Future Climate Change Threats Arise from Nuclear Power and Not the Mythology of CO2 Emissions

Climate Change Science Nukes the Atmosphere to Measure CO2


A recent study by alarmist Philip W. Mote, director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute at Oregon State University claims that global warming is 20 times more likely the cause of last year’s heat wave in Texas which was directly causational to the overwhelming emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The study, which covered the 2011 weather events , was rushed to be ready for publication by February of 2012.

The study entitled, “Did human influence on climate make the 2011 Texas drought more probable?” surmised that even though it was probable that the drought was responsible for the heat wave, Mote decided to interject that it was more probable that human influence was the ultimate cause of the extreme temperatures.

Mote is convinced that while scientists are not 100% sure that human influence is an encompassing cause of “extreme events” and they are not without doubt about the response the biosphere has to “the stuff we’re putting into the atmosphere”, nevertheless, “We are, in a sense, setting up our descendants for a set of weather events that may cause varying degrees of harm. And the less greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere, the less harmful those events will be.”

Mote and his colleges used observations from the National Climatic Data Center and simulations by the UK Meteorological Office’s Hadley Center Atmospheric General Circulation Model 3P (HadAM3P). The HadAM3P is a global atmospheric model used to simulate climate, however not indicative of real world observations of the actual climate of our planet.



The years of 1960 – 1970 and 2000 – 2010 were ensambled. These years were all La Nina years. A La Nina/El Nino is variability that is an important natural source of climate/weather change and could skew the results. And it did.

Drier years are warmer. When less precipitation was observed, the weather was drier and temperatures rise. Next the models predicted whether or not Texas was likely to become hotter and heat waves increase. And based on flawed data, the answer was an unequivocal yes.

Mark Albright of the University of Washington has analyzed Mote’s data and concluded that the gradual rise in temperatures is not consistent with the assertion of man-made global warming produced by exponentially raised levels of CO2, but rather a gradual increase that is natural because of its incremental rise since the mid-1970’s.

In reality, the rise in temperatures in Texas has only been one tenth of a degree Celsius since 1960.

Nuclear testing and climate science has an entangled history that goes back to the Cold War when laboratories were tracing radioactivity set up into the atmosphere by nuclear bomb blasts.

According to Paul Edwards from the University of Michigan, nuclear testing and climate science are almost interchangeable.

After the Fukushima disaster, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization followed the radioactive plume released in Japan through a network of surveillance satellites designed to ascertain airborne radionuclides. That very system is a decedent of computer models and intelligence systems originally designed to track radiation from nuclear weapons testing.

Climate scientists use tracing radioactive carbon as it travels through the upper atmosphere, the oceans and lower atmospheric levels to find correlations to link human influence to global warming.

Nuclear science is the basis for climate change mathematical models. Even the numerical methods used in climate change models are derived from those created by nuclear weapons designers for deciphering the fluid dynamics equations required to examine shock waves created in nuclear explosions.

Just as with nuclear science, climate change alarmists use the environmental impact as the effectual conclusion for their research.

Nuclear reactors release radioactive carbon into the atmosphere. It is this release of radioactive material that is being traced in the atmosphere. The global Elite have forced nuclear energy as the primary source of energy use worldwide, and it is their technology that is causing the actual effects of global warming.

It may be safe to say that future climate change threats arise from nuclear power and not the mythology of CO2 emissions.


Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism

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