Iranian Spies in Syria: CIA-controlled Free Syrian Army (FSA) Propaganda to Frame Iran

The CIA-controlled Free Syrian Army (FSA) are claiming they have captured 48 Iranian spies after the FSA received US intelligence that Iran had planted people in Syria on reconnaissance missions.

Abdel Nasser al-Shumair, Commander of the al-Baraa Brigade for the Free Syrian Army, said, “This operation took action after we received intelligence information revealing that Iran has sent groups on a reconnaissance mission in Damascus. And after two months of investigations, we managed to capture some members of an Iranian revolutionary guards group.”

An Iranian official pointed out that the “revolution in Syria” is a false claim because the Syrian people are in support of their government and opposed to the FSA who have infiltrated their country and are carrying out missions in favor of the US and Israeli agenda to over-throw their government.



Hossein Amir Abdollohian, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African affairs said that “the people of Syria support their government’s stance about being a part of and having an influential role in the axis of resistance (against Israel).”

Iran is denying that the 48 hostages claimed by the FSA are from Iran and are asserting that these men are actually members of the Revolutionary Guards, an elite group carrying out false terrorist activities.

More false reports from the FSA surround the firing of Riad Hijab, former Prime Minister for Syria; as the FSA say he defected and came to their side. Mainstream media are saying that Hijab has left the country and cannot be reached. The only reports are coming from the FSA themselves and knowing that they are working for the CIA; their word is questionable to say the least.

While Obama and Netanyahu have secretly decided to attack both Syria and Iran, the blending of these two conflicts is beginning to show in the mainstream media. Obama and Netanyahu are currently working out the details of their pending attack, which is expected within the next few weeks or months. It is agreed that the attack will occur in coincidence of the 2012 US election season.

Iranian television has aired what is described as a “confession” by Israeli agents for the murders of Iranian nuclear scientists in an effort to “sabotage the country’s nuclear program.”

The documentary called “Terror Club” showed Israel’s agents saying that the received training in Israel by the Mossad in conjunction with US government approval to then be planted in Iran to conduct the killings. One informant said: “I had military training there, training in riding motorcycles, shooting, personal defense. They gave us information training as well … how to take pictures, for example. It took about 40, 45 days.”

The training camp was located just outside Tel Aviv. The informants admitted that Turkey, a key entry point, was involved in the scheme.

Iran has been attacked in a “soft war” with the killings, mysterious explosions at military sites and the computer viruses Stuxnet and Flame that attacked their nuclear power plant facilities. While the US, who has been secretly involved with many missions designed to compromise both Syria and Iran, officially deny involvement.

The UN has infiltrated the international opinion of the situation in these Arab nations by sending in controlled NGOs like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch who accuse Iran of gathering intelligence from suspects with the use of torture.

Drewery Dyke, Iran researcher at Amnesty International comments: “In many instances, torture and other ill-treatment are used to extract ‘confessions’ under duress. Accusations of torture are routinely ignored in court and not investigated, while ‘confessions’ extracted under duress are accepted as evidence.”

Amnesty International is not interested in the torture sanctioned by the US government at Guantanamo Bay. Information obtained there was used to justify the false flag killing of Osama bin Laden , a CIA-operative and patsy used by the US government to justify further illegal invasions of Middle Eastern countries.


Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism

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