2012 is going to be another tough year, challenging and with some major political agenda’s

The big banks, JP Morgan, Citi, AIG, Freddi Mac. Lehman, Goldman Sach’s, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, all conspired together to pull of the biggest bank robbery unknown to mankind, along with the Fed’s under Allan Greenspan and the puppet George Bush, set a trap for the 99%, the middle class, with ridiculously low interest rates on home loans (2001 – 2007), once the middle class were just about all debt ensnared, they hatched the trap, bumped interest rates back up and boom, the middle class disposable income shrinks because the debt repayments go up, and so the middle class spends less on good and services, to such an extreme they default on their payments, businesses start retrenching and bang we in a world wide recession. 

Then the Government bails the banks and auto industry out for a price tag of $1 trillion USD. 

Question, why was there a need for a bailout, where did the middle class money go. 


If Mr A buys a house from Mr B and they both bank with the same bank, it’s just a transfer of money from one account to another in the same bank, the money is not going out, even if Mr B defaults, the bank won’t go bankrupt, because the money hasn’t gone anywhere. 

If Mr A buys a house from Mr B  for a $100 000 and they both bank with different banks, then the money has to move out from Mr A’s bank, JP Morgan to  Mr B’s bank,Stanley Bank, then JP Morgan has to transfer the money out to Stanley(Mr B’s bank) to effect receipt of payment, then Morgan is short $100 000, but Mr A pays his bank back every month, so if Mr A defaults, then JP Morgan Bank can go bang, if it’s over leveraged. 

But in this case, both banks won’t go bang, only JP Morgan. 

But in America, the big banks control the middle class home loan sector, i.e when the floodgates opened re the mortgages, the money simply moved around the big banks bank accounts, i.e the deck simply got shuffled, so the defaults on mortgage payments should not have collapsed them. Just the middle class would’ve end up been raped and pillaged of their livelihoods. 

Why then were all the big banks needing bailouts adding up to $1 trillion dollars ? Where did the money go, and why didn’t the Fed’s with Allan Greenspan or the Bank’s Auditors sound the alarm for the reckless home loans taking place during the boom, it was all dead quiet. 

The money was siphoned out of the economy into the elites back pockets (top 1 percents), e.g property tycoons and the  Wall Street bankers via fraudulent transactions, e.g re the bankers used fictitious financial derivative fees for swapping the toxic bundled home loan swaps, that they just kept swapping hands and swapping hands and all the way getting paid fees for doing this, this would have eaten the banks profits away to the point that the banks capital got eaten up as well i.e the banks got eaten up from the inside out along with the fat cat bonuses paid to the exec’s for raping the middle class and then less tax for the government, so the government get’s shafted as well, and then bails the banks out for shafting them. 

Was like a giant hoover, sucking up all the middle class disposable income, only to empty the hoover bag full of money out into the back pockets of the top 1%. 

These fraudsters then draw the money and put into a vault or a over seas hedge fund etc, and bang the banks are left with a massive black of hole and need to be bailet out. 

Like what the Exec’s at Enron did. And it’s just deadly quiet, no one has brought the bankers to book, Greenspan and the bankers lied during their hearings, it’s obvious now how corrupt they were and need to stand trial for perjury. 

It’s just so happens that these big banks exec’s are pro Israel and the lobbies they support are also the ones calling for covert or overt strikes against Iran, and are huge donors of pro Israel lobbies that support the illegal Israeli settlement activity across the green line, which contravenes international law, which is the benchmark for borders, boundaries, to stop dictators from land grabbing eg Saddam Hussein and Kuwait, now Israel is land grapping from disputed territories, designated for the Palestinians, and henceforth, the only people with legal authority for building permits in occupied territories of PAlestine is the Palestinian Authority under Mr Abbas. 

These bankers are also supporting Rommney and Gingrich, and guess what , they calling for covert or overt military strikes against Iran. 

Tony Blair who was so sure of Iraq’s WMD’s held by a “mad man”, lead the world to war along with Bush re Iraq, Iraq has been a humanitarian disaster, for Americans and Iraqi’s, the people of Iraq have seen their nation turn into a hornets nest of terrosist activity and it’s just chaos, and innocent people been bombed and the blood shedding is just getting totally out of hand. 

The war against Iraq, was based on lies, trickery and deceit, it was morally wrong and an absolute humanitarian disaster, and for what, it’s achieved nothing, some Sunni’s have taken power, so some Sunni’s are happy, but the 99% of Iraqi people are far worse off than when Saddam Hussein and his ageing regime was in power, he was contained and not a threat at all.

