A Perspective on the Westernization, Americanization Among Not A Small Number of Young Chinese Population


I’ve been discussing various topics related to government, politics, the West, with groups of people here in Shanghai – mostly young professionals, all university grads, ages maybe 25 to 35.

And I’ve been frequently surprised at the attitude of some individuals who appear to have been strongly influenced by some outside source or sources I was unable to identify.

The attitudes expressed, and even the words and phrases used, were too similar, almost verbatim, appearing to have come from some American source that was listing all the advantages of the US or the West, compared to China.

“China needs two political parties” – no idea why, and no understanding of what that might mean, but China definitely needs a multi-party government.

“Why is the West so rich, compared to China?” – Well, it’s because the West has democracy, and because its educational system is so superior. The Chinese know only how to pass exams but they have no imagination.

“China has a lousy government because it is all corrupt” – with no separation of, or understanding of, national, provincial and local officials. Just “government”. Damned for all kinds of things, many of which are not the government’s fault.

“I don’t believe that 88% of Chinese trust the government. That can’t be true.”

And so many others, cut from the same cloth. It’s all pure American propaganda, baseless and uninformed, appearing as if some of these individuals had a long discussion with an American somewhere, and were hammered on how bad their country was, and given an introduction to all of China’s comparative failings.

When I explained, for example, that the West was rich primarily due to colonialism, to extermination and looting of resources, these people were speechless. And none had any idea that the US was encircling China with propaganda, with military, and trying to infiltrate.

None had any idea that China’s government was closed to foreign interference, and that this was primarily why the US wants China to open up and have multiple political parties.

They are very naive, innocent, totally unaware of the political forces surrounding them.

These people were spellbound as I outlined many of these issues; they simply had no idea.

There is a great need to enlighten and inform all these people of a great many facts. I am hoping my book will accomplish that.


龙信明, www.bearcanada.com







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