pentagon heliport, just 150 feet from where the building was hit on 9/11.[18]

So far, as a pilot and veteran with some exposure to how, when, why, and under what conditions military exercises are conducted and a lot of facts about military exercises on 9-11 that do not add up, I KNOW that the 9-11 Commission avoided a whole lot of questions that no serious and sereiously conducted investigation could/would avoid to even pose let alone cover-up and continue lies to try to rescue answers that do not add up and/or to avoid questions and answers altogether.

As a published scholar on imperialism, war, war crimes, intelligence operations etc. I KNOW, as does former SEAL Jesse Ventura, that every aggressive war starts with a False Flag Operation and I KNOW that 9-11 was used immediately, before any verification of who was involved, to set up to go to Iraq.

I KNOW that the Bush Administration ordered special units like the Office of Special Plans to be set up to circumvent normal intelligence gathering and vetting agencies; and OSP was tasked with finding and producing “evidence” (not finding out IF such evidence exists, but ordered to “find” and “produce” “evidence) of links between Saddam Hussein, 9-11, Al Qaeda and even others on the existing target list for regime change as well.

Then we get into Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth and whole sets of questions and data I have no background to evaluate. But others do. Take some of the following from Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. Their website also has some well done and thought provoking videos and essays:

Stephen Jones, formerly of BYU, hardly a left-wing think tank, and forced into early retirement because of his views on calculated implosion (requiring prior set up prior to 9-11) the collapse of Building 7 not even hit by any aircraft:

and also from a former Soviet Nuclear Intelligence Analyst:

Zero Hour Best 9-11 Doc?

Where is the plane in the second attack?

What kind of commercial airliner does not have windows?

This is all just for openers.

So from what I KNOW, at the same level of KNOWING what critical airspeeds are critical for flight in various aircraft types, says that there is not even the tip of a very large iceberg of problematic aspects of 9-11 that remain to be uncovered and addressed with proper investigations that are properly funded, given free scope and depth without fear or favor and properly staffed with persons free of the conflicts of interest and lack of expertise unlike those appointed to the 9-11 Commission.


Prof. James M. Craven/Omahkohkiaaiipooyii 

The “For-9/11-Truth” Movement

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