Hans Blix even said, he needed more time for inspections, so what was the rush all of a sudden??? Still no answers to this one! or was the WMD’s that could be desposed within 45 minutes, question, if that was the case who’s going to be stupid enough to invade Iraq knowing WMD’s will be dispatched within 45 minutes = no one, was just lies and manipulation to get  a war!! 

Now, it’s the same top 1% of people, that are either in bed with the bankers or the arms industry,  e.g like Blair and JP Morgan or Gingrich and his Foreign policy advisors and the arms industry, Rommney and the banks. 

It’s the same clique whipping up lies, deceit and trickery for another war, this time with Iran.

Same song, different country:

Mad man with WMD’s – Saddam Hussein and Iraq

Mad man acquiring WMD’s – Ahmadinajad and Iran

And we’ve got to do everything we can to stop him and let’s hurry, quick, quick every one lets bomb Iraq/n before it too late, as he is such a danger to us all, etc etc same bull, same agenda, different geography. 

A war with Iran will be an Iraq a thousand times worse, it will see a massive war, oil prices shoot through the roof  and stay their for a long period of time and collapse the world economy, with food prices already high in tough economic times, will be catastrophic. 

This war with Iran for America and Israel’s security and ours of course, is based on lies, deceit and trickery and is a recipe for an absolute humanitarian disaster. 

Ahmadinajad just blows off hot air, re “wiping Israel of the map”, he will not nuke Israel, nor will he supply nukes to Taliban etc, America supported the taliban against Russia, but didn’t give them Nukes, neither will Ahmadinajad, he has said he has no intention of starting a war with Israel or America. 

Inspections on the Iranian Nuke physilicities are moving forward, showing Ahmadinajad’s humility and willingness to co-operate with the International community to avoid a war, so much for him been a mad man, it’s just another lie from these elitists to discredit the man to whip up a frenzy for war, like what they did with the Saddam Hussein while inspections were happening on the ground and they just got pulled out, it’s a absolute disgrace.

It’s the mothers and fathers of these kids the elite send to war that have to bury them or for many others who got injured it’s the parents that now look after their kids who have come back with henenious disabilities, while Blair and Bush and the Elite have tea and cake and have the arrogance to call for another war with Iran, either covertly or overtly, both cases can lead to war, e.g 2 kids play fighting quickly turns ugly. 

Afgan is a hornets nest, a war without end, America must just pull out, strike a deal re accepting a withdrawal of troops and changing policy with Israel re been bias and vetoing the Palestinians at the UN. 

Ron Paul opposes these wars, legalising martial law, phone tapping etc. Ron Paul is a genuine man, with a heart for the people, and we need to pray for him, as the One World elitists are trying again to get their men Rommney or Gingrich into power, with Obama already coming under their squeeze playing a dangerous balancing act, their tentacles are getting into the White House, with the intention of war, and raping the middle class, read the book of Daniel on my website for more on this, It’s what a Jewsih prophet saw over 2500 years ago about the end time war, and he saw the president giving way for another leader who is assassinated to make way for the Anti Christ to take over post a war with America/Israel and Iran. 

We all need to pray for Ron Paul, he opposes everything these elitist and pro Israel lobbies stand for, and they will think nothing of trying to assassinate him. American congress and the Pro Israel lobbies are under siege, it’s obvious how radical they’ve become, pray for them in a big way, the watergate scandal is nothing compared to what’s going on now, there is blackmail, extortion, bribery and kidnapping all going on behind the scenes for the Elite to pursue their One World agenda’s. 

So it comes to this: 

Pray for Ron Paul and for President Obama and Hillary and Biden, they need God’s protection in a big way, and President Obama is under tremedous pressure to bring these laws in re Patriot act, NDAA, SOPA; 

2012 a potential War= inflation,famine,starvation,death or lock the bankers and their fellow con’s up = peace & prosperity; 

Also, the natural disasters will plaque densley populated area’s until we stop the bloodsheeding/wars/consensual se/abortions/homosexuality verse living according to God’s Word and his standards and not our own cleverly man made standards. 

The middle class home loan debt must be written down by 25-50%, this will boost the 99% disposable income, and kill the recession, one easy way is to get the one trillion dollars back the bankers and their cons stole and give it back to the people, that’s what the Anti Christ plans to do according to the book of Daniel, to con us, but if we get it back, he’s the con and not us getting conned. 

So brace yourselves, 2012 is a big challenge, but if we invite the lord Jesus into our hearts and accept his ways, we’ll flourish amidst the storms.


Adrian de Villiers, www.lionofjuda.com



Patriot act (Allows wire tapping and search and seizure without a warrant or just cause)

NDAA (Allows the military to detain U.S Citizens indefinitely without Charge or trial)


SOPA (allows the government to censor the internet)



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