PALESTIN[D]IANS: The Righteous (Jewish and non-Jewish) Are Resisting and Must Resist

I am a Blackfoot Indian. There are maybe 45,000 or so of us left. Most are mixed-race and that is important in that we are defined by our occupiers by blood-quantum.

It takes 25% blood-quantum (from a particular nation) to be a federally recognized or registered “certified” Indian. This means that someone can be full-blood Native and yet not be registered because of being mixed say Cree.

Hidatsa, Blackfoot, Crow, Shoshone etc with not enough of any one to be considered 25%. I know of such persons. Of course “race” and blood-quantum are, biologically speaking, nonsense constructs yet they are used all the time.

Our land base today, what is recognized by those trying to exterminate us, covers some 2.6 million acres–an area larger than present-day Palestine (the areas occupied by those calling themselves Israelis and Palestinians). One document from the BIA said the following:

“Set the blood-quantum at one-quarter, hold to it as a rigid definition of Indians, let intermarriage proceed, and eventually Indians will be defined out of existence. When that happens, the Federal Government will be finally freed from its persistent Indian problem.”

Adolf Eichmann, or one of the Zionists who act just like–and often collaborated with–real Nazis could have said the same thing (for concrete evidence of Zionists having no problem collaborating with real Nazis see: and

One of our Chiefs, who was deprived of a lot of formal schooling (notice I did not use the word education which is often interfered with by schooling) said to me:

“You know we are like the Palestinians of North America and they are like the Indians of the Middle East.”

He did not know about the Balfour Declaration or any of the history. But he knew in his gut and heart that the parallels were there and strong. He said:

“We are ‘Palestindians'” and then said in Blackfoot language: “Ni Kso Ko Wa”; which means we are all related.”

We are related in many ways beyond being occupied, slandered, and objects of those intent on our extermination as a People.

For example, many of the techniques and crimes employed by the Nazis (medical experimentation, sterilization, ghettoization, starvation, biological warfare, eugenics laws, chemical warfare, etc) are routinely used in and outside of Israel against Palestinians, Blacks of Soweto, Indigenous peoples in Central and Latin America , and even against Sephardic and other Jews.


And the Nazis, on the other hand, from their own writings and mouths, were inspired by their take on US and Canadian histories with respect to possible and “efficient” instruments, methods, scopes and rationales for genocide against American Indians:

The Zionists have cynically and opportunistically used the Nazi Holocaust. While decrying “Holocaust Denial”, and labeling anyone who dares challenge them as either an anti-Semite or self-hating Jew, they have practiced the most odious forms of Holocaust denial–along with using the very same methods of the Nazis they decry.

First of all, they deny and refuse to remember, all the victims of the Nazi Holocaust as reflected in the color codes of the triangle-shaped badges of concentration camp victims: red–“Political Prisoners; green–“Habitual Criminals”; blue–“Forced Foreign Laborers”; pink–“Sexual Offenders”; purple–“Religious Disidents”; black–“Asocial Elements”; brown–“Sinti-Roma”; Jews–additional triangle forming “Star of David” in all categories.

Rank-ordering victims worthy of being remembered, is the same as rank-ordering victims worthy and not worthy of life–which is what Nazis do.

Another form of Holocaust denial is Holocaust exclusivism or chauvinism. It is this odious notion as if genocides against other victims are, somehow, not equivalent to genocide against Jews


Yet according to some principles of international law set at Nuremberg, all legal precedents apply equally to all nations without fear or favor including to the US and Israel.


Indeed it is interesting that the US was a prime mover at Nuremberg, and the Nuremberg trials were a prime mover for the 1948 UN Convention on Genocide; yet the US did not sign that Convention until 40 years after its origination and is still not in compliance with it because of the Helms-Hatch-Lugar “Sovereignty Exemption” which says that the US will not recognize any part of the UN Convention on Genocide that contradicts the US Constitution or US law as interpreted only by the US.

This by the way, violates Article VI Sec. 2 of the US Constitution itself. We have given our own Indictment of the US and Canadian Governments for Genocide copies of which were sent to Palestinian Authorities because the legal and other parallels are so strong.


We have no hatred of Jews because we understand that what was done to Jews and other targeted groups by the Nazis was inspired by what was done to us.

From Hitler’s own mouth he noted, from his readings of the novels of Karl May, that his inspiration for the possible methods, scopes, ways of cover-up and ways of getting mass acceptance for genocide, were inspired by his reading of the historical treatment of American Indians (in Canada and the US) the British internment of Boers in South Africa and the Turkish genocide against Armenians.

And from John Toland, preeminent biographer of Adolf Hitler:

“Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the Wild West; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination—by starvation and uneven combat—of the ‘Red Savages’ who could not be tamed by captivity. (John Toland, “Adolf Hitler” Vol II, p 802, Doubleday & Co, 1976)

According to James Pool in his “Hitler and His Secret Partners”:

“Hitler drew another example of mass murder from American history. Since his youth he had been obsessed with the Wild West stories of Karl May. He viewed the fighting between cowboys and Indians in racial terms. In many of his speeches he referred with admiration to the victory of the white race in settling the American continent and driving out the inferior peoples, the Indians. With great fascination he listened to stories, which some of his associates who had been in America told him about the massacres of the Indians by the US Calvary.”

That is why we cannot understand how victims of the Nazis and their ancestors could act so much like Nazis in their treatment of Palestinians. And it is an interesting historical footnote, that among the first Christian Zionists, the Pilgrims in 1620, who were more theo-fascist persecutors than persecuted, like present-day Zionists, they had the exact same saying as the present-day Zionists:

“A land with no people for a People with no land”.

This is as if the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas or Palestine were either not people, or not people of whose humanity was worth considering, or that those coming and occupying had no alternative lands from which they came that they could stay in and build something where they came from and/or resist the evils terrorizing them.

The crimes being committed by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan (preemptive and aggressive wars founded on lies, phony intelligence and contrived pretexts) and elsewhere, along with the crimes being committed by the State of Israel and its supporters (also with lies, phony intelligence and contrived pretexts) are the exact same crimes for which Nazis were tried and properly hanged for at Nuremberg.


And the violence of the Intifada and Palestinian Resistance, is of the same order, and has the same moral legitimacy, as the uprising of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto against Nazi Occupiers.

Only a moral eunuch could possibly see the violence of the occupied oppressed resisting illegal occupation and total extermination as on the same level as the violence of the illegally occupying oppressor seeking to do the exterminating.

Or, to put it another way: Say a woman is at her home and a rapist attacks; say she is armed; say she shoots at the attacking rapist and misses and the bullet hits a child across the street.

The moral culpability still rests with the rapist not the intended rape victim. The Palestinians are in the position of the rape victim and the Zionists are the rapist.

At the infamous Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942, of the 15 high-level Nazis that met to authorize and plan “The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”, 8 of them held doctorates and 9 of them were lawyers.

They were not there only to plan the mechanics and logistics of genocide, they were there to provide a legal rationale for genocide and indeed discuss methods to make genocide look like self-defense of the Reich and even gain mass acceptance–and culpability–for it; they were there to dress up in legal refinements, the ugliest of the ugly.

This is precisely what the Zionists (Jewish and non-Jewish) are doing and what the righteous (Jewish and non-Jewish) are resisting and must resist.

Prof. James M. Craven/
Blackfoot Name: Omahkohkiaayo i’poyi
Member, Blackfoot Nation
Professor of Economics and Geography
Biographical Subject: Marquis “Who’s Who in: The World; America; The West; Science and Engineering; Finance and Industry/Business; American Education

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