The Vietnamese president claimed do not allow China to participant in the exploration of bauxite

Many Vietnamese media quotes the President Truong Tan Sang’s speech that, “the CPV Politburo decided not to allow Chinese investors exploring the bauxite mine.” This speech was thought being different from the attitude of the prime minister of Vietnam. AFP analyzed that the attitude might be related with the political situation of Vietnam. August 14, the government of Vietnam allowed the people to hold anti-China demonstrations.

The President was asked about why there were still some Chinese workers in the mine, he said that “I want to certify that the Politburo has already decided not allowed Chinese investors explore the bauxite mine.” The Chinese contractor just got two bid of factory contribution, “when they finish their work, they will return to China.” He said. “It’s normal that workers go aboard to get jobs, but the core point is, they should obey the rules of the countries they work in.”

Source: Global Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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