Muslim Brotherhood Become What al-Qaeda Were 11 Years Ago: The Latest US-created Terrorist Group: The False Flag

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood is Next Terrorist Boogeyman After False Flag in Libya


Protests are erupting across the Middle East as demonstrators throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at police who retaliate with tear gas canisters being shot into the crowds. The US Embassy in Cario has become a new target.

On the 11th anniversary of September 11th, a US-sponsored false flag attack occurred wherein the US Embassy in Libya was bombed. The US Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens was suffocated to death and his dead body dragged through the streets amid a mob of fake revolutionaries supported by the CIA-funded al-Qaeda.

Obama, using this manufactured Islamic extremist threat to his advantage, admonished Egypt saying “they’re not taking responsibilities, as all other countries do where we have embassies, I think that’s going to be a real big problem.”

In Yemen, mobs have formed and stormed the US Embassy in Sanaa, Egypt. This latest protest is being tied to the Islamic film that sparked the violence in Libya.

One has been reported killed while 13 Egyptian protesters are wounded after security guard fortified the compound and began firing on the protesters. It is estimated by mainstream media that 5,000 protesters over-ran the US embassy.

The protesters who are al-Qaeda operatives have been heard repeating a mantra: “we redeem, Messenger of God.” The US flag has also been destroyed and burned in effigy.

Yemen is one of the homesteads of the CIA-funded al-Qaeda. The terrorism through proxy campaign the US is waging on the Middle Eastern nations is beginning to take form under the cover of another staged Arab Spring.

Ali Aujali suddenly claimed that the bombing was in response to the frustration left behind by the US-contracted murder of Gaddafi as “loyalists” acted out and “they took this chance to infiltrate among the people.”

Obama is now turning his back on the Muslim Brotherhood and his favored Mohammad Morsi who the US government planted for presidency in Egypt.



Obama said about Morsi and the Egyptian protests: “We are going to have to see how they respond to this incident, how they respond to, for example, maintaining the peace treaty with Israel. So far, at least, what we’ve seen is, in some cases, that they’ve said the right things and taken the right steps; in others, how they’ve responded to various events may not be aligned with our interests, and so I think it’s still a work in progress.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), under their National Terror Alert Response Center (NTARC) has issues a threat warning entitled, “Egyptian-Iranian Intelligence Meeting Prompts Fears of a New Middle East Terror Axis.”

The DHS have declared the Muslim Brotherhood as working with Iranian spies.

Being a deniable asset, the Muslim Brotherhood have become what al-Qaeda were 11 years ago – the latest US-created terrorist group who will be the catalyst that propels America into Fascist control.

Obama had members of the Muslim Brotherhood over for dinner and drinks back in June of this year; as well as sent $1.5 billion in “foreign aid” as a celebratory gift to Morsi’s newly elected government.

The Pentagon has reportedly approved and is sending armed drones to Libya to “seek out insurgents”. Considering that the terrorists are CIA-sponsored, those drones will undoubtedly be dispatched for another purpose.

The US Navy have deployed two missile guided destroyers to the coast of Libya for “contingency plans”, says a military official. US military aircraft have taken the dead and wounded out of Libya as Obama orders “all necessary resources” to Libya. Obama intends to “increase security at our diplomatic posts around the globe.”

The film that is being used as the reason for this explosive violence in the Islamic world was written and directed by Sam Bacile, an Israeli and Zionist-sponsored filmmaker who previously worked as a real estate broker. Initial reports had Bacile going into hiding and only surfacing long enough to say that “Islam is a cancer.”

Searching for Sam Bacile come up empty as there is suspicion that this person does not actually exist. According to the Zionist-controlled Israeli government, there are no records of Bacile; as well as a lack of real property owned by Bacile, phone number, license, and court records of Bacile ever being in California.

Steve Klein, a consultant for the film Bacile is credited having made, is stating that Bacile is neither Jewish, nor Israeli and that this is in fact a pseudonym. The Zionist connection is now being covered-up so that all that is left is the deniable asset known as the Muslim Brotherhood who are the newest Boogeyman for the world to fear.

It is clear that using al-Qaeda as the go-to terrorist faction is no longer effective for the US government. The exposure of this manufactured group as fake has taken root in the psyche of the American people as well as citizens throughout the world.

It is time for a new, scary threat to justify further murder of the Islamic nations through the directives of the Zionist movement and their puppets like Obama and Netanyahu.

This battle centers on the Salafist and Zionist wars that have gone on for centuries. In this respect, this is a holy war, based on religion and the extermination of people for their religious beliefs.

The Israeli media is turning the ethnicity of Bacile onto America, as Morris Sadek, a US-0based Egyptian Christian claims that Bacile is “an American”. The National American Coptic Christian movement is coming into the spotlight as well under the question of who Bacile really is.

Sadek hopes that the film exposes the discrimination of the Islamic world against Christians, while implying his approval of the violence that has ensued due to the film.

The reality is that the movie trailer accredited to Bacile entitled The Innocence of Muslims was released onto YouTube over 2 months ago and is only now sparking such an outraged response . . . This does not make sense.

Having doubt about Bacile’s existence, there may not be a finished film to speak of; considering that this trailer has performed the job of allegedly inciting a riot that fits the schemes of the Zionists in the Middle East.

Surfacing reports about the cast of the film assert that they did not know they were participating in a slam movie about Muslims, but were told that “they were appearing in a film about the life of a generic Egyptian 2,000 years ago.”

The coordinated attack on the US Embassy in Libya surprisingly coincided with the release of the trailer dubbed into Arabic and disseminated throughout the Islamic nations, according to the propaganda purveyed by the mainstream media .

Obama, planning to attack Iran and supporting a proxy war in Syria at the directives of the Zionist handlers controlling both he and Netanyahu is breeding a new terrorist faction he once endorsed called the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Islamic extremist threat, used to stifle Americans after 9/11 is back with the new deniable asset, the Muslim Brotherhood. This group has been used in secret by the Zionists since the early 1920s.

They have a long and standing relationship as a proven terrorist organization just terrifying enough to instill the right amount of fear into the minds of the ignorant American public.


Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
September 14, 2012

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