European Parliament Member Nigel Farage: “We Are Now Entering The Terrifying End Game”


Today MEP (Member European Parliament) Nigel Farage warned King World News that “We are now entering the end game.”   Farage also cautioned “We are storing up these huge problems for our children and grandchildren.”

Farage also discussed gold, but first, here is what he had to say about the ongoing crisis: “What is really happening here is the eurozone crisis is so serious, and so dire, public opinion across Europe is turning so quickly in every country against the project, that what they are trying to do is seal and complete the project before everybody really wakes up to what’s being done in their name.”

Nigel Farage continues:

“That’s what they are about.  We are now entering the end game in what has been a 50 year political project.  This is all going to come to a very dramatic head over the course of the next two years….

“The end game for them is to effectively abolish the nation states of Europe, to completely abolish any concept of national democracy, and to vest all power, all the attributes we associate with normal countries, that is all to be vested in this new European political class.

That imperial ambition has been there from the start, but up until now it has been hidden.  I have to say that as far as most of Europe is concerned,  I am quite pessimistic.

Despite the fact that we have these democratic rebellions taking place in the North, in so much of Europe the current status quo has the whip hand and is in control.  For most of Europe they will continue with this insane project, but there are countries that will free themselves from it.

The United Kingdom is in a good position, the Czech Republic may well have the will and the courage to stop it.  Finland may well have the will and the courage to stop it, but I think most of the rest of it is going to carry on down this course of absolute stupidity.”

Farage also added:  “We are storing up these huge problems for our children and grandchildren.  They are going to have to pick up the bill at some point in time, and we’re making it dramatically worse with every single year that goes by.  The hope, and I’m going to talk about the United Kingdom, I think that this new treaty that is being proposed is just so extreme that the British people are absolutely revolted by the whole idea.  The moment the British people get an opportunity in a referendum to break free of this thing has actually gotten closer.  So for Britain, I think there is a happy note for the last couple of weeks, but I do fear for much of the rest of Europe.”

Farage, who has been remarkably accurate in his predictions regarding gold, had this to say: “We have had quite a good bounce up (in gold) after that shakeout.  Right now I would rather be long than short, but I think the markets just need to digest these giant political moves that we’ve seen on the global stage.  Just for the moment, the real fears about the banking system have receded, falsely of course. So I don’t see gold going anywhere fast at this moment in time.  But you’ve got to stay long of it because ultimately these problems of debt, these problems of money printing, and this huge problem overhanging much of our banking system, none of it has gone away.  The markets are not focused on it at the moment, but they will be again before too long.”


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