US-made “State-Sponsored Terrorism” against DPRK, Syria, Iran, China and Elsewhere around the World Continues

Double-Standards Are Not Acceptable in Punishing Terrorists: KCNA Commentary

Arrested Terrorist Interviewed


The U.S. and the south Korean regime are pretending ignorance of the recent attempted state-sponsored terrorist act which stunned the world.

But liars have short wings.

Persons involved in the heinous politically-motivated case testified to the fact that it was committed under the U.S. aid and with its final approval.

The U.S. instigated south Korean intelligence agencies to let human scum form a organization for demolishing statues in the DPRK.

It was deeply involved in the whole course of the case while offering them a large amount of money and subversion and sabotage means and even examining and approving the plan.

It is needless to say that those devoid of elementary morality and conscience can not dare commit so a monstrous “undertaking”.

The international community was so shocked to find that the U.S. manipulated the terrorist case directly linked with the supreme dignity of a sovereign state despite its loud call for combating terrorism.

According to data available, a meeting for U.S. special operations is a regular happening in Florida State.

At a recent meeting, a brigadier general of the U.S. Army referred to the importance of spy activities in the DPRK.

He said U.S. special units have already kicked off collecting information in the DPRK.

The U.S. Department of Defense organized a secret action unit called the defense secret department at the Defense Intelligence Agency, intensifying information collection outside war zones.

This organization preferentially aims at such countries as the DPRK, Iran and China.

An official of the U.S. Department of Defense said that the new organization is aimed at letting agents hold right posts in cooperation with the Central Intelligence Agency and collect necessary information.

This is not so surprising news.

Information collection by U.S. special units in the DPRK was exposed by the action program of the U.S. Department of Defense which was opened to the public several years ago.

The U.S. has prepared “conflict” in such a way as rallying agents near the border areas of the DPRK and spreading rumors there to create confusion.

The U.S. set a special item in the national budget every year and has escalated psychological warfare against the DPRK and operations for undermining it while providing a fabulous amount of funds to anti-DPRK plot-breeding organizations.

The recent attempted terrorist act was a violation of international law, which was committed on the line of their extension.

Included in the International Anti-terrorism Law are regional conventions on ban of terrorist acts and punishment of terrorists, international convention on prohibition of terrorism by explosives and international convention on banning provision of funds for terrorism.

Defined as forms of international terrorism in the conventions are violence or threat by violence of life and health of state leaders, government officials and public figures, acts of destroying and disturbing state public properties and use of firepower weapons, explosives and poison for indiscriminative violence.

Such acts are bound to be strictly punished as they are international terrorist crimes, and no statute of limitations is applicable to criminals.

The U.S. should meet the demand of the International Anti-terrorism Law.

It can never evade the responsibility for the recent case.

It should admit the gravity of the heinous politically-motivated, state-sponsored terrorist act against the DPRK as it acted a back-stage manipulator and make an official apology to the DPRK.

The U.S. should punish felons responsible for the terrorist acts.

If the U.S. applies two separate standards regarding the punishment of terrorists, it will result in fuelling terrorism, plunging the U.S. mainland into uneasiness and wrecking world peace.


Pyongyang, KCNA

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