DPRK Condemns Japanese Denial of Nanjing Massacre Which Killed More Than 300,000 Chinese

A memorial for inhabitants who were mercilessly killed by the Imperial Japanese Army 93 years ago was held at Ivanopka village in Amur Region of the Far East region of Russia on March 22.

This is a living proof indicting the Japanese imperialists for the crimes they committed under the pretext of “clearing anti-Japanese forces” nearly one century ago.

The Japanese authorities have made desperate efforts to shirk off the responsibility, instead of making honest repentance and apology for its wrongdoings before the international community.

They have kept silence as regards the memorial held in the village.

Japan has denied the Nanjing massacre in which it mercilessly killed more than 300 000 innocent Chinese.

In particular, it has behaved despicably to justify the history of the fascist rule of oppression during when the Japanese imperialists inflicted great misfortune on the Korean people after reducing Korea into Japan’s colony.

The Japanese authorities including the prime minister and ruling and opposition parties have made all-out efforts to whitewash the Japanese imperialists’ crime-woven history in the last century.

The Japanese imperialists abducted and forcibly took away at least 8.4 million Koreans and hurled them into battlefield for aggression and forced them to do slave labor and mercilessly killed more than a million of them.

They also forced 200 000 Korean women into the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army in the last century.

Japan is now trying hard to push under the carpet this blood-stained history interwoven with crimes.

The Japanese authorities have totally denied and distorted the crimes the Japanese imperialists committed against the Koreans and other people of the world in the last century.

This is an unpardonable insult and open challenge to the Korean nation and the world progressives calling for the liquation of the past.

History can neither be changed nor removed no matter how desperately one may try to distort and cover it up.

Voices calling for the Japanese imperialists’ redemption of the past are growing stronger in different parts of the world as evidenced by the memorial service in Russia.

This clearly proves that the crime-woven history can neither be covered up nor removed no matter how much water may flow under the bridge.

The Japanese authorities are persistently trying to shirk off their responsibility for the past while whitewashing the crimes.

This will bring into bolder relief Japan’s shamelessness and moral vulgarity before the international community.

The Japanese reactionaries’ moves to cover up the crime-woven history can never be pardoned.


KCNA, Pyongyang, April 2

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