DPRK Called For Nuclear Weapons Should Be Completely Removed on a Worldwide Scale

Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) — The head of the delegation of the Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the DPRK Foreign Ministry on Sept. 7 called for ensuring the vitality of the comprehensive test ban treaty at the Moscow International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation.

“Only when CTBT is enforced under the pre-condition that the nuclear weapons would be completely removed on a worldwide scale can all states be granted practically equal and just obligations and rights,” he said, adding:

In that sense, the more pressing issue than enforcing CTBT is to establish the international legal framework on unconditional ban on the use and complete removal of existing nuclear weapons worldwide and work out impartial and proportionate measures for nuclear disarmament and removal based on mutual trust.

In order to make CTBT effective in the reality, its pre-conditions should be ready and for that, the main nuclear powers should fulfill their responsibility and duty in the efforts to thoroughly remove the source of the nuclear war in the world.

Especially it is important for the U.S., a nuclear superpower of the world, to stop all acts of military buildup that destroy the world stability such as modernizing and conventionalizing nuclear weapons as well as developing new ultra-modern weapons in substitute for nuclear weapons.

Unless the U.S. puts an end to these maneuvers, we would never see the folding up of arms race among the great powers aimed at defending their own security and strategic interests and this would produce grave consequences to the world peace and stability.

As been repeatedly clarified, the DPRK would discharge its responsibility and duty as a responsible nuclear state for the nuclear non-proliferation in the future.




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