Train breaks down on metro Line 10

A train broke down on Shanghai’s metro Line 10 at 10:38 am on Tuesday between the Songyuan Road and Hongqiao Road stations, a metro spokesman told the Global Times.

Although unrelated, the breakdown comes five days after another train on Line 10 went down the wrong track, taking its passengers to a station on the wrong part of the line.

on Tuesday’s train, which was heading for Xinjiangwan Town station, remained stranded on the track for 20 minutes. Half of its lights were out and its doors would not open, according to a passenger on the train at the time.

About 20 minutes later, the train moved backward slowly for a while and then began slowly moving foward, said the passenger, who asked not to be identified. A metro employee then announced over the intercom that all passengers would have to disembark at Hongqiao Road station.

The train had to be pushed there by a rescue train, said Lan Tian, a metro spokesman. When the train reached the station at 11:06 am, all passengers had to exit through the control room at the front of the train.

An investigation determined that the breakdown occurred because of a problem with the train’s major controller, while last week’s problem was due to the metro’s signaling system being upgraded, Lan said.

“It was lucky that the train behind us stopped,” the passenger said. “But what if the train was on fire and the doors were stuck shut?

“It took me seven to eight minutes to walk from the second last car to the control room in the front of the train. It was lucky that there were not that many passengers on the train, but it was still dangerous,” he added.

Global Times

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