Yunnan “0 door” diving event was accused of shameless

Recently, the judges, in Yunnan Diving Championships, all give 0 score to the provisional action competition. After the game, many referees who don’t familiar with diving business caused more focus and questioned from athletes, parents and experts, including one referee said he just is a driver.

Chen Min, the head judge and an aerobics teacher of Yunnan Normal University, explained that the small players were sentenced to 0 points because they aren’t in accordance with the provisions of the technical difficulty.  

Yunnan Sport Bureau responded on the 0 point incident on August 17 that the competition is fair and impartial. They also said that the referees were selected as a positive attempt to innovation.

The experts said the relevant department of Yunnan Sports Bureau is not only ignorance, but shameless.

National Diving Technical Committee official also said that the score is clearly lack of professional standers, “What’s rule? Why is our rule different from their?”

Source: Xinhua

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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