DPRK Lambastes Lee Myung Bak for Begging for “Cooperation” from US, Japan and Others over Nuclear Issue

[Editor’s note: The words within those four [ ] brackets in the KCNA article are from The 4th Media’s editorial work.]



[The worst national] traitor [in her entire history] Lee Myung Bak of south Korea is letting loose a spate of vituperation against the DPRK in a bid to beg other countries for “cooperation” in his racket over its nuclear issue.

[Recently, the habitual liar] Lee met heads of state of foreign countries attending the APEC summit and implored them to “cooperate” with south Korea in the settlement of the “nuclear issue of the north”.

Not content with this, he flew to a Nordic country where he again trumpeted about “no nukes and opening”, claiming that “if the north abandons its nukes and become a member of the international community, the whole world will help it”.

Great irony is [the worst US lackey] Lee is behaving so foolishly though he is no more than a sleep walker hit hard from all sides, totally rejected by the people and strongly censured at home and abroad.

The disgusting remarks made by Lee, ignorant of the essence of the nuclear issue, are no more than the last-ditch efforts of those driven into a tight corner due to the total failure of his policy of confrontation with the north.

The nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula was spawned by the U.S. nuclear threat to the DPRK and the south Korean puppet group’s toeing the U.S. line from A to Z.

The U.S. ceaseless nuclear blackmail, deployment of nuclear weapons in south Korea and the reckless maneuvers for a nuclear war staged by it together with south Korean warmongers compelled the DPRK to have access to nuclear deterrent for self-defense.

[The most despised, disgusted and hated president in nation’s entire history of kings and presidents] Lee has neither justification nor face to talk about the nuclear issue as he has got frantic with those war exercises while dreaming of disarming the DPRK and “bringing down its social system” with the watchwords of “no nukes, opening and 3 000 dollars” since he seized power.



In recent days alone he introduced a lot of nuclear war hardware for carrying out the U.S. new defense strategy and kicked up a new racket for a nuclear war such as Ulji Freedom Guardian only to be denounced for acting as a shock brigade and main servant for a nuclear war and straining the situation in the Korean Peninsula and the region.

As disclosed by a south Korean opposition party on Sept. 10, it is none other than Lee Myung Bak who is so serious about turning the Jeju naval base into a nuclear carrier base of the U.S. forces.

No wonder, foreign experts at a recent meeting ridiculed the south Korean puppet regime, questioning its delegates “until when it would be under the U.S. nuclear umbrella”. “South Korea will not escape second-category treatment as long as it behaves so”, they added.

Lee had better shut up his mouth causing only misfortune and dig out his grave rather than suffering disgrace for ridiculously imploring for such “cooperation.”


KCNA, Pyongyang

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