Will China’s economics have a hard landing?

It released the worry of Chinese people about the economics since the National Bureau of Statistics published the data of GDP in the first half of the year. Recently, however, the discussions of whether China will be a hard landing do not disappear. In one opinion, the growth of GDP in the second season drop down to 9.5% approached to 9.7% in the third season of 2008 during the financial crisis. According to this reason, they thought would be a hard landing.

Pan Jiancheng who in the National Bureau of Statistics explained that the background was different indeed between the two though them seemed like each other. The most different is this decrease caused by the control of government.

The enterprises in China still have strong motion which showed by the investment of them. Pan said he thought personally that there would not hard landing in China.

Source: International Financial News

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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